Video: UFK’s I Am a Robot

UK band Unlucky Fried Kitten(UFK) created a special Valentine’s Dayvideo of their songI Am A Robot. It’s full of random ideas about robotsand zombies, love and death, cheese and carrot juice. If you haven’theard UFK’s music, they say it sounds something like “a herd ofsouth-columbian weevils walking sideways across a rice-paper bridgecarrying a 1 in 20 scale model of a mock-mahogany baby-grand piano…ina mild to moderate rain-shower…on a Tuesday”. power, posted 5 Apr 2008 at 23:20 UTC by andy export»(Apprentice)

After this was mentioned here the I Am A Robot video got about 1000plays in a few days. This goes to show how strong the fantastic website is.I am wondering if it would be interesting to see some of the members’robots (in action) put to some original music? I’d be interested to hearopinions on this. Most of the robots…and their names…are remarkablyinspiring. 🙂

Musical For Robots, posted 16 Jan 2009 at 22:56 UTC by andy export»(Apprentice)

This was posted a while back:

Steven Frye writes, “Unlucky Fried Kitten has a new musical coming out soon titled The Robot’s Revenge. It’s about the day that Robots will inevitably take over the world.”

Thanks to Steven for that. The musical…The Robot’s Revenge…has now been written by Unlucky Fried Kitten. UFK would like to ask if anyone would like one or more of their robots featured in the musical. It could be quite fun and a way to get your robot into the public arena and it would be good for Unlucky Fried Kitten too.Thanks…Andy

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