16 Best QR Code Generator Websites You Can Access Online

Nowadays, most businesses feel the need to use QR codes to provide a contactless solution. You will see them almost everywhere — from the payment kiosks of different establishments to product packaging. Now, if you’re curious about how they are created, it is through the use of the best QR code-generator tools.

People generate a QR code to print or post online and redirect those who scan it to a webpage, downloadable file, or an app. Scanning it will save you from the hassle of searching or typing and the possible mistake of visiting the wrong page. Some would also create it to send a certain message, say, a farewell message to colleagues, in a more creative way. You can use it for various purposes, so creating one is common nowadays.

If you want to generate a QR code for your business or for any other reason, learn the best apps to generate a QR code in this list.


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  1. Best QR Code Generators
    1. Beaconstac
    2. Visme
    3. QR Code Monkey
    4. Visualead
    5. QR Code Generator
    6. Scanova
    7. QR Stuff
    8. Unitag
    9. QRD
    10. Delivr
    11. ZebraQR
    12. QRickit
    13. QRTiger
    14. Shopify’s QR Code Generator
    15. The QR Code Generator
    16. Flowcode
  2. What to Consider When Choosing the Best QR Code Generator?
    1. Does It Generate a Static or Dynamic QR Code?
    2. Can It Customize the QR Code?
    3. Is It Free?
  3. Wrap-Up


Best QR Code Generators

Since there are a lot of options available online to create a QR code, it can be a little challenging to choose. To help you narrow down your options, here is a list of the best QR code generator tools you can use from your browser.



Best QR Code Generator: Beaconstac
Screen capture from Beaconstac website

Beaconstac is an online tool you can use to create a highly customizable QR code. You can change the QR code’s color, add a frame, and even use the available templates from the website. It allows you to incorporate a logo in the middle, too, or use the ones from its Gallery. Note, however, that some of the mentioned features have limitations unless you avail of the paid plans.

Aside from using a URL, it also allows you to generate a QR code to get predefined SMS, initiate a call, and display plain text. You can also create one to redirect to an image, PDF file, location, or an app, but, again, these would require a paid subscription. Its free version offers enough, though, which still makes it a great option to consider as the best QR code generator.

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Best QR Code Generator: Visme
Screen capture from Visme website

This visual design solution lets you create and edit visual content like infographics and animations. It also has a QR code generator resting within its toolbar, making it easy for you to include the code onto your marketing materials. Now, if you only want to download the QR code, worry not because you can save it separately from the project. The best part is you can download it in PNG, JPG, or PDF file format.

With Visme, you can generate QR codes with various content options such as a web page URL, prewritten email or SMS, and many more. You should note, however, that you would need to have a Visme account to start creating a QR code.

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QR Code Monkey

Best QR Code Generator: QR Code Monkey
Screen capture from QR Code Monkey website

As one of the most popular and the best QR code generator tools out there, QR Code Monkey does not disappoint. Like Beaconstac, it can provide a static and dynamic QR code that is highly customizable as you can change its overall look. You can replace the default black and white color with something that would give it more life. You can add your logo image, too, so it would be perfect for your small business.

One thing to note: some of its features require a paid plan, especially the creation of dynamic QR codes.

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Best QR Code Generator: Visualead
Screen capture from Visualead website


This tool offers high-end technology and provides advanced features that you would find excellent. Visualead has a three-step process when generating a QR code. First, you have to choose what content option you want such as a social media page, app URL, or even prewritten SMS. Next, you have to customize the design of your QR code to make it unique. It is worth noting that unlike the other tools from this list, Visualead doesn’t allow you to add your logo to your code. To finish the process, you would have to sign up with your email for you to have the option to download it.

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QR Code Generator

Best QR Code Generator: QR Code Generator
Screen capture from QR Code Generator website

With its service that traces several years back, QR Code Generator has proven its functionality and reliability. It allows you to create a QR code with content redirecting to a web page, social media page, and even to an app store. You can also include a vCard, prewritten SMS, predefined email, as well as image. What makes it stand out is it can encode multiple URLs in a single code and play MP3 files by scanning them.

