5 Best Power Armor Models In Fallout 4: How To Get Them

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Fallout 4’s the latest single-player Fallout game Bethesda’s released and ever since then, it’s been a staple of the series. Players have explored the Wasteland, finding cool things, killing enemies, and in general, just being a badass. However, the nuke-blasted wastelands of Fallout are dangerous, filled with bandits, mutated creatures, and all sorts of nasty stuff. Thus, you need protection. When it comes to protection in exploring the Wastelands of Fallout thought? There’s only one option: Power Armor.

In this article, we’re gonna talk about the best Power Armor that a player can find in Fallout 4. From the early game, all the way to the late game. But first, what is this suit of armor?


What Is Power Armor?

Power Armor is exactly what it says on the tin. Its combat armor is specifically made for individuals so that they can withstand anything from small-arms fire to explosions. In addition to that, individuals wearing any form of power armor can use heavy weaponry. There are instances both in the game and Fallout Lore where soldiers wearing even the T-45 model were able to use miniguns with one hand. Yes, this is the weakest variant you can find in the Fallout games, it’s great.

The sheer defensive capabilities that this suit of armor can give is part of the reason why the USA won the war. In the Fallout Series, the Sino-American War devolved into trench warfare due to positioning being very important. However, when the T-45, and eventually T-51 and T-60 variants were introduced, game over. Of course, this eventually led to Mutually Assured Destruction by nuclear fire, but we get Power Armor, so that’s a win? I guess?

Anyhow, Power Armor became a really rare commodity in the Nuclear Wasteland that is post-Great War America. Because of this, it’s jealously hoarded and treasured by a lot of people, and for good reason. This suit of armor, if given power, is a great asset to have in the Wasteland. It protects you from bullets and crude weaponry and allows the user to kick ass.

However, part of the Power Armor’s rarity is due to the lack of spare parts for repair, and Fusion Cores to get the Power Armor running. In the former’s case, people would usually cobble together parts from different Power Armor variants, even though that’s usually a bad idea.


What Are The Best Power Armors In Fallout 4?

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Now that we’ve talked about what Power Armor is on Fallout, let’s talk about the best Power Armor one can get on Fallout 4. We’ll talk about their history, their stats, why they’re good at the moment you find them in the game, and where to get them. We’ll start with the Raider Power Armor. Followed by the Overboss Power Armor, the T-60of Power Armor, the X-02 Power Armor, and finally, the X-01 Power Armor, both Basic and Quantum variants.

One thing to take note of is that Fallout 4 is a bit consistent on its loot drops. Depending on the player’s level, certain weapons, items, and even Power Armor drops will appear in the world.

Thus, some of them, like the T60of and the Base version of the X-O1 can be found everywhere. However, for the more… Special power armor types like the Overboss and Quantum X-O1, there are specific places to find these Power Armor variants. Now, without further ado, here’s the best Power Armor to get on Fallout 4 based on what level you are in the game:


1. Raider Power Armor (Base Game)

  • Where to get: Multiple places in Fallout 4. Can be found on Lexington, a cave near Skylanes Flight 1665, on Boomer located on Outpost Zimonja, and other places.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 500 Defense, 250 Energy Resistance, 500 Radiation Resistance, 350 HP, 102.0 Pounds. Upgraded: 620 Defense, 250 Energy Resistance, 1050 Radiation Resistance, 790 HP, 112.1 Pounds

The first variant we need to talk about on this list is the Raider Power Armor. Aka, an early game player’s best friend. The Raider Power Armor is the first variant a player can find in Fallout 4’s Early Game. Except for the one you find through a quest. It’s reliable and rugged, plus, parts of this thing can be found everywhere the player finds bandits. It’s an entry-level variant, and a damn good one to boot. It has decent resistance to all types of damage and can turn a player into a walking tank in the early game. Not only that, it only needs steel to upgrade, which is very cheap.

One thing to note though is that Raider Power Armor is the weakest variant on this list. Don’t get us wrong, it’s very reliable in the early game and can save a player’s life in a pinch. However, once they get into a higher level, it’s best to look into the other Power Armor available in this list of ours. If you want to survive in the Nuclear Wasteland, always stay as up-to-date on weapons and armor as possible. While still hunting for legendary stuff, of course, we ain’t daft.


