A Guide On How To View A Private Instagram Account

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Are you itching to learn how to view a private Instagram account? While Instagram does protect private accounts from public access, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to circumvent the setting. Here’s what you should know about how to view a private Instagram account and access someone’s profile.



Despite providing this guide on how to view anonymous Instagram accounts, we don’t always recommend using these tactics. That’s especially true if you decide to go the “fake account” route and decide to pose as the target account’s friend. This is against Instagram’s platform policies and could get you banned from the app.

In addition, we’ve provided you with these tactics only to educate you and provide options and potential solutions. We do not condone any malicious or bad acts of any kind. Stalking, stealing information, reposting content, or violating copyright infringement are strictly prohibited by law.


What Are Private Instagram Accounts?

how to view a private instagram account
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Instagram is one of the biggest social media sites for public influencers and artists alike. Through the app, you can view a person or establishment’s posts, photos, videos, stories, reels, and IGTVs.

However, while many Instagram accounts are public, tons of people who want more privacy opt to use private accounts. This means that none of their content will be available to the public. Only followers will be able to view their photos, videos, stories, and other content.

In addition, the only thing visible to non-followers and the general public will be the person’s basic profile information. These include their Instagram handle, how many posts and followers they have, and how many people they’re following. You can also see their public bio description and profile photo, but not anything else.


Why Do People Keep Their Accounts Private?

There are many reasons why someone might want to keep their Instagram profile private. The most common reason is privacy. That’s because most regular users often share personal information through their accounts. These can include a photo of the person’s face, neighborhood, school, family, or friends.

A private account ensures that public Instagram viewers won’t easily access the person’s personal information. They can’t stalk the person or find out their location based on context clues from photos or videos. This ensures the account holder is more physically safe and secure.

In addition, private accounts are a great way to filter and manage who follows you and might see your content. For example, you might not want to disclose your private life to particularly nosy family members or relatives. Hence, keeping your account private and not approving of their request to follow you helps you retain privacy.

Apart from privacy or security, keeping your Instagram private might also give your account air of exclusivity. That’s especially true for high-profile public figures or private clubs, whose content will only be visible to members.

Finally, it’s a great way to protect your content from copyright infringement. After all, if your posts are only accessible to a few, it’s less likely your photos and videos will leak. People won’t be able to steal or repost anything from you. If they do, you know it’s not some Instagram anonymous person and you can narrow down your suspects to followers.


How To Make Your Account Private


Now, you might feel a little uneasy knowing that there are methods for how to view a private Instagram account. Nonetheless, it’s a layer of protection that could help you feel more secure compared to simply making your account public. With that said, we’ve listed the steps you can follow to accomplish just that.

  • Launch Instagram
  • Log in with your account credentials
  • Tap the Settings on the lower-right of the page
  • Select the “privacy” button
  • Toggle the Public and Private options to make your account private
    • Note: gray means public, blue means private


How To View A Private Instagram Account


If you need to know how to view a private Instagram account, don’t worry. There are many methods you can utilize. Here are some of the best ways you can do so.


1. Follow The Person Using Your Account

If you’re dying to know how to view a private Instagram account, the most direct method is by simply following the other person and waiting for them to accept. Sure, it’s not subtle, and by no means does it allow you to view their profile anonymously.

However, it is the most straightforward method that doesn’t require any workarounds. You need not install third-party software or use some convoluted method. It also doesn’t require any deduction skills.


2. Use A Fake Instagram Page To Follow The Account

Learning how to view a private Instagram account is simple if you’re willing to follow the person. However, learning how to anonymously view a private Instagram account is a little trickier. That’s because you’re not allowed to reveal your identity to the target user. What do you do, in this case?

We suggest creating a separate (but fake) Instagram account. If the other person is willing to accept a stranger’s request to follow, then you’re in the clear. This is a great way to go undercover, especially if you’re gathering information as a journalist.

All you must do to accomplish this is register a new Instagram account. Make sure to use a different email address and phone number so you’re completely untraceable. You can even use a separate device if you want to be thorough. However, you can use the same phone (and switch between your two accounts) for simple undercover jobs.


3. View Their Profile On Other Platforms

People who are on Instagram are usually also on other social media platforms. Hence, you may want to check their profiles from other websites if you want to view their Instagram posts. That’s because most people post the same photo or video across platforms to share with all of their friends.

This is especially true of Facebook ever since Meta bought Instagram. Instagram has a specific setting that allows you to post the same content on both apps simultaneously. Thus, Facebook’s a great place to start looking if learning how to view a private Instagram account is impossible through other means.

