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Samuel L. Jackson And His Voice To Grace Amazon’s Alexa

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Alexa, Amazon’s well-know voice-activated assistant is getting a very cool update later this year. As iconic as Alexa’s voice has been, many of its owners might want a new tone or voice to assist them whenever they need it.

Well, Samuel L. Jackson and his voice is set to grace Alexa soon. Announced yesterday by Amazon themselves, the star of films such as The Avengers, Snakes On A Plane and Pulp Fiction among others will be available as a voice option for all Amazon smart devices.


Samuel L. Jackson: Alexa Assemble

Amazon device featuring Alexa voice assisted features
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Samuel L. Jackson will be the first celebrity to ever grace the voice of Amazon smart devices. This is something that a few apps including Waze has had in the past. You’ll be able to ask Samuel L. Jackson what time it is, how’s the weather or even play a song.

Known for his expletive language, the Samuel L. Jackson voice pack will cost you around $0.99. This voice add-on has been rated mature and if you’re wondering, you can turn the expletive content on or off through the Alexa app. You’ll now have the chance to wake up in the morning hearing Nick Fury’s voice telling you what time it is.

This is in line with Amazon announcing that they will start using a different tone with Alexa voices. Which in turn can mimic the voice of famous people through sample recorded lines.

Aside from the introduction of Samuel L. Jackson and his voice, Amazon has also announced a line-up of new smart devices through their Echo line.


New Amazon Devices Announced

Aside from Sam Jackson’s voice, Amazon had also announced a whole new lineup of smart devices through their Echo line. These include new smart speakers, household items and even a pair of glasses. All of these items will feature Alexa and his voice-assisted services.

What we know so far is that their lineup will consist of products that are of high demand in every household.

Here are a few of the items Amazon will offer in the future:

Echo Dot – Amazon’s famous speakers will now have an LED display that shows the current time and the temperature. The new Echo Dot will be available for purchase on October of this year and will be available in different options and colors.

Echo Buds – Fully wireless and voice-activated, these earbuds might be the future of music streaming. Alexa will be there to assist you and you can change songs without touching your music player. One pair of Echo Buds will cost you $129.99 without shipping. This product is slated for an October 2019 release.


Amazon Music HD Featuring Dolby Atmos

Lastly, Amazon has also announced that it will be upgrading the sound quality on its music streaming platform. Amazon Music HD will feature Dolby Atmos surround sound quality. This came during Amazon’s announcement of the Echo Studio which allows a 360-degree audio experience. The Echo Studio is capable of playing 3D music and will be released on November 2019.

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