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12 BEST Music Downloader You’ll Need Right Now

Music was created much before our primate ancestors. But regardless of the purpose that these music were here, it’s definitely here to elevate our life — to make it better and perhaps more interesting. Imagine a life without those groovy rhythms, things would be so bland and boring. That said, if you’re one of those that couldn’t leave music behind, here are the best music downloaders to help you find and treasure your favourite tunes with just a snap of a finger. Though you can do the same by streaming music online, music downloader is able to acts as a medium to bridge the gap of needing an internet connection to play music in a loop. So, to help you decide better, here is our curated list of the best music downloaders. But if you ever need a hand to learn how to download any music from different mediums, here’s a perfect guide for you.


1. Spotify

Official Spotify Logo
© Official logo of Spotify

We are pretty sure that you’re familiar with Spotify as a music streaming platform. But, did you know Spotify is a great music downloader too? The only down-part is Spotify requires a subscription before you can start downloading your favourite music or podcast. That said, you’re expected to pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 USD to access these premium features. 

The upshot? With a premium account, a user is granted the access to stream and download music to over 40-million+ track libraries on your devices unlimitedly. Apart from that, the streamlined interface on Spotify was made customizable for you to listen to a ready-made playlist that suits your mood for the day. Just insert any keywords related to the vibe your craving for, and enjoy the selection of over a million collection of songs and albums in which you can spontaneously listen to and even download for offline listening.

As if it’s not convincing enough, Spotify allows you to download music tracks to up to three devices at a time for offline playback. Besides, choosing a bitrate for your tunes is also possible. You can switch from three sound quality levels: normal (96kbps), high (160kbps), and extreme (320kbps).

Spotify is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and OS X. Learn how to download Spotify Music here. 


2. SoundCloud

Soundcloud Official Logo
©Official Photo by Soundcloud

As one of the largest music streaming services with over 150 million tracks onboard from official music to artisan creations, SoundCloud not only allows you to stream but to download any music of your likings. Here on Soundcloud, you can discover songs from various genres and listen to them at any time of the day. Akin to Spotify, SoundCloud requires a subscription to unlock advanced features such as ad-free streaming and offline playback. 

In addition to the features, you can also get track suggestions based on your likes and listening habits. Plus, a discovery function is available to see the most recent music uploaded on SoundCloud.

You can get SoundCloud on Android, iOS, Windows, and OS X. Learn how to download music from SoundCloud


3. Google Play Music

Official Google Play Music Logo
© Official logo of Google Play Music

Google developed applications that are beneficial to our everyday living and good proof of their feat is Google Play Music. This music application features a music catalog with over 3 million songs worldwide. It allows users to upload up to 50,000 songs and add them to their customized library. You can also listen to podcasts if you wish to. However, you also have to pay for a subscription fee in order to access premium features such as access to unlimited songs.

Google Play Music is available on PC and mobile devices.


4. FrostWire

Official FrostWire Logo
© Official logo of FrostWire

Much like Limewire and Napster, FrostWire is an old-school music downloader that uses P2P client’s official FrostWire Logo search for your tunes. It works by connecting to multiple torrent sources, and cloud-based download websites to find the exact match of your music. What’s nice about FrostWire is that it doesn’t have a speed or download limit. With that said, you can download individual songs or even albums in high quality. 

In addition to its functions, you can also keep your tracks organized through a music library manager, play tunes seamlessly using a media player. 

While FrostWire seems like a traditional music downloader, it has added features to be on par with other mp3 players in our generation.


5. Jamendo Music

Official Jamendo Music Logo
© Official logo of Jamendo Music

Looking for tunes to include in your videos? Look no further than Jamendo Music. As an online community for independent artists and listeners, you can find an endless range of free music archive that suits your preferences and genres. It has more than 500,000 tracks from 40,000 artists in more than 150 countries. Don’t worry about receiving letters from your ISP as grabbing tracks from the site is 100% legal and free. 

As mentioned, Jamendo is home to independent artists. With that said, you can’t find tunes of big-name artists here.

Upon signing up, you are immediately entitled to a myriad of features: forums, social media sharing options, user reviews of albums, personal rating system, playlist generation, and more.


