13 Best AI Writing Generator Tools You Have To Try Out

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Ever since the rise of the internet, writing has become essential for businesses and creators of all kinds. It’s necessary for creating websites, generating blog content, social media posts, and much more. However, not everybody has the time or resources to invest in writing or hiring writers. That’s why some businesses have opted to use AI writing generator tools instead. With an AI writing generator, you can write almost anything you want without going through too much trouble. Which AI writing generator is the best to use? Here are our top picks.


What Are AI Writing Generator Tools?

AI Writing Generator
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An AI writing generator is automated writing software that writes and creates text content for you. You can use them for copywriting, article creation, and even creative writing. There are multiple kinds tailored for different purposes.

Now, you may think that using an AI writing generator isn’t a good idea for your website or blog. That’s because the AI writing software of the past wasn’t as advanced. They were littered with inconsistencies and grammatical errors and generally created unoriginal content that wasn’t useful. However, as technology advanced, so did AI writing generator tools.

As a result, you can now get original, useful content from high-quality AI writers. Some AI writing generator tools can even check themselves for plagiarism, streamlining one more step in the process. This helps businesses save both time and money, as they can generate quality content without doing as much work.


13 Best AI Writing Tools

ai writing generator tools
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Which is the best AI writing tool? If you were to ask us, then would certainly be at the top of our list. That’s because the AI writing assistant has several features that are useful for all kinds of writing.

For one, its artificial intelligence software can produce long-form, high-quality content for all kinds of businesses. The copywriting software can even mimic human-like writing styles, allowing it to produce marketing copies for large and small brands.

In addition, the content generator has tons of templates you can choose from to tailor your content even further. You can use templates for blog posts, articles, social media captions, YouTube descriptions, and more. All you have to do is choose a template, add the tone of voice, and input keywords. Afterward, Jasper will do all the work for you.

Apart from this, the AI writing generator can also write long-form articles and blog posts. All it needs is one sentence or paragraph from you and Jasper will do the rest. Alternatively, you can also use the built-in Conversion AI tool that continues writing your draft based on what’s already written. Lastly, conveniently lives right on your browser so you don’t need to worry about installations.

Of course, all of these features mean that does come with a price. For $49 monthly, you gain access to 35,000 words’ worth of content every month. That’s much more affordable than hiring ghostwriters who typically charge around $0.1 per word.

Try out Jasper.AI today!

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2. AI Writer

Another great AI writing generator is none other than AI Writer. It’s the best AI text generator if your main focus is on producing accurate short and long-form articles. That’s because, like Jasper, AI Writer is designed to produce original content just from the headlines you give.

Afterward, it uses powerful machine learning capabilities and collects relevant data from various sources on the internet. The website then stitches the information together – keeping SEO and originality in mind – to create a high-quality article within minutes. Moreover, the content even has a rewriting feature so you can rewrite old articles without having to rewrite anything yourself.

However, what makes AI Writer unique from other alternatives is that it provides you with a list of citations afterward. With this handy feature, you can reliably check all of AI Writer’s sources and verify the information yourself. As a result, all you’ll need to think about is editing and fact-checking. If you want more control, you can also use the built-in SEO-focused text editor that lets you write articles yourself.

Best of all, this AI writing generator comes with a straightforward interface and has a small learning curve. It’s also compatible with multiple platforms including macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Of course, like many others on this list, AI Writer does charge a fee and its plans start at $29.

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3. Rytr
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Are you looking for an AI writing generator free of cost? Then we recommend checking out Rytr, the best free AI content generator for those just trying out AI writing technology. It has in-depth knowledge of language models and can even write according to designated voice tones. Moreover, you can easily guide the app by writing sentences or editing texts using various functions.

With Rytr, you can generate several different types of content by choosing from various templates. These include emails, copywriting formats, product descriptions, blog ideas and outlines, and Facebook Ads. Sure, it isn’t as robust because the software doesn’t create long-form content like AI Writer or Jasper. Nonetheless, it’s great when you’re in a pinch and need some writing done.

Best of all, Rytr is free so nearly anyone can use it. Of course, the free version does have a 5,000-character (or 700 to 800-word) limit. However, you can easily upgrade that with a $9 or $29 monthly subscription, depending on the plan you choose. You might even find a good discounted deal for Rytr on websites like AppSumo. Whatever the case, Rytr certainly won’t disappoint.

Try out Rytr

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Are you a small business looking for an AI writing generator that provides more than just a handful of templates? If so, we recommend looking at, one of the best AI generators on the market.

With Copysmith, you can say goodbye to painstakingly writing everything for your business or website. That’s because the software has over 30 different templates to choose from. Through the copywriter, you can produce content for articles, landing pages, product descriptions, ads, and much more.

Apart from these, the copywriter software also guides you when you want to write the content yourself. For example, it provides templates that offer blog ideas, outlines, post templates, etc. It can even suggest various content based on your past preferences. Moreover, the AI writing generator also allows you to rewrite or expand certain sections you’re unsatisfied with.

