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Wondershare Recoverit: The Right Help for Complete Data Recovery (Complete Review)

wondershare recoverit

For a lot of individuals, digital evolution has brought about many changes and improvements in their life, including secure and accessible storage. However, while you can easily store files in the device memory, including documents, photos, or media files, data safety is not always a guarantee. You may lose many files due to device malfunctions, software issues, app crashes, etc.

In such cases, having a secondary record of all files, or at least a way to securely restore the permanently lost files, is beneficial. To note, a reliable data recovery software is helpful for that—case in point, Recoverit Data Recovery. This software makes data restoration super easy for users. It would be best if you tried it for your data restoration need.

Still having doubts as to why you should? Let’s discuss.


Recoverit: The Overview

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Wondershare Recoverit is helpful for quick and full-scale data recovery of various lost and deleted files, photos, videos, emails, photos, audio, etc. In case of different issues, Recoverit effectively pulls deeply lost files carefully from any location within the system.

You can use it to retrieve files from almost all types of digital devices. So, whether you have lost your files on your computer, cameras, SD cards, USB flash drives, etc, Recoverit is serviceable in all aspects.


A Wide Range of Features

Sometimes, the cause of deleted files is due to software-based problems like defective partitions, connection errors, virus attacks, etc. On the other hand, people may mistakenly or intentionally erase the files they require later. In both such cases, Recoverit helps with recovering permanently deleted files.

Many top-notch features are noticeable on this app. Here are stand-out ones to consider.


Simple Interface

A top-notch benefit of Recoverit is the user-friendly interface. You can easily recover deeply lost or permanently deleted files. All features, including advanced solutions like Advanced Video Repair, is accessible through the main page.

Plus, during the final recovery steps, choosing which files to restore is possible based on their file path in the system or format. This assures precise recovery instead of getting back the wrong files.


Multi-format and Storage Devices Support

Another notable feature of this data recovery tool is that users can quickly recover varying data types. Like videos, Recoverit can retrieve lost images, audio files, emails, notes, messages, and more. It supports recovering approximately 1000 file format types from 2000+ storage devices, making it a comprehensive software for varying data recovery tasks.


Advanced Video Recovery

With Recoverit, users can restore high-quality video files without any system defect. The quality of the videos that the software will support can extend to 8K. By scanning deeply hidden compartments, Recoverit can find hidden, lost, or removed videos quickly. You can link other devices like USB flash drives, digital cameras, DSLRs, SSD, hard drives, etc., to restore lost videos. Users get the option of recovering an unlimited number of video files.


Recovery from Crashed PC

It is possible to use Recoverit to carefully and adequately access and retrieve a variety of content from crashed PC systems. When you upgrade to the Advanced plans, you can prepare a content-rich USB drive that is bootable for acquiring all lost data. This is simple to handle, secure, and less time-consuming.

Recover any data smoothly. You can scan the entire crashed system and preview the file types before choosing and restoring many. There is the option to pause the scanning process midway with zero data loss or system issues.


Advanced and Swift Video Repair

Besides helping recover data files, Recoverit is helpful for thoroughly evaluating corrupted or damaged videos. Then, it can quickly repair them or via advanced repair functionality. You can scan files from any location on the Windows/Mac PC or other devices like SSD, floppy disk, USB files, drones, camera memory, etc.


How to Use Recoverit to Recover All Files?

Here are the main steps you should take while using Recoverit for complete data recovery.

Step 1: Download and launch the software.

Step 2: Launch Recoverit and click on Desktop under the Quick Access section. Select a location to scan lost or deleted files.

click the scan button for Desktop
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Step 3: The scanning process will begin. Based on the total files, this can take some time to analyze. Click OK when the prompt for scan completed comes up.

scanning of multiple files
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Step 4: A file list will appear per file type or location. Click on all files or selective elements, and press the Recover button. Before recovering, you can preview the files and make sure that it’s what you want to recover.

click the Recover button
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Price Plans of Recoverit

Users of Recoverit can get a free trial version with many valuable data scanning and restoration benefits. However, there are limited benefits available in this version. For more advanced functions, you can opt for the monthly, or yearly license for different plans.

The following are the main yearly pricing plans available.

  • Essential: USD 69.99 (Windows); USD 79.99 (Mac)
  • Standard: USD 79.99 (Windows); USD 99:99 (Mac)
  • Premium: USD 99.99 (Windows); USD 139.99 (Mac)

Business professionals in smaller teams can opt for an individual plan with a USD 119 per year cost, while students get options between USD 48.99–69.99 (Windows) and USD 55.99–97.99 (Mac). Educators and Businesses can opt for custom plans as well.


Pros and Cons of Recoverit


  • The straightforward interface lets you click some buttons to get quick data recovery and other functions
  • Constant and high-grade technical support is available
  • Support for 1000+ format variations for recovery
  • Beginner-friendly wizard is available for usage-related guidance


  • Advanced video recovery is not available to free users
  • The free version only allows recovering up to 100 MB of files



To summarize—yes, Wondershare Recoverit is a robust software choice for various data recovery needs of users. Whether an individual user needs it or a whole professional team, plans are available for all with advanced functions like video recovery and repair. Even the free version allows users to quickly and smoothly recover a variety of files without any errors. Indeed, give it a try firsthand.

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