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Top 15 Free VST Plugins That You Can Download Today

VST plugins mimic real life instruments and synthesizers

In this day and age, we are seeing the rise of self-made artists. These musicians and producers can create songs and albums in their own homes. With the rise of social media, one self-produced song can spread like wildfire with one click of the mouse. You can now create your sound mixing studio for free. All you need is your computer and a working internet connection. There are many free VST plugins available for download today.

These plugins allow you to build a studio on your own. There are many effects available for free which you can add to your arsenal. But, before discussing the tp 15 free VST plugins available, we should discuss what is a VST plugin. How does it function and what are its uses? If you’re looking to enjoy your plugins, why not try checking out our article about audiophile headphones and enjoy better sound clarity.



What Are VST Plugins?


VST or Virtual Studio Technology is a form of audio software interface. These plugins work in a digital audio workstation which is like a digital recording studio. VST plugins have 3 kinds, instruments, effects, and MIDI. These kinds of plugins are then integrated into the digital audio workstation. These plugins are usually used to add soundbites into a song. They see use in different genres depending on the sound the user wants to make.

These free VST plugins look like their real-life counterparts. Complete with knobs and buttons that imitate the real thing. You can then use these controls to fine-tune the effects on your workstation. But, you will need a digital audio workstation installed into your computer to use them.



Types of VST Plugins


VST Instruments

This type of VST plugins specialize in producing sounds that mimic real-life instruments. These plugins are popular with music that relies on traditional instruments. They can also sound like popular synthesizers available in the market.


VST Effects

This type of free VST plugins add new effects to existing sounds. This enables the user to create more audio that they can use. These plugins act like guitar effect pedals in real-life.



These plugins work with MIDI messages to affect other plugins. These plugins do not create direct audio but rather modifies them through MIDI input. They can add more layers to an existing sound.



Uses of VST Plugins


VST plugins have many uses once integrated into the digital audio workstation. One of the most popular uses is in producing songs. With many options to pick from, producers can mix and match instruments with effects. These songs are then enhanced with lyrics or more real-life instruments.

Then, these songs can either are present in all forms of media. You can hear them as part of a self-made artist’s record or on an independent video game. You can also hear these songs as samples in hip-hop or electronic songs.



Best Free VST Instrument Plugins Part 1


First, we’ll talk about the best free VST instrument plugins that you can download right now. These plugins will help you achieve audio that sounds like the real thing. Some of these will mirror instruments while others copy synthesizers.




ModulAir is a free VST plugin with a simple interface
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Created by Full Bucket Music, this free VST plugin imitates a modular synthesizer. The ModulAir plugin is compatible with both Windows and Apple operating systems. This plugin allows 18 modules per patch and has 51 module types available. Another great feature of this free VST plugin is its simple and very friendly interface.




Dexed is a free VST plugin that mimics the DX7 synthesizer
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Dexed is a synth plugin that mimics the Yamaha DX7. The mission of this plugin is to compliment the actual Yamaha DX7. The DX7 is a very popular synthesizer and Dexed wants to add to its capabilities. This free VST plugin is compatible with many popular operating systems. The interface it uses is very clean and organized which makes it easy to use.


Komplete Start


Komplete Start is a great entry if you want an all-in-one package
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Created by Native Instruments, Komplete Start is not only a VST plugin. this fact, this free VST plugin acts more like a whole audio suite. Not only do you get many synthesizers but it also comes with other instruments. Also, you’ll have access to several programs that you can use when producing audio. It also comes with many high-quality sounds.



Best Free VST Instrument Plugins Part 2




Synth1 is a free VST plugin that mimics a Nord Lead 2 synth
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Synth1 is a synthesizer plugin from Daichi Laboratory. The main inspiration for this free VST plugin is the very famous Nord Lead 2. This synthesizer features 128 preset sounds that you can use after downloading. Synth1 also comes equipped with a few effects. Which lets you start without downloading other effect plugins. Synth1 is very friendly to beginners and is a great starting point in music production.


