Xbox Cloud Gaming Now Available On Meta Quest 2, 3, And Pro


Xbox has officially launched its Cloud Gaming service on Meta Quest VR headset devices, expanding its reach to include the latest Quest 3 hardware. The Xbox Cloud Gaming app is currently in beta and is compatible with Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro headsets, offering a virtual cloud gaming experience for users with a compatible controller and a Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Key Takeaway

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now accessible on Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro headsets, offering a virtual cloud gaming experience for users with compatible controllers and a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. This expansion enhances the gaming experience and provides additional value for Quest 3 owners.

Testing the Xbox Cloud Gaming App

After downloading the app from the Meta Quest store, a test run revealed a smooth experience. However, it is important to note that despite pairing both an Xbox Elite 2 controller and an 8bitdo Pro Gamepad, a hard reboot of the headset was required to register their input in the Xbox Cloud Gaming app. Once this was resolved, the app functioned as expected, allowing seamless gameplay, such as a session of cloud-based GTV V, without any issues.

Performance and Features

The performance on the device was smooth, although the network environment will influence the overall experience. It’s worth noting that the app does not offer an immersive gaming experience; instead, it presents games on a large virtual 2D display, which can be adjusted to one of four sizes, with the option to be presented in a fully virtual Xbox-themed environment or in the user’s own space via Meta Quest 3 or Pro’s passthrough modes.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Xbox Cloud Gaming boasts an impressive lineup of games through Xbox Game Pass, and the availability of the service on compatible Quest headsets provides users with the ability to play these games on a large virtual screen from anywhere. This expansion of the service to Meta Quest devices enhances the overall gaming experience, adding further value for Quest 3 owners.

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