20 Fallout 4 Best Armor Sets (Non-Power Armor)

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Fallout 4’s world is a dangerous place, and you can’t rely on Power Armor all the time. After all, they run on energy cells, which are a rare thing to get. Thus, wearing some normal armor is a good idea in this Nuclear Wasteland. Here, we’ll go over some of the best armor sets and pieces available on Fallout 4. Let’s begin.


20 Best Fallout 4 Armor Sets & Pieces

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Let’s go over some ground rules first. Firstly, we’re not going to put in Power Armor. We already have a dedicated article for that. Secondly, We’ll include both armor pieces and armor sets as several unique armor pieces have awesome effects for characters.

Some of the armor pieces here would be suitable for different times of the game. Some would be good for the early game, some for the mid-game, and others for the end game. In addition to this, there are also some armor sets on this list that are sort of “transitionary armor.” Something that can tide someone over until they get better armor sets.

Without further ado, let’s list down some of the best armor pieces and sets that aren’t Power Armor that you can find in the wastelands of Fallout 4.

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DC Guard Armor

  • Where to get: Looted after killing guards in Diamond City. There’s also a headpiece worn by Tessa on Quincy Ruins.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 58 Damage Resistance, 33 Energy Resistance, 17 Pounds.

The first armor set we need to talk about is the DC Guard Armor, one of the better armor sets in the early game. This is because players that just started Fallout 4 can easily get the armor and benefit from it. Combining this with the armor’s general flexibility in combat situations made the DC Guard Armor one of the best armor sets to get in the early game.


Field Scribe’s Armor

  • Where to get: Obtainable on the Raviere Satellite Array by looting Scribe Farris’ body.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 5 Damage Resistance, 10 Energy Resistance, 10 Radiation Resistance, 4 Pounds.

The Field Scribe’s armor set is kind of bad if we’re being honest. However, it’s still a good armor set to go for during the early game due to it having some okay resistances for your level. Think of the Field Scribe’s Armor as a transition armor until you can get some of the better armor sets in this list. Specifically, something like the DC Guard Armor that we’ve talked about before.


Operators Heavy Armor

  • Where to get it: Requires the Nuka-World Add-on. Obtainable for purchase from gear vendors with settlements that are owned by Nuka-World gangs. Can also be obtained by killing said gang members.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 127 Damage Resistance, 127 Energy Resistance, 109 Pounds.

The next armor set is the Operator’s Heavy Armor. This is a really good armor set to get in the Nuka-World add-on due to the respectable amounts of damage and energy resistance it has. If you manage to get this armor set through killing the gangers wearing this, you’re set for a good chunk of the early to mid-game.


Acadia’s Shield

  • Where to get: Obtained after keeping DiMA’s secret after finishing the “The Way Life Should Be” quest.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 39 Damage Resistance, 44 Energy Resistance, 17 Pounds. Gives +1 Endurance, Intelligence, and Agility.

The next piece of armor on this list isn’t an armor set but instead an armor piece. The Acadia’s Shield is a particularly interesting one because it not only gives decent amounts of resistances but also additional stats. This one feature makes it a good armor piece to get for anyone. There’s also the fact that the Acadia’s Shield is a sort-of clean version of the Synth Armor set’s chest piece. Overall, a great armor piece to get when you want not only resistances but also additional S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats.


Silver Shroud Armor/Costume

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  • Where to get: Obtained after completing the Silver Shroud Sidequest. The hat and costume are found on a mannequin on Hubris Comics’ top floor. The armor is found by giving the costume to Kent Connolly in Goodneighbor as an upgrade path.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 0 Damage Resistance, 15 Energy Resistance, 2 Pounds, +1 Perception and Agility. Upgraded: 87 Damage Resistance, 87 Energy Resistance, 7 Pounds, +1 Perception and Agility. The Hat also gives +1 Perception.

We then come to the Silver Shroud Costume, which isn’t armor, per se. Think of this as a way to increase some of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats which is a great thing in and of itself. When you get the armor, it also gives a reduction to damage inflicted by humans. Pretty good if you ask us, which gives the Silver Shroud Costume a spot on this list of 20 Fallout 4 Armor sets.


Heavy Synth Armor

  • Where to get: Looted by killing generation 1 and 2 Synth soldiers found across the Commonwealth. The Institute, Mahkra Fishpacking, and University Point are 3 locations where players can get a dirty variant of the Synth Armor. It looks dirtier but has the same stats.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 103 Damage Resistance, 120 Energy Resistance, 57 Pounds.

