Urbanista Unveils Solar-Powered Headphones Integrated With Powerfoyle Technology


The Swedish startup Exeger is set to showcase its Powerfoyle flexible solar cell technology at the upcoming CES event. The company aims to dispel consumer skepticism surrounding solar-powered tech by announcing partnerships that incorporate the innovative Powerfoyle tech into various products. One of the notable partners to integrate this technology is the headphone manufacturer Urbanista, which has revealed a new line of solar-powered headphones.

Key Takeaway

Urbanista has unveiled solar-powered headphones, the Los Angeles and Phoenix models, integrated with Exeger’s Powerfoyle technology, offering extended playback times and sustainable charging capabilities.

Urbanista’s Solar-Powered Headphones

Urbanista has introduced two new headphone models that are powered by the Powerfoyle technology. The Urbanista Los Angeles, an over-ear headphone, boasts an impressive playback time of 60 hours, thanks to the integration of the Powerfoyle cell into the headphones’ band. This allows the headphones to charge both indoors and outdoors while in use. Additionally, the headphones are made from recycled plastic and feature built-in on-ear detection, adaptive noise canceling, and transparency through onboard microphones. Urbanista’s Phoenix earbuds, the latest version of the product, offer eight hours of playback time on a single charge, with the charging case providing an additional 32 hours, totaling up to 40 hours of usage.

Partnership with 3M

In addition to Urbanista, 3M has also announced its collaboration with Exeger, incorporating the Powerfoyle cell into its new Peltor brand headset. This innovative integration marks a significant advancement in the realm of sustainable and long-lasting electronic devices.

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