Pokémon Unite: What To Expect From This Upcoming MOBA Pokémon Game

Pokemon Unite Review

If Nintendo hasn’t confirmed that Pokémon games will be available in a new series with the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ announcement trailer, the Japanese game developer is creating something new and uncommon for a Pokémon game. With Pokemon Unite, Pokémon fans will ultimately have their first venture into the free-to-play MOBA genre. Although they’ve already experienced how a traditional Pokémon game could work and look like, Pokémon Unite provides an entirely new experience for Pokémon aficionados.

If you’re looking for a detailed look into everything Pokemon Unite, including its release date and playable characters, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created this guide as a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite and what to expect from this upcoming MOBA Pokémon game.


What Is Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon Unite
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If you’ve recently ventured into the world of gaming or Pokémon in general, we’ll explain what MOBA is. MOBA is a shortened term for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. It is a gaming genre describe as one of the popular games, such as Heroes of the Storm and Smite, DOTA 2, Mobile Legends, and League of Legends.

MOBA features two teams competing against each other in a big arena consisting of computer-manipulated defensive structures, obstacles, and opponents. Each character has its own gameplay and specific roles. However, some MOBA games have a set of heroes. That said, to be proficient at any MOBA game, you should be knowledgeable regarding your chosen character and master its specialties. MOBA veteran players must also fit into a team of professional gamers and be strategic and highly skilled at battling both human-controlled and AI enemies.

Speaking of Pokémon Unite, it is the first MOBA-based Pokémon game ever developed by TiMi Studio Group, and The Pokémon Company International.

Pokémon Unite will feature 5-vs-5 Unite Battle competitions on Aeos Island, a legendary island on the ocean’s undiscovered frontier. Pokémon Teams will face off and compete, battling to dominate which team earns the most points, gather the most Aeos energies, and claim victory for their team.

Similar to the traditional Pokémon series, players will have the opportunity to choose their favorite Pokémon and compete. Pokémon Unite highlights different gameplay compared to the other Pokémon games.


What Is the Release Date of Pokémon Unite?

Coming Soon
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As of July 2021, Pokémon Unite’s release date isn’t set in stone. However, the existence of the Pokémon Unite beta signifies that the game is already beyond the development phase. Pokémon Unite is likely to undergo localize testing for server load and multiplayer mode. Many online games will soon release after their late beta stages before going live. However, some games will remain in the beta stage for a while.

Like New Zealand and Australia, Canada has been one of the popular testing environments for English-targeted services and products for many years. Although no one cared to explain why these countries are often selected, it is primarily because of the population density of these regions.

Speaking of Pokémon Unite’s release date, many fans expect it to be released in the latter half of 2021. Many aren’t expecting it to go live anytime soon given that it’s already August 2021. Initially, July 2021 will be the initial release of Pokémon Unite on the Nintendo Switch platforms according to some rumors. In September 2021, it’ll be available on mobile devices.


What Is the Gameplay of Pokémon Unite Like?

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Pokémon Unite’s gameplay will have a similar setting to the majority of MOBA-based games available. As mentioned, there will be a team of five Pokémon, each with distinct passive abilities, attacks, and strengths. The objective is to dominate in the tournament by seeing which team can pick up the most Aeos Energies. Every wild Pokémon caught will earn you a point, with each appearing across the map and requires a battle to capture. Pokémon Unite players will earn Aeos Energy either via beating enemies in one of their enemies’ goal areas to earn points for their team or capturing wild Pokémon. If capturing Pokémon was the sole mission, it would be easier since players are already accustomed to catching as many Pokéballs as possible and venturing the Safari Zone. However, opponents can get in the way, slaying wild Pokémon, guarding scoring areas, and stirring chaos.


Pokémon Unite Classification

The playable Pokémons in the MOBA Pokémon game are classified into five categories: All-Rounder, Supporter, Speedster, Defender, and Attacker. Players will have to experiment to discover which role will best fit them. The team structure is crucial, given that there are no restrictions similar to Overwatch. Each Pokémon will begin with a tournament at Level 1, obtaining experience throughout the session, progressing, acquiring new skills, learning new moves, and becoming more powerful than ever. 

