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How to Completely Remove Your Data From True People Search [2022]

Remove Yourself from True People Search

With the rise of the internet, people are now connecting online more than ever before. Just as if your privacy isn’t exposed enough with the use of social media, there are actually plenty of people search websites available today including the True People Search platform that can infiltrate your privacy. Though these websites are arguably helpful for those who are genuinely seeking to reconnect with their long lost friends and families, there are those who target our vulnerabilities for illegal activities. For the sake of protecting our privacy from telemarketers who circumvent this cybersecurity, these methods to remove yourself from True People Search adds a layer of security to protect your particulars. Here’s how you can get it done in a jiffy.


What Is True People Search?

True People Search Logo
© Photo by True People Search is a site that can compile all of your personal information and make it available to anyone who looks you up. Though there are plenty of sites that make your personal information available online, True People Search stands out. 

What can you find here on the site? Well, its main goal is to function as a people finder. It supposedly lets people search for free public records. The mission of the people behind it is to create the most powerful people search service in the world. After checking other people search sites, they realized that most of them were too weak. Either that or powerful search sites were too expensive to use. 

Its only function is to share personal information with the world. It does this by finding public records as well as other search sites where you can find people. True People Search prides itself on being the premier people search tool. 

It is extremely powerful and has records of most people in the US. You can use it on most devices, whether you’re on your phone, laptop, or tablet. It also sports a reverse phone lookup and even an address lookup service. And, above all, it’s completely free. It doesn’t have a monopoly in the people search business since there are many other people search sites.

However, this site differentiates itself from the competition. As one of the most popular sites to look up true people on, True People Search stands at the apex of the most useful, and most dangerous.


How to Use True People Search?

True People Search
© Photo by True People Search

Using True People Search is quite simple. First, you go to their website, and then it will take you directly to a search bar like Google’s. Then, all you need to do is a name, and if possible, a zip code. You input these to a search bar and it will list all the people who have the same name. That’s all you need in order to start a search.

Utilizing only two small yet vital pieces of information, it can pinpoint a person. Not just that, but once the search is finished, it displays all the available information of the person you’re looking for. This ranges from age to address and family members. More importantly, it can reveal your current and past phone numbers too.

Sometimes, it can even show distant relatives. You might even be able to uncover someone’s whole family tree. It can potentially show their past address as well if said information is available.

What sets True People Search apart from other people search engines is that it shows friends of the person you’re searching for. It also displays the possible businesses owned by the person in question.


Advantages Of Using True People Search

  • Straightforward and easy to use interface.

There are many benefits of the True People Search. Being the most reliable people search engine on the web currently, it provides its users with excellent user experience. Once you get to their website, you are immediately greeted by a search bar. It’s fairly straight to the point. Its aptitude for a fast people search is mainly why it’s so popular.

  • Extensive collection of data and information.

True People Search has responsive pages so there is no delay or waiting required when you look someone up. The response from the site is instant. Aside from that, the information given to you is always easy to read and understand. It isn’t obstructed by ads or blocked by a paywall. Though there are ads on the site, they’re not intrusive. You also don’t need an account in order to look someone up.

  • Reliability and accuracy of the data.

One of the biggest reasons people use True People Search is because it is far more accurate than other search engines. As a matter of fact, it tops some of the premium people search engines that require you to pay. Some people even note that the site was able to display vital information regarding their past that nobody knows about. 

  • Smoothen the hiring process.

Employers are also able to make use of True People Search. The search engine has the ability to reveal an individual’s criminal history, level of education, email address, and business affiliations. By using this to their advantage, employers can screen potential employees to see whether or not they’re compatible with their organization.


Privacy Issues Surrounding True People Search

True People Search Privacy
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Although it has its advantages, True People Search isn’t without its issues. Being an entirely free true people search engine, it literally gives out your information to whoever is looking for your name. This is extremely dangerous since it can lead to an invasion of privacy.

Having all your personal information just out there can become a huge problem for you. Criminals can pose as you online so they hide behind your identity, essentially committing identity theft. This may come in the form of a fake social media account under your name. Additionally, cyberbullies are known for exposing their victims’ personal information in order to spite them. 

Not only would it be an invasion of privacy, but having your information out there for free means that you’re a potential victim to scammers and hackers. For instance, your e-mail is displayed on True People Search. Swindlers who are trying to rope you into their scam can just e-mail you. 

