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Is SaneBox the Best Email Management Software Available?

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Long gone are the days where you must wait for the mailman to deliver your much-awaited envelope from family and friends who live miles across from you. With everything readily available on the world wide web, you can chat with virtually anyone. Of course, with emails and chats available 24/7, they can also be a prime spot for anyone to send you promotional emails, phishing, junk, spam. With this, it is becoming a tad bit too difficult to determine what is important or valuable email versus the ones that are just fluff. Fortunately, SaneBox does all the work for you in email management.

Let us look at what SaneBox is and why it is one of the best management software available for you!


What Is SaneBox?

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SaneBox is email management software that uses AI to understand the logic behind your email activities. Examples include the people you usually respond to, the types of emails you usually skip or delete, and your peak hours of reading your emails. All of these (and more!) are considered in the logic of how SaneBox works and how it helps you prioritize your emails accordingly.

Aside from the amazing AI feature, SaneBox also integrates IMAP and Exchange Web Services (EWS), which means that your emails—whether you get them on your laptop, computer, or phone—are all synced and organized. Say goodbye to your cluttered inbox because with SaneBox, you are guaranteed to become more efficient and productive at work as you no longer must invest time in organizing your inbox yourself.

SaneBox’s primary objective is to filter out those emails that you deem as unimportant and save those on a separate folder so you can read them at a later, more idle time.

If you’re looking for other email tools, check out our list of the best disposable email platforms.


How to Sign Up for SaneBox

Now that you know all about SaneBox, including all its fun and useful features, you may be itching to purchase the SaneBox and start organizing all your emails! But how do you start? Here is a step-by-step registration guide of how you can sign up for SaneBox.


Step-by-Step Registration

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  1. Go to SaneBox’s sign-up page at
    Note: SaneBox offers a free trial period for 14 days with no credit card needed!
  2. If you have a Google, Office 365, or Yahoo account, you can choose to sign up with any of those accounts. Another option is just to provide your email address.
  3. Once you click the sign-up button, SaneBox will have a mandatory pop-up that lets you authorize them to read, compose, send, and permanently delete emails in your inbox, as well as accessing and downloading your contact list. If you agree to these terms, click on “Allow.”
  4. Next, SaneBox will start analyzing your email history and activity and will start putting SaneLater and SaneNoReplies emails to organize your inbox.

SaneBox also provides quick tips and overviews about some of its cool features like SaneBlackHole, Do Not Disturb, SaneCC, SaneReminder, which allows you to customize it according to your need.


Accepted Payment Methods

Here are the different accepted payment methods for SaneBox:

  • PayPal
  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Amazon Pay


Subscription Tiers

Pricing SaneBox
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Because SaneBox is an extremely helpful tool to organize your emails (and your life), here are the subscription tiers you can choose from after your 14-day trial period. Do note that all plans include the SaneLater, SaneConnect, SaneNoReplies, and Do Not Disturb features.

  • Snack – 1 email account at $99/year
  • Lunch – 2 email accounts at $169/year
  • Dinner – 4 email accounts $99 per 6 months


SaneBox Features and How to Use Them

Yes, there are many email management apps out there, but what SaneBox offers are its amazing features that make them stand out against its competitors. Here are some of the amazing features of SaneBox so to help you organize your emails.


SaneBox Folder Management

Unimportant emails
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Don’t you just hate it when you have a meeting with your boss and your peers, and it seems like you are the only one who was not able to read “that important email”? Well, with SaneBox, you can say goodbye to those moments because with its one-of-a-kind AI technology, it will help unearth those important emails and make sure you read them first, instead of those subscription messages you always seem to be getting but do not ever bother to read. Here are the ways SaneBox helps you through folder management:


Folder for Distractions

This folder is used for emails that you can read during a later, less stressful time. This includes company updates or invitations from friends for Friday Night Happy Hour – typically emails that you do not have to urgently read and respond to now. These emails are categorized into the SaneLater folder. Take note that this is a trainable folder. If you see a message that should be in your inbox, you can “train” this to go to your inbox right away with just a few clicks.


Folder for Newsletters

Have you ever accidentally provided your email on an interesting website and then you start getting pesky marketing emails? Then you waste time deleting all those newsletters. Well, SaneBox has just solved that problem for you because it also creates another folder for them. What more is that you can enable this feature in SaneBox with just one simple swipe of your finger!


