The New York Times Sues OpenAI And Microsoft Over AI Training Data


The New York Times has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and its investor, Microsoft, alleging copyright infringement. The lawsuit, filed in the Federal District Court in Manhattan, claims that OpenAI and Microsoft used millions of articles from The Times to train their AI models without permission. The Times is seeking damages and the destruction of the models and training data containing its content.

Key Takeaway

The New York Times is taking legal action against OpenAI and Microsoft for allegedly using its articles to train AI models without permission, raising concerns about the impact on independent journalism and news publishers.

Conflict Over Training Data

The lawsuit highlights the growing conflict between content creators and AI vendors over the use of training data. The Times argues that the unauthorized use of its articles to train AI models undermines its ability to produce and protect independent journalism. It also raises concerns about the potential spread of misinformation generated by AI models.

Impact on News Publishers

The Times contends that OpenAI and Microsoft are effectively creating products that compete with the newspaper by providing access to information that is typically behind a paywall. The lawsuit also raises concerns about the potential loss of web traffic and ad revenue for news publishers as AI-powered search engines become more prevalent.

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