Hackers can also gain access to your e-mail and hack into various accounts that you own on different websites. Another reason why it’s dangerous is that, for instance, if somebody is out to get you, they can just use True People Search to look up your address. Hence, True People Search can prove fairly dangerous.


Is Using True People Search Legal?

One of the questions people often ask regarding True People Search is its legality. Some argue that what they do is illegal and should, therefore, be banned. Well, unfortunately for all of us, the existence of the website is completely legal. 

It’s not against the law to provide a search engine for true people online. The law sees True People Search as an entity that simply provides already accessible information to everyone and then puts it all online. The law thinks of it as a collection of all available public records. And since you have the ability to go to a records office and see this sort of information for yourself, it’s supposed to be nothing new.

The huge issue here is that True People Search announced its search engine is free for everyone to use. It’s extremely convenient, unlike going to your local public records office. At the click of a button, you can immediately gain access to the personal records of people you search for.

Instead of going to an office and asking for permission to view someone’s records, people can just find you online. Scammers and hackers can now go after millions of people at a time with little effort. Even though what this platform does is legal, it still possesses its vulnerabilities and proves a public safety issue.


Should You Be Worried?

If your information is available on True People Search, this means that it’s available on other search engines as well. This is because True People Search gets its information from other people search websites. There are thousands of sites just like it, and every one of them provides each other with additional information. 

Many people are unaware of the fact that so many sites have their information on them. Hence, they let their guard down. They think that simply removing themselves on the platform itself is sufficient. It isn’t enough if you want your personal information to yourself, because other sites will have your information on them.

It’s definitely an alarming issue for anyone who values their privacy, and there are many reasons to remove yourself from searches. It is quite worrying to think that your information is just out there waiting for someone to look it up. Some people even deem just having their personal information readily available online as unacceptable. If you’re one of these people, then you should consider removing yourself from True People Search.


How to Remove Yourself From True People Search?

You have an edge over search engine websites for true people. This is the fact that they cannot refuse your request to remove yourself from their directory should you choose to. This means that if you want to opt-out of this website, then they have no choice but to accept.

Although tedious, you can remove yourself from True People Search manually. To do this, just follow the steps below:

  • You’ll need to look up True People Search removal on Google. From there, it will lead you directly to a web page where you can go directly to the site.
  • Once you’re on the website, there will be a search engine at the top as well as some instructions. There will be a checkbox to confirm your identity as well as a captcha. After you tick both boxes and solve the captcha, click on the Begin Removal button.


Remove Yourself From True People Search

Remove Yourself From True People Search
© Photo by
  • It will then lead you back to a search bar, where you input your name and city. After doing this, you just need to find the one that matches your information, and then click View All Details. Once you’ve done this, it will lead you to the page where you can view all your listed personal information.


click ‘View All Details’
Photo by
  • Scroll all the way down your information list, and you’ll see a button that says Remove This Record below your Full Background Report. After doing this, it will send you back to a page where you’ll be notified that your removal request has been accepted. Then you just need to wait for a few or more hours to see if your information has been removed. 


Remove Record

Record Removal Request
© Photo by

Alternatively, there are applications you can install that can remove your records for you. Using apps like these, you only need to install them and let them do the work for you.


What You Can Do To Ensure Your Privacy?

Occasionally, new personal information you have can pop up again on True People Search. We recommend you check back once every few weeks in order to ensure that all of your information really is gone. You do have to repeat the entire removal process every time something new comes up, though.

It’s highly likely that other websites have the same information on you that True People Search does. Hence, the next step in ensuring you’re completely safe is removing your personal information from other websites. Sites like Acxiom, BeenVerified, and FastPeopleSearch are some of the most popular people search sites out there. 

Removing yourself from sites like these is the first step in the right direction. After doing this, you should consider removing old social media accounts that you no longer use. You should also consider keeping your social media private since most people search engines utilize social media in getting information. 

On Facebook, there are settings that allow you to limit search engines outside of Facebook from getting your information and leaking it to other sources. However, this feature is unavailable for other websites like Instagram and Twitter. Nevertheless, there are still ways for you to protect your personal information on these sites. 


Protect Your Privacy Today

Your privacy should always be your top priority when you browse the web. You never know who’s using your personal information and pretending to be you. There’s no telling when your privacy might get breached, and your account might get hacked. 

It is your responsibility to protect your own personal information in check. You’re in charge of your privacy. The only thing that we can do for you is to inform you about the dangers of search engines for true people. The rest is up to you.

How to Completely Remove Your Data From True People Search [2022]

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