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AI is an advanced copywriting tool to help you write compelling and accurate content faster than usual. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate original and natural-sounding text for various content. While not an and-all, be-all solution for creating content, it can help you save time and resources so you can take care of more important tasks.

Let’s take a closer look at this AI-powered content generator and why you may want to try it for your work or business.


What Is
Photo by Jasper AI via Jasper official webpage is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered content writing tool that allows you to create content automatically. It belongs to a unique subset of artificial intelligence-powered content generating software focused on generating short and long-form content automatically using natural language processing. You can create anything from blog posts and ads to a full-blown novel using Jasper. (formerly known as Jarvis AI) is the main product of a software company called Conversion AI, which is based in San Francisco. The company has been around since 2010, and it gained popularity when the developers showed off their creations on a talk show.

Shortly after rebranding to, the company would acquire two other companies called Headline and Shortly AI. These acquisitions are intended to extend the software’s functionality and improve the quality of its outputs. Jasper is also partially integrated with other writing tools like Surfer SEO and Grammarly.

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How Does Work?


When you’re starting with a draft, Jasper will first ask you to choose from professional writing templates. These templates cover all industry-specific types of content that are too many to mention, so we will mention some of the more notable ones. Perhaps you’re familiar with landing pages, sales pages, blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, and many more.

Aside from that, it also takes into consideration very specific writing frameworks. A few examples of writing frameworks include the likes of the AIDA framework, PAS framework, and so on. If you already have an existing copy that you want to expand, also features tools exactly for these purposes.

After selecting a writing template, will present you with input boxes on which you have to type in some of the details of your text. These “details” normally include the topic of your content, title, keywords, and basic information about the topic.

After that, you can already prompt the software to start generating content. From there, it can generate multiple unique combinations of words based on your input. Depending on your subscription plan, you can make the output as detailed as possible or as simple as possible.


Who Benefits from


Jasper is a brilliant tool intended to help writers maximize their writing space within a short period. As such, the tool is best used by people who need to produce original content fast. These include the likes of bloggers, SEO professionals, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, and startup managers. But of course, writers who just need help, in general, can also use the software to improve the quality of their writing. Pricing and Features
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Like all good things in life, isn’t available for free. They do offer a seven-day free trial, but you have to sign up for a subscription to maximize the software. They have two pricing plans available, and each comes in a monthly installment or annual installment plan. These plans and pricing are detailed on their official pricing page.


Starter Plan

Boss Mode

Up to 20,000 words per month Up to 50,000 words per month
Pricing starts at USD 29 per month Pricing starts at USD 59 per month
Ideal for short-form content Ideal for long-form content
Optional word packs with 5,000 words each for an additional USD 10 per month Optional word packs with 30,000 words each for an additional USD 40 per month
Access to built-in integrations (i.e. Jasper recipes, plagiarism checker, Grammarly basic plan)


1. Starter Plan

The Jasper Starter Pack is the cheapest and simplest option you can go for, ideal for beginners. It’s ideal for short-form content types such as product descriptions, short product reviews, and social media posts. The package comes with a word limit of 20,000 words, which you can increase for an additional fee per month.

The features that you get include an easy setup, a language selector, scheduling functionalities, and so on. The software is also equipped with advanced editing tools such as advanced grammar checks, spell-check, plagiarism detectors, and more.

The Starter Plan starts at $29 per month if you choose the monthly subscription plan or USD 29 per month (approximately) if you choose the annual plan. Pricing can go as high as $499/month, depending on the list of active features and word packs that you choose. Each word pack will get you an additional 5,000 words for an additional USD 10 per month.


2. Boss Mode

If the starter plan is designed more for short-form content, the Boss Mode is the exact opposite. It’s specially designed for long-form content such as blog articles, product reviews, articles explaining industry-specific topics, and even works of fiction.

The package allows you to generate up to 50,000 words per month. You can purchase additional word packs with 30,000 words for an additional USD 40 per month. In addition, the software looks back on up to 30,000 words of your past articles to more closely replicate your writing style. You can also access editing tools like a plagiarism checker and Grammarly.

Price-wise, this mode is available for approximately USD 59 per month for the monthly plan and USD 49 for the monthly plan. Pricing can go up to USD 3600 per month depending on the list of features and active word packs that you choose. Usability was designed not just to produce excellent content; it’s also designed to be very intuitive and easy to use. Like all other platforms, it requires basic information during the sign-up phase. Afterward, you can already claim free credits as part of a free trial or otherwise sign up for a paid subscription right away.

Once you have completed the sign-up, the software will ask you a few questions about the industry in which you plan to use the software. To be exact, it will ask you if you plan to use the service for personal use, for agency use, or for your own business. You will also be required to add an account name and a domain if you already have one.

After that’s done, the platform will present you with all the writing templates available for your plan. These templates are organized into more extensive categories to make it easier to search for templates. A few examples of generic categories include e-commerce, emails, blogs, ads, SEO, video, website, and more.

Once you’ve selected a template, you will just have to fill in the outline with relevant information. After that, you will have to select an output length (short, mid-range, long) and click on the “Generate content” button to generate content. If you are dissatisfied with particular content, you can generate something new out of the same input. Content Quality
Photo via Jasper is notable not only for its ability to curate content in a very short time; it’s also notable for its content quality. In the first place, the platform cannot generate content out of thin air. You need to provide the “meat” to your articles, such as your topic and basic information on the topic. The system will then analyze your input and weave the information into coherent paragraphs, depending on what you need. It will also provide additional information about the topic from its database or the internet.