6. 4Shared

Official 4shared music downloader Logo
© Official logo of 4shared

Originally, 4Shared is an FTP hosting service designed specifically for sharing videos, music, and photos, However, what majority of people don’t know is that 4Shared is also a free music downloader. It even works well on all platforms: mobile devices and PCs. To download songs on Android and PC, all you have to do is search for the song then click for the result that accurately matches the title. As the song plays, you will see a button pointing downwards. Click the button and the download process with automatically begin.

The mobile application has playlist management as well to give you the freedom to add tracks to your desired playlist. Also, a free 10 GB of storage space is given to you with the chance to upload any type of file to your 4Shared account.


7. Mp3 Juices

Official music downloader Logo
© Official logo of

Over the years, Mp3 Juices remained unbeatable in the music downloader competition. That’s why when the news broke that it was closed down by UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit in 2014, many are disappointed. Today, the music downloader has resurfaced with a new domain name, as well as new features.

Featuring a Youtube conversion, users can now search for any track and Mp3 Juices will convert it into an mp3 format exclusively for you. The site even offers an ‘Mp3 Cutter’ to help trim unwanted intros or ‘white noise’ on downloads. Cool, right?


8. FreeMake Youtube To Mp3 Boom

Youtube to Mp3 Boom music downloader interface
© Official photo from Freemake

If you’re among the crowd who loves to browse music on Youtube but don’t have an idea how to grab the tunes, then FreeMake Youtube to MP3 Boom is for you. Using this Youtube audio downloader, you can now download Youtube audio in just a single click. All you have to do is to paste a Youtube address and within seconds, the music will be handed to you in mp3 format, in the highest possible quality!

Plus, you can also use it as a Youtube search engine. It’s an all-in-one music app that minimizes tabs opened in a browser. The best part – it’s completely free!


9. Mp3Jam

Official MP3Jam music downloader logo
© Official logo of MP3Jam

Mp3Jam is another free music downloader that lets you grab tunes in high file quality. Similar to FrostWire, this app downloads music from different sources simultaneously while running multiple mp3 downloads at the same time, too. That being said, Mp3Jam is a great alternative if you opt to download tunes from Youtube but prefer to have optimum quality in every way.

Mp3Jam works by trying to find the highest quality of your music from different reliable sources. Since there’s a built-in music player, you can also use popular hashtags to find specific genres of music. 

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that while the app is free, the features are limited as well. That means you can only download five music every 25 minutes, and you can’t also download song albums. Try converting the music on Mp3Jam now.


10. Youtube to Mp3 Converter

Youtube to Mp3 downloader interface
© Official photo from Youtube to Mp3 Converter

If you prefer to download music from Youtube without downloading the converter as well, you can try Youtube to Mp3 Converter.  This is made especially for those who are in a rush to obtain their tracks. It works easily as 1,2,3:

  1. Open the website
  2. Paste the link of the Youtube video you want to convert into music.
  3. Choose a format: mp3 or mp4.
  4. Click download.

Within seconds, the music is up at your hands. However, Youtube to Mp3 Converter can only convert videos up to a length of 1 hour. 


11. Vuze

Official Vuze music downloader logo
© Official logo of Vuze

Vuze is another powerful music downloader where you can download free music in just a single search. It is a great alternative for other torrenting sites if you wish to download hard-to-find tunes. Using Vuze, not only will you be able to find exactly what you’re looking for but also have the ability to download large files even when you’re not at home by the use of remote control via a desktop or web app.  

Vuze is available on mobile devices as well. 

Thinking how to download this music pillar? You can start converting your favourite music on Vuze here. If now, download ‘Vuze’ on Google Play Store.


12. Orbit Downloader

Official Orbit music downloader logo
© Official logo of Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader may not be as popular as the others on the list, but it sure does render a good performance as a music downloader. Generally, Orbit Downloader is a download manager that obtains streaming media, such as audio and video, from reliable sources. That said, it supports P2P and multi-downloading technology. You can also download tunes from Youtube as well. 

What people love about Orbit is that it is faster than any other converter, and therefore makes it easier to download files. However, depending on your internet connection, there are times that download speed can soar up to 1.2mbps and there are times it’ll take more than your usual music downloading times. If you’re not convinced and need more information about how Orbit Downloader works, here’s your answer.


The Takeaway

Listening to music is made easier, all thanks to music downloaders. From online sites to the best music apps, the options are endless as to how to download music to our devices. So whether you want to dance with your tunes while working out or just chill on a quiet day, all you have to do is to download the track that suits your mood and pop your earphones – a good life indeed!

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