Magic Leap’s Original Headset To Cease Functioning By End Of 2024


In a recent announcement, Magic Leap, a leading augmented reality (AR) company, revealed that its original headset, known as Magic Leap 1, will no longer be operational after December 31, 2024. This news comes as the company shifts its focus towards the enterprise market with the launch of the Magic Leap 2 headset. Although the Magic Leap 1 will no longer be available for purchase, customer support and warranty claims will be honored until the end of 2024.

Short-Term Changes and End-of-Life Date

Magic Leap has already begun making changes leading up to the end-of-life date of the Magic Leap 1. The company has closed down the Magic Leap 1 Developer Forum and Discord channels, urging users to transition to the Magic Leap 2 board instead. Troubleshooting support and warranty claims will continue to be provided until the end of 2024.

Key Takeaway

The Magic Leap 1, Magic Leap’s original headset, will no longer be operational after December 31, 2024. Users are advised to transition to the Magic Leap 2 for continued support and future advancements in augmented reality technology.

The Legacy of the Magic Leap 1

The Magic Leap 1 was launched in the summer of 2018, with a price tag of $2,300. While the device garnered some attention and found a niche market, limited content availability and the high price hindered its widespread adoption. Despite this, the technology behind the Magic Leap 1 was considered ahead of its time, laying the groundwork for future advancements in the field of AR.

Looking ahead, Magic Leap remains focused on the enterprise market and has no immediate plans to re-enter the consumer market. The company hopes that as the technology evolves and scales, the price of AR devices will become more affordable, attracting a larger user base and encouraging developers to create meaningful experiences within the ecosystem.

While Magic Leap has made significant strides in the AR space, Apple’s entry into the market with its Vision Pro headset has created additional excitement. Although Apple and Magic Leap have different approaches to spatial computing, both companies share a common DNA in their pursuit of advancing AR technology. Apple’s involvement in the AR realm validates the potential and future direction of the industry, bolstering optimism among AR enthusiasts.

To delve deeper into Magic Leap’s journey and their future plans, CEO Peggy Johnson will be discussing the company’s vision on the Disrupt Hardware Stage later this month.

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