With QR Code Generator, you can track scans so you would know how many have scanned the code and from what city they are. You can also customize how you want your QR code to look like but you should note that some features would require you to log in.

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Best QR Code Generator: Scanova
Screen capture from Scanova website

Scanova has an impressive user interface that no one would get lost trying to generate a code. It has almost the same look as that of Visualead, but this gives off a better experience. With this tool, you would have various content options to link to the code including a webpage, location, and even a product description. You can also customize the overall look of your QR code to appeal to more people.

It is worth noting that this tool only creates a dynamic QR code and requires an ongoing Scanova subscription to work. Having a dynamic QR code can be helpful if you would be editing linked content since any changes wouldn’t affect the code. With this said, the only downside here is the requirement of a subscription.

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QR Stuff

Best QR Code Generator: QR Stuff
Screen capture from QR Stuff website

QR Stuff is easy to use as it displays all the guides you need when generating QR codes. It also allows you to customize the style, including the code’s size, dots shape, and file format. You can add a logo and image, too, allowing you to incorporate your brand or any personal touch to the QR code. Not only does this tool generate QR codes, but it can also create 2D barcodes that your smartphones can read. 

QR Stuff lets you create either static or dynamic QR codes; however, there are limitations with the dynamic encoding option. You can only enjoy its analytics reporting and code editing if you avail of a paid subscription. There are still significant features available for free, though, so one would still consider this as the best QR code generator.

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Best QR Code Generator: Unitag
Screen capture from Unitag website

Another QR code generator that lets you customize QR codes and offers other great features is Unitag. This lets you use any of its templates and change the colors, style, and logo of the created QR code. With this tool, you can generate codes containing business cards, geolocations, and prewritten text, all with lifetime validity.

You can generate dynamic QR codes and do batch creation, too, but those features are only available for the paid plans. It is also worth noting that the QR code you can download using the free version will be in low definition. From their website, there is also a QR Code Scanner you can install on your phone so everything you need is there.

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Best QR Code Generator: QRD
Screen capture from QRD website

When speaking about features, QRD is a strong option. You can create a static QR code containing a vCard, prewritten text, or a URL so you can redirect visitors to a specific page. With this tool, you can also generate a dynamic QR code that doesn’t expire, making it one of the best QR code-generator tools. The best part is you don’t need to have a paid subscription to enjoy it as it only requires you to register for a free account.

If you want to generate multiple QR codes in a single click, you can do it, too, thanks to its Batch Creator feature. While this may be a prominent feature, you would need to have any of their paid plans to enjoy it. As for customization options, this also lets you change the color, design with shapes, and add your logo.

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Best QR Code Generator: Delivr
Screen capture from Delivr website

As one of the most established QR code generators, Delivr is one of the best worth considering. This offers a lot of useful features and can integrate with Google Analytics, which can help your business. Unlike the other QR code generators, Delivr would require you to sign up to explore its features. It would also last only up to 90 days, then after that, you would need to get any of the paid plans to continue using the tool.

With its free trial, you can create up to three dynamic QR codes but there wouldn’t be a link editing feature as it’s only for paid plans. What it can offer during the trial is the real-time tracking of the scans and the location analytics. There is no limit to the creation of static QR codes, though, so you can use them for as long as your trial lasts.

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Best QR Code Generator: ZebraQR
Screen capture from ZebraQR website

If you have a business in the food industry and you’re looking for the best QR code generator to use, the ZebraQR is the one for you. This tool is unique as it does not only generate a QR code but also creates a digital menu for you. The code is highly customizable, too, so you can change the color or use the available templates from the website.

It is worth noting that this QR code generator is best for establishment owners, as you need a business to fill out certain details. Once you’ve provided the details, you will receive the login information via email then you can enjoy its features. If you only have a small bar or restaurant, the free version would work well for you but if you want more features, avail the paid plans.

