Rytr Review: Is It The Best AI Writing Tool Today

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In dire need of a copywriter or content writer but can’t afford to hire one? We recommend trying Rytr, an AI text generator that can produce marketing copies and blog pieces in a flash. It takes much less time to write and only costs a fraction of a copywriter’s average salary. What is it good for and can it meet the demands of your company or blog? Let’s find out.


What Is Rytr?


Rytr is a content writing assistant powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. It automatically generates text, allowing companies to save both time and money on writing-related work. Rytr claims it has saved businesses nearly 2.5 million hours and over $50 million on content writing.

What kind of content can Rytr produce? Almost anything. Its roster includes blog sections, blog topics, outlines, business idea pitches, copies, emails, ads, interview questions, and even job descriptions. All you need to do is provide a “seed text” to give the AI some context.

In addition, what’s great about Rytr and services like it is that it mimics natural language. Hence, it can generate blog ideas, outlines, and even paragraphs that sound nearly indistinguishable from a human writer.

Apart from sounding natural, it can also create engaging and compelling copies that have high conversion rates. Overall, Rytr guarantees to generate contextual content that’s sure to generate clicks and grab attention.

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Rytr Subscriptions And Tiers


Like most other AI writing tools, will cost you money. That’s especially true if you want to make the most out of its services and get unlimited tool access. What are the company’s offerings and benefits? Let’s find out.


Free Plan

Is Rytr free to use? Thankfully, Rytr does provide a free plan for folks who don’t have enough budget to finance their copywriting needs. Of course, this tier will provide limited access to Rytr’s tools and services. Nonetheless, it’s great for new users or those who want to dip their toes before committing to a subscription.

What does the free plan offer? Like the other plans, you’ll gain access to the services’ 30+ use cases and language offerings. Hence, you can use it in copywriting, outlining, blog writing, headlining, and emails. It also provides you access to over 20 tones, a built-in plagiarism checker, and access to the premium community.

However, this Rytr lifetime deal does have limitations. For example, you can only generate 5,000 characters a month with the free plan. Moreover, you won’t have access to more advanced features such as the ability to create a custom use case. It also bars you from getting a dedicated account manager or priority email and chat support.


Saver Plan

If you liked Rytr’s free plan then there’s a chance you might want to upgrade to a paid one. After all, access to 5,000 words per month is limiting, especially if you have a larger website or company. Thankfully, the first paid plan under Rytr only costs $9 a month – peanuts compared to the output it provides.

With this plan, you gain access to everything within the previous Free Plan. However, this one adds the ability to create a custom use case that you can use perpetually. Best of all, it increases your monthly character limit to 50,000.

The Saver Plan is the best choice for those who want something more robust yet not too expensive. Above all, this tier comes with a promo that lets you gain access to it for free for two months.


Unlimited Plan

If access to 50,000 words isn’t enough then it might be time to consider Rytr unlimited. As its name implies, the Unlimited Plan provides you with an unlimited number of characters. You can generate as many blog sections, outlines, emails, and copies as you want under this tier. It also gives you access to all the previous tiers’ offerings.

In addition, the Unlimited Plan provides you with a dedicated account manager. This is great for larger businesses that need more robust management and organization within the app. Lastly, this tier allows users to access priority email and chat support from Rytr’s customer service. Hence, the company will address your issues first if you ever hit a roadblock.

Thankfully, while the Unlimited Plan is Rytr’s highest tier, it only costs $29 a month. That’s cheaper than many other alternatives like Jasper.AI or Copy AI. Best of all, you can get two months of the plan for free depending on when you subscribe.


Rytr Review

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Types Of Content


Like other AI writing tools, Rytr offers a wide variety of use cases. These include bulleted outlines, blog sections, product reviews, testimonials, marketing copies, and emails. Now, the content we’ve listed so far is quite common among AI writing tools. What makes Rytr unique?

This is where the more niche use cases come in. You see, Rytr can generate more unconventional content. These include song lyrics, Google searches, and social media copies. You can even generate interview questions and job descriptions with it to lighten the load on your Human Resources team.

