Tinder Empowers Friends To Play Matchmaker With New Feature


Tinder is taking a page out of real-life dating experiences by introducing a new feature called Tinder Matchmaker. In an effort to make the dating app more social, users can now invite friends and family members, even those who are not on Tinder, to view and suggest potential matches.

Key Takeaway

Tinder introduces a new feature called Tinder Matchmaker, allowing users to invite friends and family members to suggest potential matches. This feature aims to leverage real-life experiences and the insights of trusted individuals, bringing a more social element to the dating app.

The idea behind Tinder Matchmaker is rooted in user data, with the company finding that over 75% of singles discuss their dating lives with friends multiple times per month. This feature allows users to tap into the knowledge and insights of their trusted circle and potentially discover matches they may have overlooked.

How Tinder Matchmaker Works

Unlike traditional matchmaking, the friend acting as the “matchmaker” does not have control over swiping left or right on individual profiles. Instead, the power remains with the Tinder user, who can ultimately decide whether to match or send a Like. Additionally, the friend giving feedback does not need a Tinder profile, making it possible to include married or partnered friends without any issues.

To use the Tinder Matchmaker feature, users can start a session directly from a profile card or the app settings. This generates a unique link that can be shared with up to 15 friends for a 24-hour period. Friends can either log into Tinder or continue as a guest, after completing age verification and agreeing to terms, to start their session. During this time, they can recommend profiles for the Tinder user, who can review them after the session concludes.

“Tinder Matchmaker brings your circle of trust into your dating journey and helps you see the possibilities you might be overlooking from the perspective of those closest to you,” commented Melissa Hobley, Chief Marketing Officer at Tinder.

The company has also partnered with singer Coi Leray to promote the new feature, demonstrating how the “friend test” works in a video. This update comes as some younger users, especially Gen Z, show weariness towards the swiping-based model of dating apps like Tinder. As a result, Tinder is exploring exclusive pricing tiers, such as the $499 per month Tinder Select subscription for elite daters.

While dating apps, including Tinder, are not gaining traction in the US according to a Pew Research study, many Gen Z users are turning to friend-finding apps and traditional social media platforms like Instagram to forge romantic connections. Startups are also exploring innovative approaches, leveraging video and AI to create more dynamic and authentic dating experiences.

Tinder Matchmaker launches today in several countries, including the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Vietnam. The feature will roll out to Tinder users worldwide in the coming months.

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