The next armor set in the game is the Heavy Synth Armor. This armor set made its way here due to the good amounts of resistance it gives as well as the ease of acquiring a set. Overall, it’s a good armor set for players that want to have great damage and energy resistances without spending a lot of caps for upgrades. It can still be upgraded, no question. But you wouldn’t be found lacking even if you don’t. At least until you get to the very late game.


Nuka-Girl Rocketsuit

  • Where to get: Looted on a mannequin that’s sitting on a Nuka-Cola rocket. The rocket can be found on the Nuka-Galaxy attraction in Galactic Zone.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 5 Damage Resistance, 45 Energy Resistance, 35 Radiation Resistance, 8 Pounds. +1 Charisma and the ability to breathe underwater.

Let’s just say the Nuka-Girl Rocketsuit is quite fashionable. The fact that this Rocketsuit gives radiation resistance is a bit weird given how it looks, but let’s go with it. Overall, this, with the addition to Charisma and underwater breathing gave this rocket suit a spot on this list. Also, this is honestly one of the best female armor sets you’ll find on Fallout 4, ever. Mostly because this is exclusive to female characters but also because it just looks good in general.


Combat Armor

  • Where to get: Looted on Gunners Plaza after killing Gunner enemies (Level 20 minimum); Also found on Jamaica Plain Town Hall 2nd floor (Helmet not included). Watch out for Ghouls, a Full set of Combat Armor also found on Parsons State Insane Asylum.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 59 Damage Resistance, 59 Energy Resistance, 22 Pounds.

Another great set of armor is the Combat Armor, a general all-rounder available after level 20. It offers good damage and energy resistance for the level it’s found and comes in Regular, Sturdy, and Heavy variants.

Overall, the Combat Armor in Fallout 4 is a great armor set to go for. Particularly if you’re looking for something that can last to late midgame. Do note that the Heavy variant is the best amongst the 3 but even the Regular and Sturdy variants can be a great stop-gap until you get better armor.


Apocalypse Armor

  • Where to get it: Comes in 2 armor parts and takes a bit of finagling to obtain. The Chestplate can be purchased if the Scribe NPC is assigned to a Settlement’s Armor Emporium. The left Greave on the other hand can be acquired after making the Vault-Tec rep a Settlement’s General Trader.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 37 Damage Resistance, 40 Energy Resistance, 25.3 Pounds.

The Apocalypse Armor only comes in 2 armor parts, that’s true. However, the legendary effects that each armor parts give the player are worth their weight in the caps they were bought with. The Chestplate gives Martyr, which slows time temporarily when the user is at 20% or less HP. Meanwhile, the Left Greave gives Bolstering, which gives an increasing buff to damage and energy resistance the lower the player’s HP is.

Overall, pretty swanky legendary effects that can be incorporated into any armor set of the player’s choice, which gives this armor a spot on this list.


Assault Marine Armor

  • Where to get it: Requires the Far Harbor add-on. A set can be found after unlocking the last of DiMA’s memories on the Best Left Forgotten quest. A new quest will start where players need to collect the Assault Marine armor, which can then be worn.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 159 Damage Resistance, 158 Energy Resistance, 60 Radiation Resistance, 95 Pounds.

The next armor on this list is the Assault Marine armor, which comes from the Far Harbor add-on. This armor set is one of the best non-Power Armor armors you can ever find in Fallout 4. It has a great amount of damage and energy resistance, as well as some cheeky radiation resistance making it a great armor set. In addition to this, the armor can be upgraded and sometimes comes with additional cheeky modifications. Overall, a very reliable armor set that increases a player’s chance of success in the Nuclear Wasteland. If they have the Add-on, of course.


Heavy Freefall Legs

  • Where to get: Located on a safe at the tippy top of the Mass Fusion building’s interior. Can be accessed only by using a Power Armor with Jetpack. Or a particular glitch. Recommended making a save as it’s particularly difficult to get.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 18 Damage Resistance, 16 Energy Resistance, 7.5 Pounds. Nullifies Fall Damage.

Quite possibly the most difficult piece of armor that one can get is the Freefall Legs. However, they’re very worth the effort of obtaining them. Why? Because when both the left and right Freefall leg pieces are equipped, you no longer take fall damage. Yep, that’s a thing, and it’s awesome in general. No more breaking your legs with these babies on your legs.


Heavy Pack Armor

  • Where to get it: Requires the Nuka-World add-on. The Armor set is worn by the Pack raider gang and can be taken from the corpses of their members.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 117 Damage Resistance, 117 Energy Resistance, 63 Pounds.

The Pack Armor is a bit weird in appearance, but the sheer amount of Damage and Energy resistance it gives is very notable. It wouldn’t win any prettiest or coolest armor contests, but if you can endure that, you have a great armor set for defense.