Best of all, has a 7-day free trial for users who want to try out its services first. If you like its services, you can renew your plan and subscribe to the starter subscription for $19 monthly. You can also jump to a professional plan for $59 monthly or get more robust features with the Enterprise plan. Prices will vary for its highest-tier plan, though, and you’ll have to contact the company for a quotation.



5. Article Forge


If you’re looking for a writing AI generator that can produce solid articles, we recommend Article Forge. Through the website, you can consistently obtain high-quality content for websites, blogs, and more. All you need to do is provide a keyword phrase and it’ll do the heavy lifting.

Apart from writing, Article Forge comes with fully equipped generators for links, videos, and images. With it, you can produce stunning visual articles with just one app. The AI writing generator even adds related keywords for you which is great for search engine rankings.

Article Forge can also seamlessly integrate with WordPress, allowing you to schedule posts within the software. Best of all, Article Forge can produce content in several languages including Spanish, French, German, etc. If you’d like to try it, the software comes with a 5-day free trial. Once you subscribe, the service’s fee will start at $27 to $117 monthly, depending on your payment plan.

Article Forge


6. Kafkai

How do I make an AI writing software work for my business? If none of the other AI writing generator tools work for you, we suggest looking at Kafkai. Like other websites, Kafkai can produce articles at the press of a button without much input.

However, unlike the alternatives, Kafkai is more suited to businesses and creators that cater to specific niches. It has three different modes you can generate articles in. The first one acts as a “quick and easy” mode, allowing users to generate articles straightforwardly without obstacles.

On the other hand, the second mode is more advanced and lets users generate more detailed content. Through this mode, the users can also implement keywords and the software will optimize the content for the given keywords. Finally, the third writing mode acts more as a general tool. This one is more optimized for longer articles that don’t focus on any topics or niches.

However, it must be noted that Kafkai is optimized specifically for the niches it understands well. Some of these topics and niches include dating, finance, business, beauty, and more. If your website doesn’t create articles related to those niches then you might have to look elsewhere. Nonetheless, if your business caters to Kafkai’s specialties, it’s certainly worth looking into. The software comes in a variety of plans, with subscriptions ranging from $29 to $199 monthly.

Check out Kafkai


7. Writesonic

Writesonic is a solid AI writer online free of charge that can generate various kinds of content for your business. With it, you can create landing pages, product descriptions, blog posts, ads, and even emails with one click.

Like the others listed, it can write uniquely based on a few introduction lines you write for its content. It can even produce headlines and titles for you when you’re feeling stuck. Apart from this, the outlines it generates are editable so you can have better control over Writesonic’s writing. Once you finish the outline, the rest of the article will follow.

Of course, Writesonic also provides handy editing tools that allow you to fine-tune the content even further. You can do this through the sentence expanders and rephrasing modules built-in. However, do note that Writesonic’s free version comes with only ten credits.

Once you use up all of the credits, you’ll have to sign up for the service. Its basic plans start at $15 monthly and can go as high as $195 monthly. If you want to save money, you can also opt for yearly payment schemes which lock you in but cost less overall.

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8. Articoolo


Are you looking specifically for an AI writing story generator? Then we suggest trying out Articoolo, one of the best AI copy generator tools in the business. Like other programs, Articoolo can create and rewrite articles within a few seconds. All you need is to feed it a few words and indicate the type of content you want to write. With it, you can generate output in the form of articles, stories, and all kinds of copy.

Like other websites, Articoolo pools its knowledge from a variety of sources in the Create Article mode. This allows it to stitch together original content using its algorithm, creating relevant keywords and adding proper tone. The Rewrite Article mode works in the same way. However, what makes it truly great is its natural language processing features that mimic human writing styles.

Apart from this, Articoolo also has built-in copyright and plagiarism checkers that ensure its content is original. It also has a Summarize option that lets you reduce content down to its main ideas. Moreover, the website has a title generation feature, allowing you to create headlines when you need. However, the only downside to Articoolo is that it’s limited to 500 words. Hence, the web-based app is not suited for long-form articles for blogs and essays.

Nonetheless, if you want something that can easily generate content, Articoolo is certainly a good choice. You can opt-in for its services through a pay-per-use system which starts at $19. However, you can also subscribe to a monthly subscription, with prices ranging from $29 to $99 monthly.



9. WordAi

WordAi is the perfect AI writer if you want to publish blogs. That’s because it can spin articles however you wish, allowing you to generate original content to get your blog going. Moreover, it has natural language processing so the output should sound as if it was written by a human.

Unlike other alternatives, WordAi works a little differently. Instead of writing a few words or phrases, WordAi allows you to copy entire articles. Once you paste it into the program, the website can come up with entirely new content based on the source.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that WordAi simply rewrites the whole article – that would be plagiarism. Instead, it uses AI to understand what’s said and develops understanding. It then writes content based on the AI’s understanding using the Turing Spinner tool.

Apart from this, WordAi is unique in that you can calibrate the content’s quality. You can choose from multiple options that tailor your content to either readability or uniqueness. WordAi also has a Standard Spinner and Foreign Language Spinner tool. These work in similar ways although some features are different.