2. Overboss Power Armor (Nuka World DLC)

  • Where to get it: Looted after killing Overboss Colter in the Cola-Cars Arena area. Can only be accessed with the Nuka-World Add-on
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 1220 Defense, 1220 Energy Resistance, 1050 Radiation Resistance, 720 HP, 102.0 Pounds
  • Special Features: Shocking effect on the Torso part of the armor, which electrocutes close enemies.


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The next armor on this list is the Overboss Power Armor, which can be found after defeating Overboss Colter. Once he’s defeated, the Overboss Power Armor parts can be looted from his corpse and put on another frame.

The Overboss Power Armor is incredibly good value, even if it’s just a variant of the Raider one. This is because of the sheer amount of defense, energy, and radiation resistance the armor has, in addition to how easy it is to get. Overboss Colter can be killed by a dinky water pistol to get the Overboss Power Armor. Yes, that’s a viable, and easy strategy, don’t ask why, the armor’s weak to electrocution.

Anyhow, once the armor’s looted, repairing it is an easy affair only needing 20 steel. The moment that this armor’s repaired, the player will have formidable armor to defend them against any enemies, at least in the Early Game. The armor’s Torso part also has a Shocking effect, which shocks nearby enemies. However, the one flaw of the Overboss Power Armor is the fact that it’s less amendable to being modified in any way. No jetpacks on this one, no sir.

Overall though, if you’re looking for an overpowered Power Armor on the early game that doesn’t require that much to maintain? Get the Overboss Power Armor. True, you need the Nuka-World add-on, but getting said add-on isn’t much of a sacrifice for a smooth Fallout 4 Early Game.


3. T-51 Power Armor (Base Game)

  • Where to get it: Can be bought at the Atom Cats Garage for some caps. Availability is based on level. A gunner on Bradberton Overpass is also wearing a set of T-51 Power Armor. Ironically, there’s an X-01 Power Armor nearby as well, but the player needs a higher level to use it. Last but not least, a unique set of T-51 Power Armor with a Nuka-Cola Paint Job is available on the Nuka World add-on. It, however, cannot be modified.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 740 Defense, 490 Energy Resistance, 1050 Radiation Resistance, 720 HP, 92.0 Pounds. Max upgraded: 1340 Defense, 1090 Energy Resistance, 1050 Radiation Resistance, 1395 HP, 114.8 Pounds
  • Special Features: Easily repairable.


Next on this list is the T-51 Power Armor, AKA Old Reliable. This armor is considered to be a staple to a lot of people on the Nuclear Wasteland due to a single feature: Reliability.

The T-51’s rarer when compared to the T-60 which we’ll talk about below. However, not only is the T-51 cheaper to maintain, but it’s also cheaper to upgrade while giving the user comparable defensive stats. Overall, the T-51 is a good alternative to get when T-60 Power Armor is scarce, or if the player’s stingy on the resource portion.


4. T-60 Power Armor (Base Game)

  • Where to get: Practically everywhere on Fallout 4 as the Brotherhood of Steel uses them as their go-to variant. Can be looted on their corpses when they die in the line of duty. Also appears in scripted areas like the Brotherhood of Steel headquarters, the Atom Cats Garage, and Proctor Teagan.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 900 Defense, 645 Energy Resistance, 1050 Radiation Resistance, 990 HP, 92.0 Pounds. Max upgraded: 1580 Defense, 1245 Energy Resistance, 1050 Radiation Resistance, 1665 HP, 114.8 Pounds
  • Special Features: Incredibly customizable, and has a lot of Legendary Armor Parts scattered throughout the Wasteland.


The next armor on this list is the T-60 Power Armor, one of the more common variants on this list. However, the main reason why this is on the Top 5 models on Fallout 4 is because of 3 reasons: First, it’s very strong when upgraded for the midgame. Secondly, it has a lot of legendary parts scattered around the Wasteland, and lastly, it has a lot of modifications. Like, a lot.

Getting a T-60 on the midgame means that you’re not going to die on the Wasteland, ever. It’s very reliable and can be found anywhere. Especially if you find some Brotherhood of Steel guys that died after fighting a Deathclaw or something. Simply scavenge the parts and you’re pretty much good to go. However, repairing and upgrading the armor is a bit of a challenge due to the amount of steel and exotic parts needed. At least, to upgrade and modify, repairs cost a tiny bit more steel than the Raider, T-51, and Overboss armor.