The secret to’s copywriting capabilities has to do with two ideas related to artificial intelligence: machine learning and natural language processing. To understand the way works, we need to take a closer look at these two concepts:


Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that allows machines to learn concepts in the same way that humans learn. Much like humans, these machines can “learn” from data sets and then apply that knowledge to create output. The system adapts to any volume of data input, meaning it improves its capabilities over time and with more data.  To understand this concept, read this article explaining what machine learning is and how it works.


Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing, on the other hand, is an application of machine learning that is specific to the field of languages. It uses machine learning to teach software to understand human speech and produce human speech that matches a particular input. This comes with understanding the meaning behind the speech, including intent or sentiment. In other words, it allows the software to “learn” from a human speech to produce the same command.

Naturally, you will still need to edit the content to match your exact tone and writing style. Nonetheless, the software takes care of the less-essential components of your content, which is the most challenging part of writing. The great thing about this platform is that you can edit and copy the content straight from the dashboard or save the content for later reference.


Does Plagiarize?

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The majority of the data used to train came from the internet. But that doesn’t mean that the software will regurgitate the same content from the internet, and neither will it deliver the same content as someone else using the software, even if you have the same input.

The software’s artificial intelligence component can cross-reference the copy it produces for you. It does this to ensure that it doesn’t repeat content from elsewhere. While we’re not sure how the software can do this, we do know for a fact that it can deliver original content 99.98 percent of the time.

But while rarely ever produces duplicate content, the possibility of it producing duplicate content is never zero. You can always run your content through the software’s built-in Jasper Plagiarism Check if you want peace of mind. The checker is powered by Copyscape, a free plagiarism checker that scans for duplicate content on the web.

However, we need to note that Jasper Plagiarism Checker doesn’t come for free. It will cost you approximately USD 0.03 for the first 200 words and $.01 for each additional 100 words. You can also add plagiarism credits to your account, starting at USD 10.

If you’re willing to pay to have your content checked by a dedicated tool, then you should know that you can always use an external checker. That is, you can extract your content from and run it through a separate software like the Grammarly Plagiarism Checker, Scribbr Plagiarism Checker, and Quetext.


Sample Content
Photo via Jasper official website


Naturally, reading a review about the performance of certain software is not the best way to determine how well it performs. You have to try the software for yourself. Or if you would prefer, you can read content samples produced by the software covering different topics. Case in point, you can read blog post samples generated by websites covering various topics. Tutorial and Resources
Photo via Jasper official website


Most users, especially beginners, usually need a little bit of help navigating the software, and most would also require some type of reference regarding the software’s features and perks. If you want to learn more about the software, there are four ways that you can go about getting the help you need.


A Couple of Notes on
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While is unique in terms of its abilities as an automated copywriting tool, you should never view it as a magic solution to all of your writing needs. It will not magically write content out of nowhere. But it can help you save time by automating some parts of your content.

Take note that the developers designed the software to compile relevant information into a single coherent article/piece. It’s also meant to fill in the more rudimentary portions of your writing to save time. It was not intended to replace experienced writers, and you always have some writing to do with the software.

It’s also worth noting that was trained using data extracted from the internet a few years ago. This means that if you input new ideas into the software, there is a possibility that it will miss the mark entirely. Having said this, you should never leave the software to its own devices when it comes to details. Always conduct your research and feed the software with the correct information.

Lastly, the software that runs on the relatively new concept of artificial intelligence. While you can expect the software to be tireless and efficient, it will not be perfect. There will be instances when it will spit out nonsensical sentences and ideas that came out of nowhere. Having said this, you should read and edit everything that comes out of the software as many times as necessary.


Pros and Cons of

Now that we have looked at some of the features and inner workings of the software, we have to look at the performance of the software about its different features. Naturally, there is no real way to know about the good and bad aspects of the software until you try it, but for the sake of objectivity, allow us to pose some of the pros and cons of using the software for you to consider:


  • Extremely versatile and can be used to write any type of content (blog posts, articles, marketing materials, and even books)
  • Offers a wide range of templates to choose from, covering all aspects of an online business
  • Output mimics the flow and style of  professionally written articles
  • The software is continuously improving, which means you can expect better content with each version of the tool.
  • Pricing is quite reasonable for the output volume and quality that you get in return.


  • The program can be inflexible at times, and it can be hard to generate content types that do not fall within any of the content categories available.
  • In some cases, the content produced sounds robotic or unnatural, requiring a lot of editing and fine-tuning. This is because the software has yet to perfectly mimic human speech.
  • It might not be the best for factual or content based on recent topics
  • More native integrations are required for editing purposes (i.e., Grammarly)


Overall Review of 2
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Overall, is a great tool for writing original content as well as improving existing content with a little bit of help. It’s best to think of it like a writing partner rather than a writer in itself. It simply analyzes your topic, adds a few inputs from the internet, and generates content based on algorithms. In other words, it simply does its best with the inputs you provide, but you still need to do your part. In addition, you will have to that there is a learning curve with using the software, and it takes time and effort to master the software’s many features and options.

That being said, you are still hard-pressed to find another content writing tool offering the same quality as It is hands-down one of the smartest content generator tools available. It can help you guarantee as few mistakes as possible when copywriting. If you are looking for a way to produce content with less time and personal training, then is worth trying.

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