The former doesn’t generate titles for you, unlike the Turing Spinner tool. On the other hand, the latter rewrites and translates content into different supported languages. However, these tools do come at a price (a fairly high one at that), with plans starting from $49.95. If you want to simply dip your toes, you can also opt for a 3-day free trial first.



10. AnyWord


No matter how much an AI writing generator boasts in its natural language processing, most tools can’t produce human-like content. Not so with AnyWord as it has been used by reputable sites like the New York Times, NBA, and more.

The website works like most writing assistant tools and can write for six different categories. These include landing pages, emails, blogs, texts, editorial promos, and ads. Moreover, the website can rewrite and spin your text in different ways, depending on your chosen writing style.

Apart from this, you can also include keywords for AnyWord to use to ensure your content ranks higher for SEO. It also provides handy demographic-specific engagement predictions so you can accurately tailor your content to your audience. Best of all, the AI writing generator is web-based so you don’t need to download external programs to use it.

However, the only downside with AnyWord is that it doesn’t come with a free version. There is a 7-day free trial that you can try but you’ll have to subscribe to use it for longer. Thankfully, the starting price is a reasonable $19 monthly so it isn’t ridiculously unaffordable. Furthermore, the website has higher tiers and plans you can choose for more robust features. However, those come with custom pricing plans.



11. SEO Content Machine

If you’re looking for an AI writing generator that specifically targets SEO, we suggest trying SEO Content Machine. As the name suggests, this AI writing generator focuses on producing content that’s sure to rank higher on search engines. Moreover, it can write in any language and even adds photos, videos, links, and more to the output.

Now, SEO Content Machine employs different methods to create content. The first one is through the use of a robust URL finder and “scrapes” information from different sites. Afterward, the AI will work its magic and generate unique content for your blog or business.

Apart from this, the app also has a handy blog post creator that can write things from scratch. Through this feature, you can generate a blog post based on just a few sentences. The app will then write your article for you and will even include keywords to help boost your ranking. It also has various third-party integrations like WordPress, Magic Submitter, Licorne AIO, etc.

Unfortunately, SEO Content Machine isn’t a web-based program and requires you to download a separate app. Nonetheless, it’s certainly a great copy AI writer that can do the job well. Moreover, it works on Mac, PC, and Linux so it’s easily accessible. However, it does require payment to use and costs $27 monthly. You can also opt for a 5-day free trial in case you simply want to try it out.

SEO Content Machine


12. Sassbook

What is Sassbook? Like the others on this list, Sassbook is an AI writing software that creates original text-based content. With it, you can outsource the writing part of your blog, website, story, social media posts, and more. All it needs is a prompt created by you and the app will work out the rest.

Apart from this, Sassbook also comes with handy editing tools in case the content it provides needs tweaking. Overall, it’s a decent program that’s great for those who need to generate tons of content in a short period.

However, it does have a few quirks and doesn’t mimic human-like writing styles as well as others on this list. Nonetheless, if you want something that has a free tier, it’s certainly a decent option. If you like the output it produces, you can even opt for a monthly subscription starting at $32.5.

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13. Copy AI

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Copy AI is another awesome writing tool that helps you create content efficiently. Whether it’s for your website or emails, Copy AI has you covered. They also offer flexible plans that you can choose from depending on your needs. Copy AI also has a built-in plagiarism checker which gives you that added layer of assurance.

Check out Copy AI today!

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Which Industries Do AI Writing Tools Benefit?

AI writing tools are great for almost any kind of industry. If your business has a website, social media account, marketing emails, or even ads, AI tools can benefit you greatly. Of course, some AI writing generators are more tailor-fit for certain niches. For example, programs like Kafkai are more suited for certain topics like beauty, business, and finance.

Nonetheless, most AI writing generator tools should work well for any industry. Regardless of which area you specialize in, it can certainly help you with content generation. That’s especially true if you’re a new entrepreneur who doesn’t have the resources to hire writers.


Benefits Of Using An AI Writing Generator


Using an AI writing generator over hiring freelancers has its benefits. For one, you can save thousands of dollars spent on monthly salaries for writers. That’s because most AI writing generator tools come at a low cost. Even the more expensive ones can’t compare to a $2,000 monthly salary.

In addition, an AI writing generator can save you a lot of time. This is because it can do in mere minutes what people can take a full day of work doing. Of course, the text may not be as consistent and it may sound robotic at times, depending on the app. Nonetheless, if your business needs to produce content quickly, it’s certainly a more efficient alternative.

Lastly, AI writing generator tools often come with handy extra features. Not only can they write your content but they can also attach photos, videos, links, and other files automatically. They can also optimize your content for SEO so it gets a chance to rank higher on Google.


Try Out An AI Writing Generator Tool Today!

There are many article generator tools available on the market and each one has its pros and cons. Whether you’re writing casual blogs, professional landing pages, or social media captions, AI content generator tools will certainly help. Sure, some of the output these services produce can sound a little robotic and inconsistent at times. However, the technology has advanced far enough that services like these do a decent job at replacing human writers.

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