Pokémon Unite doesn’t have any Type advantages when it comes to roles in the tournament. For example, your Squirtle will not be super effective in defeating a Charmander. As a result, everything boils down to abilities, traits, and character levels. Each Pokémon has different abilities and traits, but the maximum extent has no definite details at the moment. With Pokémon Unite, players have the option to configure which moves their Pokémon can learn as it levels up, letting them focus on close-range attacks or modify to improve long-range capabilities.

Each Pokémon has a Unite Move, a type of ability dedicated to each Pokémon. Each Pokémon includes powerful tactics and effects, many of which are crucial for zonal control and area of effect. These features are specifically designed for mid-to-late round game-changers, intensified by the double-point system in the final two minutes of the tournament. 

At the start, Pokémon Unite will have numerous maps, each map with different sizes in special environmental factors. These factors will have varying levels of effect on how you approach each match.

Pokémon Unite is free to play at launch that is integrated with optional in-game purchases like the paid Aeos gems currency. Players can also unlock cosmetics for their favorite Pokémon through seasonal Battle Passes or paid items.


Is Multiplayer Available for Pokémon Unite?

Pokemon Unite Multiplayer
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Given that it is a MOBA-themed game, multiplayer is definitely the setup of Pokémon Unite. It doesn’t appear that there will be a single-player mode for Pokémon Unite, except for a tutorial mode to initiate gamers. A cross-platform tournament between mobile devices and Nintendo Switch platforms is also planned. However, there is no confirmation about the integration yet when Pokémon Unite becomes available on mobile devices in September 2021.


How to Win in Pokémon Unite

How to Win Pokémon Unite
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Score and time limit are the only things to consider if you want to emerge as the winning team in Pokémon Unite. The team with the highest score will be victorious, but the tournament will continue until the timer stops. It is crucial since banked points are worth 2x in the last two minutes of the battle. It will benefit the tactical team carrying several points throughout the game. However, be precautious since the gamer who will defeat your team will receive your Aeos Energy.

Although it’s not confirmed, your team will win if you can destroy all your opponent’s bases throughout the gameplay.


Are Trainers Available in Pokémon Unite?

Yes, trainers will be available in Pokémon Unite. When you first start the game, you will create a customized character. They will pop up irregularly during every tournament, mostly when you’ll catch a wild Pokémon by beating it in the match. You can select your own costumes, hairstyle, skin color, and gender when you’re customizing your character. It’s also possible that many customizations will be available as the game continues to improve, including the Battle Pass and in-game purchases.


What Pokémon Are Available in Pokémon Unite?

With Pokémon Unite, there are only a few playable Pokémon available as of July 2021, excluding evolutionary ones. For instance, gamers will only have Charizard instead of Charmeleon or Charmander as they progress through the game to reach their Pokémon’s maximum potential.

If you’re interested in the confirmed Pokémon in this MOBA-based game, here are the following:

Pokemons available
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  • Absol
  • Alolan Ninetails
  • Blastoise
  • Charizard
  • Cinderace
  • Clefable
  • Cramorant
  • Crustle
  • Eldegoss
  • Garchomp
  • Gardevoir
  • Gengar
  • Greninja
  • Lucario
  • Machamp
  • Mr. Mime
  • Pikachu
  • Slowbro
  • Snorlax
  • Talonflame
  • Venusaur
  • Wigglytuff

Nintendo already confirmed that Gardevoir and Blastoise will be added to the game after the initial release. As a result, more Pokémon are expected to become available after the official launch of Pokemon Unite.


Are There Any Wild Pokémon in Pokemon Unite?

If you’re wondering whether wild Pokémon will appear on Pokemon Unite, you can stream its trailer released in mid-June 2021. Many leaked Pokémon Unite footage have also highlighted that there will be a number of Wild Pokémon in the MOBA-based Pokémon game. Here are some of the Wild Pokémon that you can spot so far in numerous footage:


  • Aipom
  • Altaria
  • Audino
  • Bewear
  • Bouffalant
  • Crawdaunt
  • Drednaw
  • Galvantula
  • Joltik
  • Lillipup
  • Ludicolo
  • Rotom
  • Stufful
  • Toxicroak
  • Vespiquen
  • Zapdos



Pokémon Unite looks set to be a solid addition to the Pokémon franchise and the best part? It’s readily available on your mobile phone, letting you play and compete with other players on the go. Now, all that’s left is for you to await its eventual release to get started!

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