Weaveworks Shuts Down: A Sad Day For Cloud Native Development


Weaveworks, a startup focusing on cloud native development tooling, has announced its decision to shut down its commercial operations. The news was shared by CEO Alexis Richardson on LinkedIn, marking a somber day for the company and the tech community.

Key Takeaway

Weaveworks, a prominent player in cloud native development, has made the difficult decision to shut down its commercial operations due to financial challenges and increased competition in the market. The company’s open source projects will continue to be supported as part of its legacy.

The Journey Comes to an End

After launching in 2014, Weaveworks found itself in a challenging position due to uneven sales and growing competition in the cloud native development space. Despite experiencing double-digit growth in 2023, the company faced financial constraints and a potential acquisition opportunity fell through, ultimately leading to the difficult decision to cease operations.

A Message from the CEO

In his LinkedIn post, Richardson expressed his regret over the company’s predicament and acknowledged the challenges faced by startups in the current market. He also mentioned that Weaveworks had raised over $61 million in funding, with its last round amounting to $36 million at the end of 2020.

Looking Ahead

While Weaveworks will be closing its doors, Richardson assured the community that the company’s open source software, including CNCF Flux, will continue to be supported. He emphasized that efforts are underway to ensure the ongoing health of the open source projects.

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