After you choose a use case, you can then select the tone of voice. This will simply dictate how your copy will read – whether it’s formal, informal, or casual. You can do so by tagging the content with various descriptive words like “funny” or “informative.”

Moreover, you can push things further and add a sample paragraph. This will give Rytr more context and guide its AI as it generates your copy. You can also add a “seed text” consisting of a title, description, and keywords to add more context.

This, along with reworking content you’re already writing using Rytr, is the best way to use the software. That’s because the program works best when it’s used in tandem with already existing works of writing. It helps you finish thoughts, rewrite or paraphrase ideas, and even expand on topics.

Finally, Rytr can also generate your content in several different languages. It has over 30 in its library so users from all around the world can make use of Rytr. In addition, the software can provide multiple variations of the same theme, allowing you to choose from several options.


Other Features

Text Editing

Rytr reviews might focus heavily on the type of content the software can produce. However, peripheral features are just as important to consider in a review especially if you’re considering spending money on it.

What are Rytr’s other text editing features that are noteworthy? One is its ability to verify and correct grammar and spelling (although its engine isn’t as robust as dedicated services like Grammarly). It can also turn your passive sentences into active ones upon editing, depending on what you need.

In addition, Rytr can expand or shorten the sentences or thoughts that are already written. You can rephrase, append, and even let the software write entire paragraphs based on one sentence. Moreover, Rytr even provides you with a readability score that should help you get better SEO ratings.


Plagiarism Checker

Apart from grammar, Rytr also includes a built-in plagiarism checker as part of its toolset. It’s powered by Copyscape and is useful for keeping your work original. However, do keep in mind that this isn’t the software’s strongest feature. Hence, it won’t be as fool-proof as using dedicated third-party software.


Custom Use Cases

Rytr is unique in that it provides custom use cases to its premium users. You can create it in just a few minutes – although it will ask for a sample output. Moreover, the specialized use case will be subject to approval by Rytr’s team. You’ll be notified of its status via email.


Ease Of Use

Unlike much other software, Rytr is user-friendly and doesn’t overwhelm the writer with tools and menus. Most of what you need can be accessed through a simple highlight and right-click. Moreover, the tools it does have are usually contextual and act on the content you’ve already written.

However, do note that because Rytr hides its menus and tools, it can be confusing to use at first. You’ll have to truly dig into the software or stumble upon each tool yourself as you go. Thankfully, Rytr does provide a comprehensive online resource to help you know what to do.

Apart from this, Rytr should feel familiar and non-intimidating to use. That’s because most of its selections are on the left and it provides contextual menus, navigations, and text fields on the right. Its formatting tools and their placements are also reminiscent of Microsoft Word and other popular text editors.


Content Quality

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Rytr can shorten the time it takes to write content – that much is true. However, just because it can produce content quickly doesn’t mean the quality will be excellent. With that said, is Rytr’s content worth the price? Is it high-quality or is it merely good for speed?

Overall, Rytr’s writing quality isn’t bad for simpler or shorter content. However, if you rely too much on AI, it might produce substandard writing. It works best if you use it more as a writing assistant rather than as a full-on writer replacement.

Moreover, it struggles to produce more accurate content if your topics are highly technical. In this case, you’ll have to fact-check and review the output more thoroughly. Despite touting itself as a reliable long-form content writer, Rytr’s long articles are less reliable than actual writers.

Apart from accuracy, Rytr does well when it comes to grammar, readability, and natural language writing. Hence, spelling issues, grammatical errors, clunky readability, and awkward sentences shouldn’t be too problematic.


How To Use Rytr?


Rytr is fairly easy to use. All you need to do is head to its website and hit the “Start Ryting” button. Afterward, you can create an account with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or a separate email address. Once you’ve set up your account, it’s time to log in. Go back to their website and sign in with your credentials.

After this, all you need to do is simply select a use case. This could be anything from blog section writing, headlines, emails, and marketing copies. Once you’ve chosen the use case, you can also change the tone from the dropdown menu to the left. There are over 18 options including appreciative, convincing, casual, and cautionary. Choose one that will fit your desired output and add some personality to your content.

