Why PS4 Controller Is Not Charging and Quick Fixes

PS4 Controller Not Charging and Its Quick Fixes

From wireless phones to wireless computers, earphones, and controllers — the world has slowly embraced the wireless life. Sure enough, it’s more convenient for on-the-go use and freedom from clutter. Playing games on PlayStation 4 with a wireless controller feels freer than being tied down to a wire. However, it does come with its drawbacks because you have to charge regularly. Moreover, charging problems can be a real headache when they arise.

Is your PS4 controller not charging? Don’t panic just yet. The problem may be simple and only requires a quick fix.


Understanding How PS4 Controller Works

Mechanism Of The PS4 Controller
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Before we tackle the problem of a PS4 controller not charging, let’s try to understand the inner mechanisms first. It’s important to get baseline knowledge of inner workings to understand why it isn’t charging and how to fix it.


Pairing & Syncing

If you’re using your PS4 controllers for the first time, the first thing to do is pairing. Pairing is when the controller and the PS4 find each other wirelessly and connect. This is also what you need to do if you want to connect your controller to a different device. Unfortunately, if you want to sync the PS4 controller, there’s no wireless way to do so like with Bluetooth. You’ll need to manually connect it to your PS4 using the accompanying cable and then start the pairing process.

To pair the controller, press the PS button on the device and light should show up. The light color indication will be different based on how many controllers you’ve already paired. If this is the first controller you’ve ever connected to the PS4, the light should flash blue. For the second, third, and fourth pairings, the light colors should be red, green, and pink, respectively. You’ll have to pair each controller separately if you want to use all of them with your PS4. 



If you find your PS4 controller not charging properly, then you might need to refresh yourself on how charging works. It’s not the same as many other electronics wherein you charge via a regular cable connected to a charging brick. The PS4 controller charges with a wire, yes. However, it charges when you connect it to your PS4 instead of a charging brick.

To do this, make sure that your PS4 is either in rest mode or is fully turned on. If it’s charging while on, you should see the battery level on-screen if you press and hold the PS4 button. On the other hand, if your PS4 is in rest mode while charging, the light bar should blink orange. To know if it’s fully charged, the light bar should simply turn off.

Charging your PS4 controller takes two hours on average to go from drained to full. How long it takes for the battery to drain will depend on your usage. Moreover, the environment the controller is in can also be a factor. 

It’s important to note that you should only charge the controller at the proper temperature. That is, the room should be between 10 and 30 degrees (Celsius). If not, your controller might not charge efficiently. Moreover, it’s a good idea to charge your PS4 even if you don’t use it all that much. Why? According to PS4’s manual, it’s advisable to charge the controller at least once per year as part of maintenance.


How to Tell If PS4 Controller Is Charging


Is your PS4 controller not charging? How can you tell for sure? First of all, if you’re charging plugged into your PS4 system, it should be obvious. The charging status and battery level should show on the screen. Just make sure to turn on your TV to see if it’s charging properly.

On the other hand, if you’re charging while the PS4 is in rest mode, there’s still a way to tell. The light bar on your controller should blink slowly in orange while it’s charging. If there’s no blinking light, then your controller might already be charged.


PS4 Controller Not Charging: Possible Culprits

ps4 controller cause
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So, you find your PS4 controller flashing white and it’s time for you to charge it again. However, after plugging it into your PS4, you find that something’s strange. No orange light is blinking on rest mode and the battery status doesn’t come up on the screen, either. In this case, there might truly be a charging problem with your PS4 controller. What could the reason be? Let’s find out. 



dusty ps4 controller
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Nobody likes dust and neither does your PS4 controller. If you find your PS4 controller not charging properly, check the port. Examine it closely to see if there’s any dust or debris inside. Built-up dust and debris can interfere with charging surprisingly well. Try to pick it out (gently) with a wooden toothpick. Afterward, try charging the controller again to see if it’ll respond properly this time. If not, let’s check out the next possible culprit.



PS4 Controller cable
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Another common culprit is a faulty cable. When you find your PS4 controller not charging as it should, don’t panic. You should try to see if the cable is the only problem. Cables tend to wear with use, especially if they get bent a lot. You’ve probably experienced the same problem with your phone in the past, too. 

To check if the cable is the problem, you should first try to use the cable to charge another controller. If that controller ends up charging, then the problem could be its compatibility with the previous controller. On the other hand, your previous controller could also be the root of the problem. In this case, just find a different compatible charging cord. If the PS4 controller charges, then it was probably your cable that was the problem. Otherwise, you can move on to the next possible fix.

While using a third-party cable is an option, it’s not ideal. That’s because some third-party cables have compatibility issues with the PS4 controller. If your old cable is broken and you need a new one, purchase another official cable from Sony.



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Sometimes, the PS4 controller can be a bit glitchy. People aren’t entirely sure what causes it, but it does happen to many from time to time. A possible fix for your PS4 controller not charging is to charge it upside down. It may sound strange, but this method has helped other gamers in the past. Again, we’re not sure why exactly this helps, but give it a shot to see if it helps you.


PS4 Problem

When you have a PS4 controller not charging issue, sometimes it’s due to other kinds of technical difficulties. However, that doesn’t mean it’s broken. It could mean that there’s a glitch that makes the controller unable to charge from the PS4. When that happens, try to charge it with your laptop or other gadgets instead. If it charges, it means that neither your controller nor your wire is the problem.



Resetting PS4 Controller
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If you find your PS4 controller not charging even after trying the other fixes, then try resetting it. What is resetting, you ask? Resetting is getting your controller to revert to its default settings. This could fix something if there was a glitch with your controller. 

To reset your controller, find a bobby pin or a toothpick to help you do the job. Then, turn your controller around so you can see its backside. Use the bobby pin or toothpick to press into the small hole next to one of the screws. If it’s hard to find, the hole should be under the L2 button on the back. After pressing and holding for five seconds, your PS4 controller should reset and restart. Try charging it again once it’s restarted to see if it’ll work properly this time. 


Dead Battery

PS4 controller not charging
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The PS4 has been around for quite a while now. As such, having your PS4 controller not charging could be due to the battery dying after years of use. This is just a common wear-and-tear issue after charging over and over again. In this case, you should replace your PS4 controller’s batteries with new ones. 


PS4 Controller Not Charging: Check Your Warranty

Sometimes troubleshooting methods don’t work causing you to suspect your controller to be malfunctioning. If so, then it’s important to check with Sony if your controller is still under warranty. On the other hand, if you bought your controller through a different retailer, check with them. Perhaps you can get it in for repairs without needing to buy a new controller or paying for parts. 


Final Word

ps4 controller fixes
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Finding your PS4 controller not charging the way it should is a bummer. However, before you hit “purchase” on that replacement controller, know that there may be fixes depending on the issue. If your PS4 controller won’t charge, the problem could be something minor like a little dust getting into the port. It could also be the cable that’s having problems and not the controller. These things are minor issues that you can easily fix without having to do something drastic. Of course, there’s a real chance that the controller is truly broken. However, at least you didn’t jump to conclusions if all you needed was a minor fix.

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