Yahoo Mail Unveils AI-Powered Tools To Help Users Save Time And Money


Yahoo has announced the introduction of new AI capabilities for Yahoo Mail, aimed at enhancing user experience and helping them save time and money. The upgrades include improvements to existing AI features and the introduction of a new Shopping Saver tool.

Shopping Saver: Helping Users Save Money

One of the highlights of the new AI tools is the Shopping Saver tool. This tool identifies gift cards, discount codes, and store credits that users may have forgotten about. It suggests messages to vendors to apply these savings after a purchase has been made. Research shows that almost half of U.S. adults have unused gift cards or store credits. Yahoo’s Shopping Saver aims to help users maximize their savings when making online purchases.

Key Takeaway

Yahoo Mail introduces new AI-powered tools, including a Shopping Saver tool, to help users save time and money. The Shopping Saver tool identifies unused gift cards and store credits and suggests messages to vendors to apply these savings. Users can now ask questions and utilize filters in the search bar to find what they’re looking for more easily. The writing assistant feature now offers a variety of tones to choose from. Yahoo used Google Cloud’s AI platform to develop these features. The AI capabilities were previously tested on iOS and are now available to web users.

Upgrades to Yahoo Mail’s Existing Capabilities

In addition to the new Shopping Saver tool, Yahoo Mail has also enhanced its search and writing assistant features. The search bar now suggests common questions to help users find the information they need, making the search process more intuitive. Users can ask questions directly instead of relying on keywords. Moreover, new filters have been introduced to help users narrow down search results based on specific criteria, such as sender or date.

The writing assistant feature has also been improved, allowing users to choose from different tones when drafting replies. Previously, the writing assistant could only generate responses in a professional or casual manner. Now, users have the option to select tones like urgent, grateful, or apologetic, giving their messages a more personalized touch.

Yahoo’s Use of Generative AI and Future Plans

Yahoo worked with Google Cloud’s AI platform to develop these generative AI features. Initially, the AI capabilities were only available to iOS users but are now accessible to users on web browsers as well. Yahoo has not revealed a specific date for the wider release of these features but is preparing for a public launch. The introduction of these AI tools by Yahoo follows similar moves by Google and Microsoft, who have integrated generative AI-powered features into their email platforms over the past year.

In conclusion, Yahoo Mail’s new AI-powered tools, including the Shopping Saver tool, aim to assist users in saving time and money. With improved search capabilities and a writing assistant with a variety of tones, Yahoo Mail is striving to provide users with a more efficient and personalized email experience.

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