Tesla Reduces Price Of FSD Beta To $12,000


Tesla has made a significant move by reducing the price of its highly anticipated “full self-driving” (FSD) beta software. The company has cut $3,000 off the previous price, bringing the cost of FSD down to $12,000 in North America. This marks a 20% reduction from the recent hike in fees, which saw the price rise to $15,000 around a year ago.

Tesla vehicles already come equipped with driver-assistance features known as “Autopilot.” However, for an additional $6,000, Tesla offers “Enhanced Autopilot,” which provides extra functionalities like advanced parking assistance and the ability to maneuver the vehicle remotely using a smartphone app.

For those willing to invest more, the FSD package offers all the enhanced Autopilot features along with the ability to detect and ideally come to a halt at traffic lights and stop signs. Although Tesla CEO Elon Musk has promised that FSD will eventually enable fully autonomous driving, it’s important to note that Tesla vehicles are not currently self-driving nor autonomous.

Key Takeaway

Tesla has reduced the price of its highly anticipated FSD beta software to $12,000, a 20% reduction from the previous fee. The FSD package includes advanced driver assistance features and the ability to detect and stop at traffic lights and stop signs. However, Tesla vehicles are not yet self-driving or autonomous.

Earlier this year in February, Tesla initiated a recall of its FSD software and temporarily suspended new and pending installations. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has expressed safety concerns regarding FSD, which Tesla plans to eventually license to other automakers.

Meanwhile, other automakers such as GM and Ford are introducing their own advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), offering hands-free driving on highways while still requiring drivers to remain attentive to the road.

In related news, Tesla has also incorporated some of the high-end features from its Model S and X vehicles into the refreshed Model 3.

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