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How to Download Tumblr Videos: A Complete Guide

Have you seen a good video on Tumblr and wondered how to download Tumblr videos? There are times that a video we see on Tumblr is good that we want to keep them on our computers or phones. But, Tumblr does not have a way to download videos directly from their platform.

This doesn’t mean that downloading Tumblr videos is hard. In fact, it is easier than it sounds. Learn how to do it with this complete guide on how to download videos from the beloved social networking site.


How to Download Tumblr Videos?

Tumblr does not have an option to download videos straight from its website. However, there are many easy ways on how to download Tumblr videos.

Frame Source

how to download tumblr videos frame source


This involves getting a Tumblr video’s link by looking at its frame source.

how to download tumblr videos view frame source


To access the frame source, right-click on the video. Among the options shown, select View Frame Source.

The frame source would then appear. To find the video link, find a link in the following format:

Once you found the video link, right-click on it and select Save Link As. This will save the video on your computer.


Video Downloader

There are a lot of online video downloaders that will allow you to download Tumblr videos. Choose one that is easy to use and gets the job done.

Copy the permalink of your Tumblr video and paste it to the video downloader of your choice. Once you insert the link, the video downloader will convert the video for download. Depending on the video downloader, it may ask for other options such as the quality of the video to download.

Once the video conversion completes, you can now download the video on your computer.


Mobile Apps

You can also download Tumblr videos on your phone and other mobile devices. This is possible through the use of apps like video downloaders for mobile devices.

The process for downloading Tumblr videos using mobile apps varies based on the app you plan to use. However, the process is usually like the process of using video downloaders on your computer. Follow the instructions we listed above and you should be set.


Screen Recorder

how to download tumblr videos apple screen record


For Apple devices with iOS 11 or higher, you can choose to screen record the Tumblr video.

Swipe down if you’re using the iPhone X or other iOS devices with iOS 12 or iPadOS. Press the gray circular icon and press Start Recording. After a three-second countdown, it should start recording whatever is being showcased on your screen.

To stop screen recording, go to Control Center and press the red circular icon that appears. A message will pop up where you will press Stop. You can see the screen record saved on your device’s Photos app.


Tools for Downloading Tumblr Videos

There are two kinds of tools used in downloading Tumblr videos — video downloaders and mobile apps. The tool that best suits your video downloading needs will depend on where you want to store your videos.


Video Downloaders

Video downloaders are programs that convert videos from websites to downloadable files. These are usually easy to find on the Internet and are free to use.





TubeOffline is an online video downloader that converts videos from hundreds of websites. Among the websites that TubeOffline can convert and download videos from is Tumblr.

To use TubeOffline, you first need to search for the Tumblr video downloader on the website the insert the URL of the Tumblr video. You can then choose the quality of the video and the format you will convert it to. Click Get Video to start the download. After the completion of the conversion, right-click on Download Link and choose “Save link as.”





ForDownloader is a website that can download multimedia content from various websites. While it can more than adequately help you download Tumblr videos, it can also help you download media from other streaming sites.

To use ForDownloader, go to the website’s Tumblr video downloader. Then, insert the Tumblr video’s URL and click Download.  Once the Tumblr video is converted, right-click on the Download Video and select “Save link as.”




4Hub is another website that downloads various types of content from many websites.

To use 4Hub in downloading Tumblr videos, go to the website’s Tumblr video downloader. Insert the Tumblr video’s URL and click on Download.





DownloadVideosFrom is a website that has a Tumblr video downloader. It can also download media from other sites.

To use this website’s Tumblr video downloader, insert the URL of your Tumblr video. You can then choose either Download MP4 or Download MP4 HD. After selecting either of the two choices, there would a link saying that you should right-click on it and select “Save link as.” Follow this instruction and it should start downloading the video into your PC.





IOTransfer has a video downloader that will let you download Tumblr videos. Insert the Tumblr video URL on the video downloader then click “Download to PC.” Right-click on the Download link that will appear and select “Save link a”s to save it on your PC.


