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Wondershare Filmora Review: Strengthen Your Editing Game Today

Wondershare Filmora

Most of us are fond of capturing memories, but before bringing them in front of the world, giving them a final touch is always necessary. For that, you have to pick the right tool and add the desired elements or effects. If you are just diving into the world of video editing, it’s a good idea to start with free video editing software to get started and then turn into a master of video editing.

So in today’s article, we are going to feature a popular video editing software for Windows and Mac: Wondershare Filmora, which has immense capabilities for beginners as well as advanced users. It will upgrade and strengthen your video editing skills. Let’s have a quick look at all its benefits.


What Is Wondershare Filmora?

Filmora video editor is a simple-to-use tool for all your video editing needs. You can create stunning videos using this tool as it allows you to push your creative boundaries with a super intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Not only in terms of the budget, but it also has some wonderful features like an audio-to-text converter, cropping, trimming, and preset templates.

Moreover, its AI Portrait feature can catch the highlighted part in a video automatically, which sets it apart from other video editors. And guess what? You can leverage the potential of this amazing tool at an affordable price.


Wondershare Filmora Features

AI Portrait

AI Portrait allows automatic detection of human faces, so you can use it to separate the main subject and background. So it can benefit newbie creators if they have no idea of using the chroma key but want to add a custom background to their video project.

If you are a gamer, YouTube creator, or vlogger, you can use AI portrait to remove the background from your video. This tool also assists you in creating thumbnails or adding some extra effects like glitches, noise, and much more, making your boring backgrounds look more appealing and attracting more viewers to your videos.


Video Effects

Wondershare Filmora offers access to a rich library of video effects from the built-in Filmstock and Open FX: Boris FX and NewBlue FX. So now, edit your entire project with an impressive set of transitions, titles, filters, and motion elements. You can design a cinematic or technological video on the go using add-on effects like 3D titles or motion blur in Filmora.


Audio Synchronization

Nowadays, creators are rocking with beat-synced videos. Such videos grab a lot of attention from social media users. However, creating them is hard for novice users. That’s why Filmora video editor is here. It can sync the footage with any music you choose, which can save much of your time.

The software can figure out beat points so you can design the desired montage. It can also find out the errors in your program and fix them before providing the final result without compromising the quality.


Speed Ramping

Speed ramping is another unique feature of Wondershare Filmora video editing software. It can change the speed of the video quickly by applying a certain preset speed change effect in the middle of your video.

As it comes pre-built with the application, you don’t have to mess around with additional software or plugins. Speed up or slow down your video project with effects like montage, hero moment, jumper, flash-in, and more. And don’t worry; improving speed will not change the audio pitch in your video.


Instant Mode

Are you struggling to edit a video? Be calm and use the Instant Mode feature of Filmora. With this, you can produce a high-quality video in a few minutes. Empowered with AI technology, it can automatically recognize the highlighted part of your video. It will merge all your clips into a single video while improving the scale and color and maintaining clarity. In the end, you get a complete video to preview and make additional edits.



Animate several parts of your video in the way you wish. By enlarging them or rotating them, you have the option of adding custom animations that run smoothly. Don’t miss the chance to save time with more than 80 preset animation templates.


Mask and Blend

Do you want to have some fun with your videos? If so, you should experiment with Wondershare Filmora’s mask and blend features. You can utilize it for mirroring, sectionalizing, combining, and cutting out unwanted objects from your video.

Masking permits you to choose a particular part of your video and use video overlays for customizing your videos. Choose from a variety of shapes for covering video objects.

Apart from that, some preset settings such as transparency color values and brightness will help to form a perfect combination of your clips.


Audio Edit: Text-to-Speech & Speech-to-Text

Wondershare Filmora for Windows proficiency is not only limited to editing and cropping videos or having some fun with effects. It’s also equipped with an audio editing feature.

Suppose you want to do a voiceover on a video by dropping the background noise. This is when a feature called “Audio Ducking” will help you.

Other than that, it comes with audio to text converter, silence detection, an audio visualizer, and a text-to-speech converter.


Availability and Plans

A free version is available for Windows and Mac users to explore the functionality of Filmora, but it comes with a watermark on the video you exported. There are different plans for individuals: Yearly and Perpetual plans.

Check more details on their official website and pick the one that meets your need.



Available for Windows and Mac, Filmora Video Editor is free to try. It is a simple yet powerful tool to help you edit your short clips and create amazing videos. Whether it is in school projects or professional settings, this tool will come in handy. It is by far the most comprehensive video-editing program on the market. Its intuitive design makes it easy to learn if you are ready to put some time into it. And with tones of tutorials available online, you’ll never be short of inspiration on how to improve your skills as a filmmaker.

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