Google’s AI-Powered Search Experience Can Now Generate Images, Write Drafts


Google’s AI-powered search feature, SGE (Search Generative Experience), continues to evolve with new capabilities. The latest updates include an image generation feature and a draft writing feature, providing users with enhanced customization options and an enhanced search experience.

Key Takeaway

Google’s SGE introduces new AI-powered image generation and draft writing features, allowing users to customize their search experience. The image generation feature generates images based on prompts, while the draft writing feature offers personalized drafts with options for tone and length. These features aim to enhance the usability and versatility of SGE, providing users with more control over their search results.

AI Image Generation: Creating Visual Content With Prompts

With the new AI image generation feature, users can generate images directly within SGE by entering prompts specifying the type of image they want, such as a drawing, photo, or painting. SGE will generate four image results, which can be downloaded as .png files or used to create a new set of images by editing the original prompt. Google’s Imagen text-to-image model powers this image generation feature.

The same image generation feature will also be available for Google Image search. If users do not find the desired photo in the search results, they can create a new image using prompts from a box that appears within the results.

Google has taken strict measures to ensure responsible usage of AI image generation. To prevent the creation of inappropriate content and the spread of misinformation, the feature is limited to users aged 18 and older. The company has implemented filtering policies to block harmful, misleading, explicit content, as well as images containing photorealistic faces and prompts mentioning notable people.

Draft Writing: Customizing Tone and Length

SGE’s draft writing feature has been expanded to offer more customization options. Users can now generate different types of writing, choosing between longer or shorter drafts and changing the tone to be more serious or casual. This feature further enhances SGE’s role as a writing assistant, providing users with personalized and adaptable drafts.

Export and Availability

SGE offers export options for both the draft writing and image generation features. Written drafts can be exported to Google Workspace apps like Gmail or Google Docs. Generated images can be saved to Google Drive.

These new features will roll out gradually to SGE users, starting tomorrow, with availability expanding to a wider user base over the coming weeks. They are currently only available in English in the U.S., while SGE itself recently launched in India and Japan.

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