A Thinking Ape's Critique of Trans-Simianism

Posted 18 Dec 2007 at 23:40 UTC by steve Share This

Aaron Diaz presents an amusing look at the singularity and trans-humanism through his translation of a "recently discovered" cave painting manifesto by Thog, who attempts to debunk the theory of "trans-simianism" and the "quickening". Dr. Klomp, the originator of these theories, believes he and his fellow cavemen are evolving into "post-simian" life forms that will posses physical abilities augmented by "tools" and mental abilities augmented by "culture". He also suggests the increasing rate of technological progress that has brought such marvels as bows and arrows may soon bring about some sort of "post-simian" world beyond their comprehension. Thog isn't buying this nonsense, or Klomp's other crazy idea that something called "hygiene" could extend post-simian lifespans to as much as 30 years (even if it could, who would want to live in a world of geriactric 27 year olds, ponders Thog). However you feel about the alleged existence of the singularity, it's an amusing read.

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