Storz & Bickel Introduces The Venty: A Game-Changing Dry-Herb Vaporizer


Storz & Bickel, the renowned manufacturer of cannabis vaporizers, has made a significant announcement. After nearly a decade without releasing any new products, the company has unveiled its latest creation – the Venty. This groundbreaking dry-herb vaporizer builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Mighty, and introduces several exciting features, including the best airflow in any portable vaporizer.

Key Takeaway

The Storz & Bickel Venty is a revolutionary dry-herb vaporizer that offers unparalleled customization and a rapid heat-up time. The device boasts the best airflow in its class, allowing users to enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable vaping experience. While the Venty addresses some of the criticisms of its predecessor, it still retains a few minor downsides. Nonetheless, this new release reaffirms Storz & Bickel’s commitment to innovation and their dedication to providing customers with top-quality vaporizers.

A New Era of Innovation

The Venty, much like its predecessor, is a portable dry-herb vaporizer. However, it’s important to note that the device is not discreet due to its size. The unit consists of a battery and temperature controls in the bottom half, an all-new convection and conduction heating unit in the middle, and an adjustable airflow chamber at the top for smoother vapor intake. This new setup allows users to customize their vaping experience with unprecedented precision. Additionally, the Venty boasts a remarkable heat-up time, reaching 190°C in just 20 seconds.

The Venty addresses some of the long-standing criticisms of the Mighty. For instance, the new model features a flat bottom, enabling it to stand upright, making the filling process much more convenient. Moreover, the slim and tall design gives the Venty a pocket-friendly appearance. However, it is worth mentioning that the lack of a removable battery and the all-plastic airway remain as slight downsides.

I had the opportunity to speak with Jürgen Bickel, co-founder and Managing Director of Storz & Bickel, to find out what surprises first-time Venty users might encounter. Bickel mentioned two key aspects: the heating time and the adjustable airflow. He emphasized that users might be taken aback by the Venty’s rapid heat-up time, as it reaches the desired temperature almost instantly. Furthermore, Bickel pointed out that users will enjoy experimenting with the airflow settings, discovering that reducing it can enhance their vaping experience under specific circumstances.

The Venty sets itself apart from its competitors with its impressive airflow capabilities. While other vaporizers often feel like inhaling a thick milkshake through a straw, Storz & Bickel devices offer best-in-class airflow. This means that users may sometimes find themselves overwhelmed by the volume of vapor produced. Additionally, if sharing a session with friends, having the option to adjust the airflow quickly and easily is a definite advantage.

In terms of battery life, Bickel mentioned that it is similar to the Mighty. However, depending on usage, users may experience slightly shorter battery life due to the Venty’s faster heat-up time. Bickel explained that the device’s two 18650 Li-Ion batteries can handle a draw of up to 16 amps, allowing for the rapid heat-up process.

The Venty now sits at the top of Storz & Bickel’s portable vaporizer lineup, retailing at $448 USD. It is important to note that the Venty does not replace the Mighty, which is still available for purchase at $398.

Storz & Bickel, founded in 2002 and acquired by Canopy Growth in 2018, has always prioritized product quality and development. While the company has made minor updates to its existing devices over the years, the release of the Venty marks a significant milestone. During the seven years it took to develop the Venty, Storz & Bickel remained dedicated to their craft, with all production and testing conducted in Germany.

In terms of safety, the Venty has obtained the UL 8139 certification, a rigorous standard that ensures consumer safety with regard to electronic cigarette electrical systems. This certification adds to Storz & Bickel’s already impressive track record, as its Mighty and Volcano vaporizers have been certified as medical devices by TUV. By obtaining the UL certification, Storz & Bickel sets the bar high for safety standards within the industry and encourages other manufacturers to follow suit.

The introduction of the Venty is a testament to Storz & Bickel’s commitment to excellence. By prioritizing product quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, the company continues to solidify its position as a leader in the cannabis vaporizer industry. As the Venty hits the market, consumers can look forward to a vaping experience that takes customization and airflow to new heights.

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