The Startup Challenging Nvidia In The AI Chip Industry


Welcome to the latest episode of Equity, where we delve into the world of startups and venture capital. In this episode, we’re excited to share the news about Rebellions, a company that is making waves in the tech industry by raising an impressive $124 million to take on Nvidia in the realm of AI chip design.

Key Takeaway

Rebellions’ substantial funding of

24 million underscores the growing competition in the AI chip design space and sets the stage for an exciting evolution in the tech industry.

Rebellions’ Funding and Ambitious Goals

Rebellions, a company focused on developing new AI chips and in collaboration with Samsung, has successfully secured a nine-figure funding round. This significant investment is a testament to the company’s potential and its ambitious plans to challenge industry giant Nvidia.

Plex’s Pursuit of Profitability and Other Startup News

In addition to Rebellions’ funding news, this episode also covers Plex’s efforts to raise $40 million with the aim of achieving profitability in the competitive media streaming industry. We also discuss Nile’s innovative approach to building a new data system for SaaS companies and the challenges faced by Aurora Solar in the midst of the solar industry’s growth.

Venture Capital Highlights

On the venture capital front, we highlight the successful fundraising efforts of Giant Ventures, SMOK Ventures, and Ubiquity Ventures, showcasing the continued momentum in the investment landscape.

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