Folder for CCed Emails

Maybe you can relate to those times when a colleague copied everyone. You know, the type where he just wants everyone to be informed on his project’s progress, even though there isn’t any action needed on your part. Say goodbye to those CCed emails because SaneBox has a special folder called the SaneCC just for these types of emails.



You might think that the only way to get rid of annoying trash emails is to unsubscribe. You are just adding fuel to the fire. By clicking on that “unsubscribe” button, you are signaling to that company that your email is valid. Plus, your email can be a potential target to even more unwanted emails. With the SaneBlackHole, you can train your unwanted emails to go straight to the garbage chute, and you no longer must see these emails ever again.


Do Not Disturb

Yes, email notifications can drive you crazy. The constant pings from your phone or your laptop can grab your attention. The next thing you know, you are stressing over an urgent email instead of spending valuable time with your friends and family. With Sanebox’s Do Not Disturb Sign, you can schedule breaks from your email notifications for a particular duration. Any incoming email will be moved to the Do Not Disturb folder, and you can also tag yourself as “away” so people get the hint and not email you constantly.


Automatic Email Organization

With SaneBox, you can create your custom folders such as a folder for deliveries, a folder for receipts, and another folder for your bills. In this manner, you can quickly and efficiently organize your emails and retrieve them if need be.


Automatic Follow-Ups

Another neat feature is that you can train your email to automatically follow-up people. This is particularly good when you set a particular deadline. In this way, you do not have to do the follow-up yourself manually. SaneBox also offers a special folder for all those ignored emails so you can easily check if people have read your email or not.


Cloud Email Attachments

You no longer have to worry about your computer memory or space. Because with SaneBox, you can put all your attachments in your favorite cloud space.



You no longer must worry about bulky attachments because with SaneAttachments, and you can use any cloud space of your choice to link your files and send them over automatically!


Is SaneBox Safe?

SaneBox Twitter
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Because emails are confidential, SaneBox’s top priority is to ensure that your emails are safe, secure, and in good hands. Here are impressive security features that SaneBox deploys to make sure that your emails are safe and protected.


Tried and Tested Security

SaneBox has passed the stringent certification of the Google Cloud Platform OAuth API Verification by the prestigious Leviathan Security Group. The White Hat Security Group is also constantly audited to ensure that security controls are always in place.


Data Security

Here are some of the principles of SaneBox’s data security:

  • Data Privacy – SaneBox analyzes your email history and activity and not your emails themselves.
  • Safe Credentials – Your credentials are encrypted with a special code that no one can access but you.
  • Emails Never Leave the Server – SaneBox only analyzes your emails’ headers to make intelligent algorithms to organize your emails.


Pros and Cons of Using SaneBox


  • Organizes your emails
  • Improves your productivity
  • Do Not Disturb feature


  • SaneNoReplies and SaneReminders can be confusing


SaneBox vs Other Platforms


Photo by MixMax


Mixmax is another email organization app that extends some of Gmail’s functionality to increase workplace productivity. Some user reviews mentioned that some of the features of MixMas had many bugs. Also, their customer service is also not that responsive.



Photo from Groove


If you are running a customer service center, consider using Groove to be the best email alternative for customer service. However, Groove’s subscription tier is on a 1:1 basis. This means that they also have to purchase multiple Groove accounts for a user with multiple email accounts.


Microsoft 365

Office 365
Screenshot from Office 365


Not only does Microsoft 365 allow you to use Office, Excel, and PowerPoint but it can also help you manage your email’s inbox. With numerous integrations with other Microsoft apps, you and your team won’t have to settle for multiple programs.



ActiveInbox may not be as robust as SaneBox but it’s a tool that can help you make the most of your email inbox. With ActiveInbox, you can organize your inbox as well as schedule when you need to clean it. This is extremely helpful when you receive unwanted or spam mails.


Is SaneBox the Best Email Management Tool?

If you want to avoid the morning hassle of cleaning through your inbox, then consider purchasing SaneBox. With all the features, you will be able to prioritize and respond to urgent emails. You can also now ignore unwanted emails and stay in touch with people who matter, be it your colleagues or your family. SaneBox offers reasonable pricing plans that will increase your productivity tenfold.

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