Heavy Leather Armor

  • Where to get it: Requires the Contraptions Workshop add-on to craft. Obtainable by crafting on an Armor Forge using Adhesive, Leather, and Steel. Do note that the Heavy variant requires an Armorer Rank of 4 in addition to some Ballistic Fiber.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 68 Damage Resistance, 108 Energy Resistance, 43.6 Pounds.

The next armor set is the Heavy Leather Armor, which got into this list due to how easy it is to craft once you have an Armor Forge. Standard Leather armor is great in the early game and doesn’t require much to create, but the Heavy variant is overall a good way to start the Midgame due to its resistance, particularly on Energy Resistance. This makes it one of the best armors you can get on Fallout 4 when it comes to game progression.


Maxson’s Battlecoat

  • Where to get: This one requires a bit of murder to accomplish as you need to kill the leader of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel. His name is Arthur Maxson, and once you kill him, you can get the battle coat from his dead body.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 80 Damage Resistance, 0 Energy Resistance, 0 Radiation Resistance, 20 Pounds, +1 Perception.

As already stated, this one requires a spot of murder to get, but it’s well worth the effort. It not only offers great damage resistance, but it can be upgraded with Ballistic Weave to get more damage to resist. Pretty nifty if you ask us.


Destroyer’s Armor

  • Where to get: It’s practically a quest and a half to get all Armor pieces. The Chestpiece and left leg are sold by Daisy in Goodneighbor. The right leg is on Vault 81 with Alexis Combes. The left arm is on Bunker Hill with Deb and the helmet is in Covenant with Penny Fitzgerald. Also, you need 3500 caps.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 65 Damage and Energy Resistance, Resistance, 25.5 Pounds, 15% damage reduction from humans, +10% Movement Speed, 15% damage reduction when blocking/sprinting +1 Charisma and Intelligence.

Next is the Destroyer’s Armor, which gives quite a bit of legendary effects when you have all armor pieces. However, each armor piece is great by itself. It’s not a good idea to get all of them as they’re scattered throughout the map, but you can go do so.


Heavy Robot Armor

  • Where to get it: Requires the Automatron add-on. Can be looted out of dead Rust Devil gangers
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 131 Damage Resistance, 86 Energy Resistance, 74.3 Pounds.

The Robot Armor may look a bit on the messy side of things, yes. However, it gives quite a bit of damage and energy resistance to the player when worn. Its Heavy Variant is a good way to have a decent armor set to use without going to Power Armor, or looking for better armor.


Heavy Trapper Armor

  • Where to get it: Requires the Far Harbor add-on. A set can be looted after killing Trappers.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 80 Damage Resistance, 80 Energy Resistance, 57 Pounds.

Another decent armor set is the Heavy Trapper Armor, which requires the Far Harbor Add-On. Its easily gained offers decent damage and energy resistance, and is overall a good armor set to go for when starting Far Harbor’s quest. Do note that it looks butt ugly, but you gotta sacrifice fashion for defense in the Nuclear Wastelands.


Disciples Metal Armor

  • Where to get it: Requires the Nuka-World add-on. All the armor pieces are sold in any Settlements occupied by the Disciples faction.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 122 Damage Resistance, 140 Energy Resistance, 109 Pounds.

The Disciples Metal Armor is another good armor set that can be found in the Nuka-World add-on. Overall, it doesn’t offer anything that the other armor sets in that add-on offers. But it’s very reliable, tough, and can be easily gained at a relatively cheap price, giving it a place here on this list of best Fallout 4 armors.


Mechanist’s Armor

  • Where to get it: Requires the Automatron add-on. The armor and helmet are gained after the quest “Restoring Order.”
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 85 Damage Resistance, 85 Energy Resistance, 21 Pounds. 15% damage reduction from robots, +1 Endurance, Charisma, and Intelligence.

Last but not least is the Mechanist’s Armor which made its way to the list due to the additional stats it gives to Charisma, Endurance, and Intelligence. It also helps that it has decent damage and energy resistances, a pretty reasonable weight, and a 15% damage reduction from robots. AKA one of the worst enemies you can get (Damn lasers).


Why Should You Get These Fallout 4 Best Armor Parts & Sets?

Well, it depends. You can get these armor sets for completionist’s sake, of course. But some of these armor sets have unique effects and are very strong too. There’s no reason not to get them.


Try Out the Best Fallout 4 Non-Power Armor Sets Today

Overall, getting these armor sets are going to be a chore and a half. But even just one will set you up depending on what stage of the game you’re on. Try getting one of the armor sets on this list, you won’t regret it.

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