SSD5 Free


SSD5’s free version is a great free VST plugin for drum audios
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Are you a fan of drum solos and want to add them to your arsenal? Well, SSD5 has a free VST that you can download right now. With high-quality drum audio, this is the best free plugin to try if you are looking to mimic drums. It boasts a very simple yet helpful interface and many drum audios. From snares, kicks and toms, you’ll have blast using this plugin. This VST plugin also includes a few effects that you can use immediately.




LABS is a great plug in for orchestral and acoustic audio
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Spitfire Audio is famous for its library of orchestral samples. Their LABS plugin allows users to play Spitfire Audio’s samples. There are several updates and new samples that you can use while using LABS. If you need acoustic instruments, you should download LABS today. Their user interface might be very simple but expect audio with the best quality.



Best Free VST Effect Plugins Part 1


Camel Crusher


Camel Crusher is a great addition to your plugin arsenal
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Distortion effects are a big part of crazy guitar solos. That is why getting a very good distortion plugin is essential to any producer. Camel Audio’s Camel Crusher is a good free VST plugin if you are on the hunt. The best thing about this plugin is its interface. Camel Crusher’s user interface looks like a real-life distortion pedal. Camel Crusher comes with 2 types of distortion, presets, and MIDI learn function.




Vinyl imitates turntables sounds and is free
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If you’re a fan of vinyl records and effects, iZotope’s free VST plugin is for you. Add turntable noises to your audio when you download Vinyl. Whether it’s motorized or electric, Vinyl lets you use the audio that you prefer. Extra effects include scratching, warping and wear. You can also adjust the output if it’s in stereo or mono. Vinyl also allows its users to tune the turntable sound according to the production year.




Download this awesome delay vst plugin today
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Are you looking to add delays to your audio? Well, DLYM is a free VST effects plugin that you can download now. Make your songs sound more grand with delay effects. DLYM acts like a delay modulator and has many effects that you can use. This plugin includes 2 modes to process audio. It also allows you to fine-tune everything to your liking.



Best Free VST Effect Plugins Part 2


Valhalla Freq Echo


This free VST plugin has a very simple user interface
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Looking to add a more psychedelic effect to your audio? Valhalla’s Freq Echo plugin allows you to add echoes to your songs. With a simple user interface, this plugin will allow you to amplify the guitar parts of your songs. You can also choose between stereo and mono output. This free VST plugin is compatible with both Windows and Apple OS computers.




Krush your next music production with this free VST plugin
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If you’re looking for a bit crusher VST plugin with a sleek interface, Krush is what you need. This free VST plugin allows users to add a crunch to their audio. It also allows you to lessen bit depth and sample rate. Krush has 4 modulation waveforms that you can choose from. Tooltips are available in many languages including English, Spanish, and French.




Ambience is a reverb VST plugin that you can use
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Ambience is a reverb plugin that you can download right now absolutely for free. This plugin combines functionality with great output quality. It comes with presets that you can test while working on your music. This app’s user interface is simple and friendly to new users. This plugin might be for free but it can give paid ones a run for their money.


Best Free MIDI Effect Plugins




CCStepper is a MIDI plugin that allows you to create 8 sequences at once
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Looking to control your synth plugins via a MIDI platform? CCStepper will allow you to control those and more. CCStepper is a free VST MIDI plugin that lets its users create up to 8 sequences at the same time. This plugin is compatible with both Microsoft and Apple operating systems. CCStepper gives you the freedom to edit everything to your preference.




NoteMapper is plugin that allows you to map notes
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NoteMapper is a VST MIDI plugin that you can download for free. As its name implies, NoteMapper allows you to map notes or to other MIDI functions. This plugin can work on different platforms and allows you to work across other audio. NoteMapper also lets you filter out any unwanted notes that are not related to your current work.




Transition is free to download right now
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Transition is another free VST MIDI plugin that you can download right now. It relies on bots to hit a wall which will then produce a sound. Transition will let you control the movement of these bots and place obstacles. You can also adjust the tempo or speed these bots move in to further customize the sound. Transition has a very simple and friendly user interface. Which makes it friendly to new producers.


If you want to learn how to download music to try these out with, we have a guide just for you.

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