Withings Introduces BeamO: A New Multiscope Device For Telehealth Visits


Withings, a French home health technology company, has unveiled its latest innovation, the BeamO. This new multiscope device is designed to provide patients with easy access to vital health metrics during teleconference health calls, revolutionizing the telehealth industry.

Key Takeaway

Withings’ BeamO offers a groundbreaking solution for remote healthcare, combining the functionality of multiple medical devices into a single, compact system, ultimately enhancing the telehealth experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

BeamO: A Game-Changer in Telehealth

BeamO, smaller than a smartphone, offers four key health metrics, serving as a digital thermometer, electrocardiogram, oximeter, and stethoscope. This multifunctional device aims to provide healthcare providers with real-time insights into patients’ health conditions, enhancing the quality of telehealth consultations.

Revolutionizing Remote Healthcare

With the increasing popularity of telehealth visits, especially during the pandemic, BeamO addresses the limitations of remote consultations by enabling health professionals to conduct routine checks that were previously only possible in in-person visits. According to CEO Eric Carrell, BeamO bridges the gap by combining the functionality of four different medical devices, making remote healthcare more comprehensive and effective.

Advanced Features and Future Availability

The system is capable of simultaneously reading SpO2, heart rate, and ECG, providing “medical-grade” accuracy. Additionally, the device allows for audio transmission to healthcare providers via an app, further enhancing the telehealth experience. While awaiting FDA clearance for AFib detection, Withings anticipates that BeamO will be available for purchase in July at a price of $250.

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