Of course, the more accounts the person has across social media sites, the better. This means Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter could also be good places to look. You can easily search their name or Instagram handle on other sites to see what they’re up to.


4. Google Their Profile Handle

If you know the name of the person but don’t know their Instagram handle, then a simple Google search could be the solution. Just type their name on Google or any other comprehensive search engine. Afterward, you can sift through various accounts and see which one might seem familiar.

Once you get the person’s Instagram handle, you can now also search them on other platforms. Most people are consistent about their handles and use the same ones across social media sites. Hence, you can use what you find on other websites to complete your search.

If you’re lucky, sometimes Google even displays a few of the private account’s content through the search. Of course, these only pertain to the photos and videos the person posted when they were a public account. Nonetheless, it’s a decent way to view some of the person’s content even if it’s not updated.


5. Use A Friend’s Account

Learning how to view a private Instagram account doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s especially true if you have a mutual friend who does follow the other person. In this case, you can simply ask your mutual friend to view the other person’s profile through their account.

This will give you all access to the private account’s posts – whether they’re regular posts, stories, or reels. However, keep in mind that your mutual friend may not be a part of the person’s close friends list. Hence, you might not be able to see stories limited to close friends.


6. Use An App

Learning how to view a private Instagram account can be difficult, especially if you’re not willing to follow the person. Thankfully, there are third-party apps that can help you bypass this option altogether. We have several recommendations that we’ll discuss below.


Software Or Apps To Help You View Private Accounts


1. eyeZy


eyeZy should be one of your go-to third parties if you’re looking into how to view a private Instagram account. That’s because, with it, you can not only access the person’s private profile but also monitor their account activities. Hence, you can see their recent likes, subscriptions, and even messages. All you need to input is the person’s username.

However, it isn’t something we recommend for everybody because the service does require payment. You’ll need to choose a subscription plan, make a payment, and finish your registration. Therefore, you can only access eyeZy’s perks after registering for a paid plan.


2. Glassagram

Apart from eyeZy, Glassagram should be one of your top picks if you’re learning how to view a private Instagram account. Like other third-party software, Glassagram acts as an Instagram story viewer. You can view the person’s stories and posts anonymously so they’re not notified about you seeing their account.

Glassagram is quick and easy to use. All you must do is sign up, install the system, and then get real-time updates. However, it is a paid service so you can only view private content after paying a subscription fee. Nonetheless, if you want to anonymously view private accounts without signing in, it’s a decent choice.


3. Insta Looker

Insta Looker is another Insta view service that allows you to access private account profiles. Like some services, it asks you to fill out questionnaires and surveys beforehand. Hence, it’s a little less straightforward than other apps on this list. Nonetheless, it’s a solid option if other services don’t quite cut it.

All you must do to use Insta Looker is to enter the person’s Instagram handle. Then you can just start the viewer and look for the right account in the selection given. What’s great about the app is it not only lets you view the account but also allows you to download content. Hence, you can get a hold of pictures and videos the user uploaded without even logging in.


4. Insta Stalker

As the name implies, Insta Stalker is an Insta viewer that lets you access private accounts. Like eyeZy, you only need to input the person’s Instagram handle. It will then provide profile suggestions that you can choose from.

Afterward, it should be smooth sailing. You don’t even have to sign in using your Instagram account for it to work. It doesn’t require any app downloads or account registrations, either.

However, do note that Insta Stalker does ask you to fill out survey forms before you begin. If you’re not comfortable with disclosing a bit of information, we suggest looking at something else. Otherwise, you can proceed to the page and find your target account’s posts zipped in a file.


5. Private Insta


When learning about how to view a private account on Instagram, we can’t overlook Private Insta, one of the best apps on the market. That’s because it not only gets the job done but you can also see other information related to the account. For example, you can view the person’s posts, comments, and even likes.

Apart from this, the website has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate and get used to. However, like others on this list, it does ask you to fill out survey forms before you can use them. Moreover, it asks for some human verification in the process. Nonetheless, it’s a decent choice for folks who need a reliable solution.


View Private Instagram Profiles Today

There are many ways you can learn how to view a private Instagram account. You can employ all sorts of methods. Of course, the easiest way to bypass the barrier is by simply following the person and hoping they accept your request. However, if you’re in no position to do so, you can also use the other means listed here. Regardless of whether you use a third-party service or a friend’s account, you should be able to access the account somehow.

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