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Best QR Code Generator: QRickit
Screen capture from QRickit website

This QR code generator might not have the best user interface, but it offers the same functions as others. It can generate unlimited static QR codes so you can use it for any purpose without limitations. If you don’t have a PC, there won’t be a problem as it has a mobile version, allowing you to generate codes from your smartphone.

You can link the code to various content such as social media pages, COVID-19 tracing, and even Bitcoin. The best part is it’s completely free so you wouldn’t need to think about switching to any paid plans.

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Best QR Code Generator: QRTiger
Screen capture from QRTiger website

When you visit the QRTiger page, it will welcome you with all the content options you can link to your QR code. The interface is good, too, as it offers a guide on how to navigate the functions it offers and even has a video demo within the page. Like Beaconstac, this tool can also generate both static and dynamic QR codes. However, you would need a paid plan for the latter.

As for the customization options, you can use the templates available or change the pattern of the code. You can also assign the color, add a logo, or choose a frame to make it something more personal. This requires you to register, though, for you to download the generated QR code and you can get the paid plans, too, to enjoy other features.

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Shopify’s QR Code Generator

Best QR Code Generator: Shopify
Screen capture from Shopify website

If you are looking for a simple QR code generator, this tool from Shopify is an option you can consider. You wouldn’t find a lot of content categories and there are also no customization options available. This is something you’d expect from a completely free tool.

Before Shopify creates a QR code, you would need to enter your email address and agree to receive marketing emails from them. Unlike the other options from this list, this tool doesn’t display the generated QR code right away. You would need to follow the link sent to your email and proceed from there.

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The QR Code Generator

Best QR Code Generator: The QR Code Generator
Screen capture from The QR Code Generator website

Another simple tool that is completely free is The QR Code Generator. While this has limited features, you can still use it to generate codes that link to a URL, contact, or a prewritten SMS. You can also shorten the URL you enter but it will still redirect to the same page. The only thing you can customize using this tool is the margin and size of the QR code. While this may be true, it is still a great option as you can download the code in different formats with no requirements like an email, for instance.

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Creating marketing materials with a Flowcode (step-by-step guide) – General FAQs – Flowcode
Photo from Flowcode

When it comes to customization options when generating QR codes, Flowcode is an excellent contender. Once you’ve picked the content option to link the code, you would then be able to personalize its design. You can change the code’s color, pattern, theme, and center image. There are template patterns you can use, too, but you can no longer change its other components such as the color and the logo.

To download the generated QR code, you need to enter your email address. You can also access this tool and enjoy its functions using your mobile phone making it one of the best QR code-generator tools.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best QR Code Generator?

Photo by TeroVesalainen via

Now that you already have the options, it’s time to identify what to look for in the best QR code generator. There are a lot of features that the tools above can offer but here are the most common features to consider.


Does It Generate a Static or Dynamic QR Code?

Before you use a QR code generator, you should first identify if it generates a static or dynamic QR code. What’s the difference between the two? The former generates a QR code that stores the information you cannot edit while the latter would allow you to do so. You can use a static QR code for a website, email address, and any other information that you don’t need to update.

On the other hand, a dynamic QR code can be useful if there’s something you need to update on the page where it redirects to. For example, you need to change the ad copy or discount code of your material; editing it wouldn’t affect the QR code. With this said, even if you’ve already printed it, those who scan it will still be redirected to the updated version. 


Can It Customize the QR Code?

The customization feature is also something you should consider as it is what will give your QR code a fresh look. Some of the best QR code generator tools from this list let you do basic customizations such as changing the color and adding a logo. Some would also allow you to do advanced customizations like adding a background image or frame, so your QR code would stand out.


Is It Free?

While some of the best QR code generator websites from this list offer paid plans, there are still some features you can enjoy for free. You should pick the one that would allow you to generate a QR code while also providing customization options with their free version. Luckily, all the options mentioned here have a free version so you wouldn’t need to check your pocket to use them.



Using the best QR code generator can make it extremely easy for you to create a QR code. Whatever it is for, the tools mentioned here wouldn’t give you a hard time, so any option would help you get things done. With this said, start copying URLs or compose the messages you want to send and let the mentioned tools do the rest.

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