Tinder Introduces Exclusive $499 Per Month Subscription For Elite Users


Tinder, the popular dating app, has recently launched a new, high-end membership option called “Tinder Select.” This premium subscription, priced at a hefty $499 per month, offers users exclusive perks and privileges that set them apart from the rest of the Tinder community.

Key Takeaway

Tinder has launched the exclusive Tinder Select membership, offering users the opportunity to be matched with the app’s “most sought-after profiles.” Priced at $499 per month, this elite subscription provides a range of perks and privileges, emphasizing the allure of exclusivity and a higher quality dating experience. Although the features may not justify the steep price tag, Tinder Select aims to cater to those seeking a unique and elevated online dating experience.

An Elite Club for the Most Sought-After Profiles

With Tinder Select, less than 1% of users will have the opportunity to join this exclusive club. Members will enjoy the privilege of being matched with Tinder’s “most sought-after profiles,” giving them access to a pool of high-quality matches.

Furthermore, Select members will be recognized with a special SELECT badge displayed on their profiles, showcasing their elevated status within the app. This kind of exclusivity is what sets Tinder Select apart from other dating apps and appeals to those seeking a unique and elite dating experience.

Features and Benefits

In addition to being matched with highly desirable profiles, Tinder Select members will have several unique features at their disposal. They will be able to send direct messages to other users without having to match first, expanding their communication options.

Select members will also have the advantage of having their profiles displayed unblurred in the Like You grid for up to seven days, granting them greater visibility and increasing their chances of receiving more likes and connections.

Furthermore, Tinder Select members will be given the opportunity to test new features before they are rolled out to the wider user base. They will also be able to hide ads and view the Likes they have sent over the past week.

A Focus on Exclusivity

Tinder Select draws inspiration from Match Group’s acquisition of The League, another high-end dating app. The success of The League, with its high price point of up to $1,000 per week, demonstrated that there is a market for individuals willing to pay for a premium dating experience.

However, unlike The League, Tinder Select does not rely on human matchmakers and may not offer enough value to justify its steep $500 monthly price tag. Nevertheless, the allure of being part of an exclusive community and the promise of quality matches seems to be Tinder Select’s main selling point.

Application Process and Availability

Users interested in joining Tinder Select must meet certain criteria, including having at least four photos, five interests, a bio with a minimum of 15 characters, and a verified profile. If approved, users will receive an in-app message and an email containing a unique unlock code.

While Tinder Select is not expected to attract a large number of subscribers, the introduction of this high-end membership could potentially boost Tinder’s revenue, especially as the company has observed a decline in paying users in recent months.

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