5. Base X-01 Power Armor (Base Game)

  • Where to get: The base X-01 Power Armor can be found throughout the world of Fallout. The easiest place to go is the 35 Court building inside the Financial District. The suit is obtained after destroying an Assaultron and Sentry Bot guarding the armor. Do note that the player needs to be at level 30 to obtain the set.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 1220 Defense, 790 Energy Resistance, 1050 Radiation Resistance, 1260 HP, 92.0 Pounds. Max upgraded: 1820 Defense, 1390 Energy Resistance, 1050 Radiation Resistance, 1825 HP, 114.8 Pounds
  • Special Features: Best Power Armor to get in Fallout 4’s base game, and very upgradable.


When asking the question about what’s the best Fallout 4 Power Armor, the answer is usually the X-01 variant. The X-01 variant is the best one available on Fallout 4’s base game. It’s pretty historic when looked at in the Fallout Universe due to how it eschews traditional models. At least in terms of design. The X-01 looks bulkier, but this is due to the additional protection that it gives to the user.

In addition to this, the X-01 is can be upgraded to have a multitude of modifications to help the player defeat anything. From added armor and shielding against physical and energy attacks to increasing player stats. There’s no sugarcoating it, the X-01 is the best Power Armor that players can get in Fallout 4. The only one better is just a variant of the X-01, and it can only be found on the Nuka-World Add-on. Specifically, the Quantum X-01 version.


Honorable Mention: Quantum X-01 Power Armor (Nuka World DLC)

  • Where to get: Obtainable by going through the Star Control sidequest on the Nuka-World Fallout 4 Add-On. It’s found on a display case on Starport Nuka’s first floor. To obtain it, players need to search for 35 Star Cores scattered inside the Galactic Zone and other locations on the Nuka-World Add-on.
  • Stats: Not-Upgraded: 1700 Defense, 1270 Energy Resistance, 1050 Radiation Resistance, 1800 HP, 110.3 Pounds. Max upgraded: 1820 Defense, 1390 Energy Resistance, 1050 Radiation Resistance, 1825 HP, 114.8 Pounds
  • Special Features: Best armor to get in Fallout 4, ever. Incredibly overpowered with a character that uses VATS. Found 5/6ths of the way to fully upgraded. Level Independent and can be used immediately after unlocking.


Last but not least is the honorable mention of this list, a variant of the X-01 Power Armor found on the Nuka-World Add-On. The Quantum X-01 is a pretty nutty armor to get that can be found and used even when your character is low-leveled. Usually, Base X-01 can only be found when the player reaches level 30, which is not the case for the Quantum X-01.

As stated, players need to get the Nuka-World add-on to find and obtain the Quantum X-01.

Once they got it though, they’ll have a hilariously overpowered level-independent armor at their disposal. It starts at Mark V, which is 4 levels higher than base X-01, which saves time and resources to upgrade them up to that point. In addition to this, the Quantum X-01 is hilariously busted for characters that use VATS due to how fast Action Points recharge with the Quantum X-01.

Long story short, get the Quantum X-01.


Advantages of Using Power Armor VS Normal Armor

There are a lot of advantages to using Power Armor in a lot of areas and scenarios on Fallout 4. For one, it’s very, very strong, allowing the player to use heavy weaponry without any penalties. Second, they’re upgradeable, allowing the player to improve and modify their armor according to their needs. Third, they’re tough and durable, able to endure incredible amounts of punishment before being destroyed. At least, their armor parts.

Meanwhile, normal armor tends to miss a lot of things when it comes to protection. One armor set might protect the player from physical shots but is complete crap when energy projectiles hit you. One armor set might be good against both physical and energy damage, but the player will easily get radiation poisoning anyways. In short, when it comes to normal armor, there’s always going to be a sacrifice on either physical, energy, or radiation defense. When on one though? You’ll always be protected from any damage while also giving you the capability to wield superior firepower.

The last benefit is the fact that the player can ignore their carry limit when wearing them. For example, if the player is currently over-encumbered? They can simply go to their power armor, wear it, and they can now run along as if they’re under the carry limit.

However, there are a few things that need to be taken note of when using this kind of armor. For one, they require Fusion Cells, and those are pretty rare all told. In addition to this, Fusion Cores tend to be used for energy weaponry, which can lead to shortages.


Try Out The Best Suits of Power Armor

All in all, Power Armor is a massive asset for the player if he finds some on their explorations of the Nuclear Wasteland of Fallout 4. If the player gets some, make sure to upgrade and maintain them, they’ll be a huge asset for the player’s survival.

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