Siri Empowered With Health Data Access And On-Device Processing On Apple Watch Series 9


Apple Watch Series 9 is set to revolutionize the way users interact with Siri. The latest iteration of the popular smartwatch introduces new features that provide access to health data through the virtual assistant. In addition, Apple has implemented on-device processing of Siri commands, resulting in faster response times and improved accuracy.

Key Takeaway

Apple Watch Series 9 introduces significant improvements to Siri, enabling access to health data and on-device processing. Users can now leverage Siri’s voice commands to inquire about and log various health metrics, enhancing the overall user experience. The new watch also offers enhanced dictation accuracy and faster response times, thanks to its powerful neural engine and transformer model.

Unleashing the Power of Siri

With the integration of a new neural engine, Apple Watch Series 9 can handle most common Siri requests directly on the device. This means that users will experience increased speed and efficiency, as these commands no longer need to be sent to the cloud for processing. Even in areas with poor network connections or limited Wi-Fi signals, Siri will continue to function seamlessly.

Enhanced Dictation Accuracy

Apple Watch Series 9 incorporates a more advanced transformer model, resulting in a significant improvement in dictation accuracy. Compared to the Series 8, the new watch offers up to 25% greater precision when transcribing voice inputs. This enhancement ensures that users’ spoken commands are accurately interpreted and executed.

Voice-Controlled Health Data Access

One of the most exciting additions to Siri’s capabilities on Apple Watch Series 9 is the ability to access health data through voice commands. Users can now inquire about their sleep patterns, average walking heart rate, and other health-related metrics with simple questions like “How much did I sleep last night?” or “What’s my average walking heart rate?”. Furthermore, users can utilize Siri to log health data, such as weight measurements or medication intake, just by using their voice.

Siri’s expanded health-related functionalities will initially be available in English and Mandarin, with support for additional languages expected to follow later this year.

Aside from the Siri enhancements, Apple Watch Series 9 comes with the latest WatchOS 10 update, which brings a host of exciting features. Users will enjoy a revamped interface with widgets, topographic maps, mindfulness features, and much more. Additionally, the new “Name Drop” feature allows users to share personal information conveniently when in proximity to other Apple Watch users.

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