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Is Unroll Me Safe to Use? (Review)

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Don’t you just hate it when you open your inbox in the morning, and it just absolutely explodes with meaningless junk mail like ads, promotions, and subscription mail that you have no intention of reading? You must then invest time in going through each mail one by one to distinguish what is useful versus what mail you can probably live without. Fortunately, Unroll.Me is here to help you out through its email management feature that will surely save you much time and help you focus more on value-adding activities. We’ll also answer the question, “Is Unroll Me safe to use?”


What Is Unroll Me?

Unroll Me
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Unroll.Me is an email management software whose primary objective is to make your inbox clutter-free. In this way, you can focus on urgent and important emails that demand your attention. You no longer must waste an hour of each morning going through heaps and heaps of meaningless emails because you have the power to mass-unsubscribe to those subscriptions you did not want in the first place!

Unroll.Me was founded back in 2011 by e-commerce measurement company Rakuten Intelligence. The company is rather small with just about ten employees in their main office in New York. Nevertheless, this small company powers Unroll Me with a plethora of amazing email features such as email subscription management, recommendation software, and unsubscribing software!

Unroll Me’s objective is quite simple – they want to help you unsubscribe to meaningless emails so you can live a stress-free life and have a good email inbox experience. They do this with their extremely easy-to-use unsubscribe feature, allowing you to choose what emails you want to keep on receiving versus what you do not want to see ever again.

If you’re looking for other email management tools, here is our review of SaneBox.


What Unroll Me Offers?

Before answering the is Unroll Me safe to use question, let’s see what it offers.

Besides the Unsubscribe feature, many other Unroll.Me features give it a competitive edge against other email management apps. Here are the other awesome features that you can maximize to organize your inbox! Do note that all of these features cost you nothing – they’re free of charge!


Unsubscribe With One Click

With Unroll.Me, you can see all of the subscription emails you are currently subscribed to, and you can customize the emails you want to continue receiving and those you want to be unsubscribed from. What is even better is that you can do this with just a few simple and easy clicks that will not take you five minutes to do! Once you unsubscribe with the Unroll Me feature, you can spend more time in value-adding activities that will surely make you more productive at work.


Combine Favorite Subscriptions in One Email

After you have finished unsubscribing from all those annoying emails, you can then gather all your favorite subscription emails into just one digest folder to help you even more in organizing your emails. With this feature, all you have to do is go to the digest and read through your favorite subscriptions during your free time instead of scrambling through your inbox and finding that one specific email.


How to Download and Sign Up to Unroll Me

Screenshot from Unroll Me


Now that you know all about Unroll.Me and if Unroll me is safe to use, where do you start? First, you must sign up on the Unroll.Me website and download and install it to your inbox. This section of the article walks you through the step-by-step process for the sign-up and download, and installation processes.


Step-by-Step Registration

  1. First, you have to go to the Unroll Me website:
  2. Press the Get Started button.
  3. Sign In by using your account with Google, Yahoo, Outlook, or AOL.
  4. Please read and accept the terms and conditions and click on the “I Accept” button.
  5. Click on your chosen email account.
  6. The next step needs you to set up your password. Also, you can use the two-step authentication feature if you linked your Google account.
  7. Log in to your preferred email.
  8. Choose your country and place your phone number.
  9. A verification code will be sent to the number you registered.
  10. Then, turn on the 2-Step Verification.
  11. Unroll.Me then offers you various choices as additional back-ups to your two-step verification code as added security.


Back-Up Security Options

  • Back-Up Codes – In the case of traveling or relocating abroad, you can generate a printable code that you can use even if your phone signal is not recognized in that location.
  • Google Prompts – For any device you have signed in using your Gmail account, you can also enable Google prompts to notify you if there are any fishy login attempts to your email accounts.
  • Authenticator App – The Google Authenticator app gives free verification codes that you can use even while offline! The free download is available for both iOS and Android users.
  • Back-Up Phone – You could choose to add a back-up phone to recover your email account if you lost your phone.
  • Security Key – This allows you to log into your email account securely. You have the option to build this in, in any method – through your phone, Bluetooth, or the USB port of your computer.


Step-by-Step Download

Screenshot from Unroll Me


  1. Get the Unroll.Me app from Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS).
  2. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, it will ask you to log in using your chosen email address.
  3. You will need to enter a verification code as part of the two-step process authentication security feature of the Unroll.Me App.
  4. After you have successfully logged in, you will be asked to create a password. At this point, you would need to do the whole two-step process authentication again.
  5. Afterward, you can choose to link your mailbox, and then finally, you can get started with organizing your inbox through Unroll.Me!


How To Uninstall Unroll Me?