Mobile apps

There are also mobile apps that allow you to download Tumblr videos on phones and other mobile devices.



Source: IOTransfer


IOTransfer allows direct downloads of Tumblr videos to iPhones and other iOS devices.

To download Tumblr videos to iPhones and iOS devices, you should use the IOTransfer app. On the app, you can click on the phone icon beside a downloaded video to transfer it to your iPhone and other iOS devices.



Source: Tumbloader


Tumbloader is an Android app that can download content from Tumblr. Among such contents are Tumblr videos.

To download Tumblr videos using this app, you need to open the Tumblr app first. When you have a video to download, click on the Share button below the video and choose Tumbloader.

Tumbloader will open. Click on Download to have the Tumblr video on your Android device.



Source: DoDa-HD


Another iOS app that can download videos from Tumblr is DoDa-HD.

To use the app, play the Tumblr video of your choice. An option will appear to save the video to your iOS device. The downloaded video will appear on the Photos app of your device after completing the download.



Source: DreDown


Another Android app that can download content from social media apps is DreDown. This app is compatible with Tumblr so you can download videos from the social media site without worries.

To download Tumblr videos with this app, insert the link of the Tumblr video and click the Dredown button. Download links will generate which will allow you to save Tumblr videos on your device.



Source: Tyblr


Tyblr is an app that allows you to download Tumblr videos to your iOS device.

To download using Tyblr, click on the save button under the Tumblr video. This saves the video onto your iOS device.


What is Tumblr?



Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website based in the United States. David Karp created the website in 2007. It has enjoyed popularity over the years and is recognized as one of the more influential social networking sites of the 2010s.

Tumblr allows users to create short blogs by posting images, videos, and other content. Users can also follow other blogs and interact with their owners.

Tumblr users do most of their actions on the website’s dashboard. The dashboard allows users to put in text, images, videos, and links to post on their blogs. It also shows the recent posts from blogs that a user follows and to comment, reblog or like them. Users can also queue posts for scheduling, attach tags to their posts, and edit their posts using HTML.

Tumblr also offers the option for users to submit questions to the blogs they follow. The blog can respond to the questions sent by the users. The website also offers instant messaging and group messaging features.

As of January 2020, Tumblr has 488.7 million blogs with 171.5 billion posts. 18.3 million posts are being made daily and 371 million people visit the website monthly. Almost half of Tumblr’s users are between 18 and 34 years old.


Videos on Tumblr

Tumblr video


Videos on Tumblr contain themes and topics that are popular among teens and young adults. A lot of videos are usually clips related to popular culture. This includes TV shows, movies, cartoons, anime, and K-Pop. There are also a lot of Tumblr videos related to viral memes.

Tumblr had a reputation for hosting controversial content, among these are videos containing pornography and extremism. Tumblr is also known for hosting content that violates copyright laws. The website has since removed and banned such content from its platform.

Tumblr videos are in MP4 format that uses H.264 codec and AAC audio. These videos are not more than 100 MB in size. They are also not more than 500 by 700 pixels in resolution and not more than five minutes in length.

GIFs uploaded on Tumblr are uploaded as videos on the website. Unlike videos, GIFs are limited to only 1 MB. Users use GIFs if they want to show a short part of a longer video.

Users also post embedded videos on Tumblr from other video streaming platforms. They usually upload videos on websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. These videos are then linked to a user’s Tumblr post.

If you’re looking to shoot Tumblr videos from your PC, you’ll also need a good webcam. Check out this webcam and start shooting your first Tumblr video!


Disclaimer for Downloading Tumblr Videos

This article was written to provide information on how to download Tumblr videos. Those who have downloaded Tumblr videos should use them for personal purposes only. 

This does not promote the use of this information for malicious purposes. Such purposes include spreading explicit or extremist content.

The video downloaders and apps listed in this article are from third-party developers. does not guarantee the safe use of these video downloaders and apps. Users should be cautious when using these programs when downloading Tumblr videos.



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