How To Black Out Text In Discord



Discord is a popular chat platform used by gamers, communities, and professionals to connect and communicate. It offers a wide range of features to enhance user interaction, including the ability to format and stylize text. One of the stylish effects that users often seek is blacking out or obscuring certain portions of their messages. This can be helpful when sharing sensitive information or teasing spoilers in a conversation.

In this article, we will explore different methods to black out text in Discord, allowing you to add a touch of mystery or keep certain details hidden from others. Whether you want to surprise your friends with an intriguing message or create an element of suspense, these methods will help you achieve the desired effect.

From using Discord spoiler tags to employing creative techniques like Zalgo text, zero-width space, and code blocks, we will cover a variety of approaches. Each method has its own unique way of blacking out text, and we will provide step-by-step instructions for implementing them. Additionally, we will discuss the key features and considerations for each method.

If you’re ready to add a little bit of intrigue or secrecy to your Discord messages, let’s dive into the methods that can help you black out text and captivate your audience!


Method 1: Using Discord Spoiler Tags

Discord spoiler tags are a built-in feature that allows you to hide text behind a black box, giving it a mysterious and secretive appearance. This method is straightforward and widely supported across Discord platforms, making it a convenient way to black out text.

To use Discord spoiler tags, simply wrap your desired text with double vertical bars || like this ||. The enclosed text will be hidden from view until the reader clicks on it, revealing the content.

For example, if you want to black out the word “spoiler” in your message, you would type ||spoiler||. Once the message is sent, the word “spoiler” will be concealed behind a black box until someone clicks on it.

It’s important to note that spoiler tags can only hide text on a per-message basis. If you have multiple lines or paragraphs that you want to black out, each section will need to be individually wrapped in spoiler tags.

When using Discord spoiler tags, keep in mind that they are mainly intended for concealing spoilers or sensitive information. It’s considered good Discord etiquette to warn others before revealing any hidden content, giving them the choice to uncover it or not.

Overall, using Discord spoiler tags is a simple and effective way to black out text in your messages. It allows you to add an element of surprise and intrigue to your conversations, ensuring that sensitive information remains hidden until your audience is ready to reveal it.


Method 2: Using Zalgo Text

If you’re looking to add a more unique and visually intriguing effect to your blacked out text, using Zalgo text is a creative option. Zalgo text is a combination of Unicode characters that create a glitchy and distorted appearance, making it perfect for obscuring your messages.

To create Zalgo text, you can use various online Zalgo text generators. Simply input your desired text, and the generator will output the Zalgo-ized version.

Once you have the Zalgo text, you can paste it into your Discord message to achieve the desired effect. The irregular and distorted nature of Zalgo text makes it challenging to read, effectively blacking out your text while adding an element of mystery.

It’s important to note that some users may find Zalgo text difficult to read or may have visual impairments that make it impossible to decipher. Therefore, it’s essential to use Zalgo text sparingly and consider the accessibility of your content for all users.

Using Zalgo text is a fun and creative way to black out text in Discord. It allows you to add a unique visual effect to your messages, making them stand out and piquing the curiosity of your audience.


Method 3: Using Zero-Width Space

For a more subtle approach to blacking out text, you can utilize zero-width space in Discord. Zero-width space is a Unicode character that is invisible to the human eye but still occupies space in the text. This makes it an ideal candidate for hiding specific words or phrases in your messages.

To use zero-width space, you can insert the character ​ (or its HTML entity code ​) between the letters of the text you want to black out. The zero-width space character will effectively conceal the text from view, giving it an obscured appearance.

For example, let’s say you want to black out the word “secret” in your message. You would insert the zero-width space character between each letter like this: s​e​c​r​e​t.

When the message is sent, the word “secret” will appear blacked out, as the zero-width spaces make it practically invisible. However, if someone decides to highlight and copy the concealed text, they will be able to see and extract the hidden information.

Using zero-width space offers a discreet way to black out text in Discord. It adds a layer of secrecy without drawing too much attention to the hidden content, making it an effective method for concealing information or creating a sense of intrigue.


Method 4: Using Code Blocks

Another approach to blacking out text in Discord is by using code blocks. Code blocks are a formatting feature that Discord offers to display text or code snippets in a distinctive monospaced font. This can be leveraged creatively to achieve a blacked out effect.

To create a code block, you can enclose your text within triple backticks (\) or a pair of backticks followed by the keyword “code” and then another pair of backticks (\`code`).

For instance, if you want to black out the word “hidden” in your message, you can use a code block like this:


When the message is sent, the word “hidden” will appear within a rectangular code block, appearing as if it has been blacked out. This technique works because code blocks use a monospaced font where all characters have the same width.

It’s important to note that using code blocks will make the blacked out text more prominent compared to other methods, potentially drawing more attention to it. Therefore, it’s advisable to use this method sparingly and for specific stylistic purposes.

Using code blocks provides a visually distinct way to black out text in Discord. It gives your messages a unique appearance and can be particularly effective when combined with other formatting options.



Discord offers several methods to black out text, enabling users to add a touch of mystery and intrigue to their messages. From using spoiler tags to employing Zalgo text, zero-width space, and code blocks, there are various ways to achieve the desired effect.

Using Discord spoiler tags is a straightforward and widely supported method. It allows you to hide text behind a black box that can be revealed with a click, perfect for teasing spoilers or concealing sensitive information.

If you want to add a more creative twist, Zalgo text can be used to create a glitchy and distorted appearance, effectively obscuring your messages while adding visual intrigue.

For a subtle approach, zero-width space can be leveraged to conceal specific words or phrases. Placed between the letters, zero-width spaces make the text practically invisible but still occupy space.

Alternatively, utilizing code blocks provides a distinct and visually appealing blacked out effect. Encasing your text within code blocks creates a monospaced font that gives the appearance of blackout.

When using any of these methods, it’s important to consider readability, accessibility, and the context of your conversations. Additionally, be aware of Discord’s guidelines and the preferences of your audience. Use blacked out text responsibly and with consideration for others.

Now that you have a variety of methods at your disposal, you can add an element of mystery and secrecy to your Discord messages. Experiment with different techniques and find the best approach that suits your style and objectives.

So go ahead, have fun exploring these methods, and elevate your Discord conversations with blacked out text!

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