  1. Select your profile picture
  2. Then, click on Settings
  3. Go to Mailboxes
  4. Next, select the account you want to delete and go to your Profile
  5. Finally, delete that/your account


How Much Does Unroll.Me Cost?

Unroll.Me is free to download and use! However, it is also important to know why Unroll.Me offers all these amazing features for free.

Remember that Unroll.Me is owned by Rakuten Intelligence, which is an e-commerce platform that offers intelligence on industry and market trends through your emails. With your confirmation in the sign-up process, you have agreed to Unroll.Me’s terms and conditions. This means they can access your emails and use the data in their market intelligence to share with their clients and customers. However, please note that Rakuten ignores personal emails and removes personal information such as your name and address in their data intel analysis.


Unroll Me Features

Screenshot from Unroll Me


Unroll me is a fairly simple app to use to make your life simpler and easier. Its primary objective is to help you unsubscribe from emails that you no longer want or need. Aside from this, Unroll Me has various other cool features that can help you organize your inbox.


User-Friendly Interface

One of the features that make Unroll Me stand out from other competitors is that with its user-friendly interface, you can clean your inbox in just a few clicks! The elegant and stylish interface is also appreciated by many – the cherry on top!


Intuitive Categories

With Unroll.Me’s intuitive categories, you do not have to learn about complicated things in the app. You can easily guess what you need to do, whether it is the mass unsubscription, setting up a Roll-up digest of all your favorite subscriptions, or keeping your emails in your inbox.


Unroll.Me Folder

You can also have a separate Unroll Me folder that holds all your favorite subscriptions. Say goodbye to the time wasted searching for a specific subscription, as all of these are now in one folder!


Is Unroll Me Safe to Use?

Screenshot from Unroll me


Data privacy and email sometimes do not go together. Furthermore, while Unroll.Me has had security issues, it has reformed itself to be transparent to its users and what they do with the data they collect.


Past Security Issues

In 2017, Unroll Me faced a security controversy where the company was not transparent with their users on how they monetize data. It was not clear to everyone that the clean-up tool collected information on user purchases and sold it to companies.

One example is that they started to collect data on Uber receipts and started to sell this data to Uber so that Uber can have more insight on users that are using their competitors like Lyft.

Because of this, Unroll Me was charged with a data breach and reached an amicable settlement over misleading marketing. As a result, Unroll Me has to be transparent about collecting data and how they use their data.


Is Unroll Me Safe to Use Now?

With its many safety and security features and a renewed mission and vision to be transparent to its users, including what data they collect and what they do to the data they have collected. Its other safety and transparency principles are the following:


How Does Unroll.Me Keep Data?

Screenshot from Unroll Me


Unroll.Me has one of the most comprehensive safety features in the email management industry. They encrypt data and regularly audit any system vulnerabilities for any potential data breaches and leaks. There are only a handful of people who have access to the Unroll.Me database, and those who have access undergo stringent privacy and security training, including repercussions on what will happen if they breach any of the security protocols.


What Data Unroll.Me Does Collect?

The data that Unroll Me collects are transactional types of emails such as email subscriptions, purchase receipts, travel reservations, and booking-related emails, and shipping confirmations, and online shipping returns.


How Does Unroll.Me Use Your Data?

The collected data are shared with Rakuten Intelligence’s trend analysis. Then, it is shared with e-commerce platforms, airline industries, and logistics companies.

Some of Rakuten Intelligence’s customers include Johnson and Johnson, General Mills, and The Clorox Company.


Pros and Cons of using Unroll Me


  • One-click unsubscribe
  • Saves favorite subscriptions
  • Supports many popular email platforms such as Google, Yahoo!, Outlook, and iCloud.
  • Good customization tool


  • Can only support one email account at one time
  • Privacy concerns


Unroll Me Alternatives

Screenshot from Unroll Me


Native Unsubscribe Function

While technically not a separate app, the native Unsubscribe button is a default feature for any email system. However, please note that it is very manual. You need to look for all the email subscriptions you do not want and manually unsubscribe from them. The good thing about this is you can clearly see what subscriptions you’re letting go of, and you won’t accidentally unsubscribe to important services or newsletters.


Gmail Unsubscriber

Gmail unsubscribe a plug-in that you can use. It scans your email for anything that looks like a subscription email. Then, it unsubscribes you and then generates a report to say how many subscriptions it removed.


Clean Email

Clean Email is similar to Unroll.Me, but it offers a wider set of tools that helps you sort your emails into folders like social media, bills, receipts, etc. You can customize what you would like to keep versus what you want to unsubscribe from there. If you want this service, you can have all of the Clean Email features for $8 per month.

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