Next is to input contextually relevant texts. Each use case will offer a variety of input fields. Some will ask for keywords while others short and relevant key points or phrases. Rytr will use whatever you write or input as the basis for generating text. Afterward, Rytr should create the rest for you when you click “Ryte for me.”

Note that you can also select the number of variants you want to generate. This will make the generation process slightly longer but it will also give you more options to choose from. You can also choose various creativity levels (it’s set to default if you don’t select any).


Rytr vs Other AI Writing Generators

Now, Rytr might be a robust AI-based writing assistant. However, it isn’t perfect and it comes with a lot of caveats. As a result, you might want to look at different options before you consider subscribing. What is the best AI writing assistant for you? Here are the top Rytr alternatives you can choose from.


Rytr Vs. Jasper.AI 2
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Between Rytr vs Jarvis (now called Jasper AI), which is the best AI writing tool? It truly depends on you. Like Rytr, Jasper AI produces high-quality writing in just a few minutes. It has numerous use cases such as social media posts, marketing copies, emails, and blog articles. Moreover, it supports over 25 languages – only a few languages shy of Rytr’s 30.

Apart from these, Jasper also takes its writing from various sources. It provides plagiarism-free and unique content as guaranteed by the marketing experts that taught it. You can also collaborate with others on documents using Jasper, making it the perfect tool for marketing teams.

However, do note that Jasper is a bit more expensive. Its Starter package costs $29 monthly while the more advanced Boss Mode tier costs $59 monthly. Moreover, most of its templates have a 400-word limit. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best and most reputable AI writing alternatives to Rytr.


Rytr VS. Copy AI


If you’re looking for an AI writer that’s a free alternative to Rytr, we recommend Copy AI. Like Rytr, it has a free tier that writers can utilize to quickly generate results without paying money. However, it will limit your monthly credits to 10 (with 100 extra on the first month), so use them wisely.

Apart from this difference, we’d say Copy AI is more suited to short-form writing. That’s because it doesn’t include the long-form blog section use case that Rytr boasts in (yet simultaneously falls short on). It’s best used for generating marketing copies, emails, captions, and ads.

However, it is a bit more expensive than Rytr and costs $35 monthly (or $420 billed annually). Nonetheless, it’s a good choice especially because it provides over 90 copywriting tools and supports over 25 languages. In addition, the platform has a custom enterprise plan for larger teams and businesses.


Rytr VS. Wordhero


Between Wordhero vs. Rytr, which is the better tool? Firstly, there are a lot of similarities between Rytr and Wordhero. Both have the same basic features like autocorrect, grammar and plagiarism check, sentence rephrasing and formatting, and tone adjustment.

Moreover, both have similar use cases like marketing ideas, emails, captions, product descriptions, blog content writing, and topic generation. It can even generate more niche content like Rytr, allowing users to generate writing for songs and poems. However, Wordhero narrows its focus to 54 industry sectors so it’ll provide content more tailored to those fields.

Unfortunately, Wordhero has less language support compared to Rytr as it can only accommodate 10 languages. Moreover, it’s more expensive than Rytr and costs $49 monthly for access to unlimited copies. Although you can lower the cost to $29 monthly if you opt for annual billing.


The Verdict

Rytr is a well-rounded tool that can decently create or rewrite content. It’s useful for marketers, copywriters, business owners, college students, or even writers with English as their second language. The software can produce natural-sounding and confident writing that’s great for blogs, articles, ads, landing pages, and social media captions.

Overall, the software works well especially if you use it as a supplementary writing or editing tool. It works best when you’re already writing and simply need to finish thoughts, revamp sentences, or expand ideas. The software also performs well for paraphrasing, rewriting whole copies, or adjusting tone.

However, while the AI behind it can produce coherent sentences and paragraphs, they aren’t always factual. Despite referencing reliable sources (such as .edu and .gov websites), it struggles to accurately quote dates, times, and other facts. Moreover, the software often cuts off at random places leaving you with incomplete thoughts and articles in the end.

With that said, even though Rytr boasts of its long-form writing capabilities, it’s best used for short-form content. You can reliably use it for emails, ads, landing pages, and outlines. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for longer blogs or articles. In that respect, Rytr has a long way to go before we can say it’s completely usable.

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