New Apple Watch Series 9 Features ‘Double Tap’ Gesture For Easy Interaction


Apple has just unveiled its latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 9, at a much-anticipated event in Cupertino. Packed with enhanced features and boasting a faster performance, the Series 9 offers Apple enthusiasts a more capable device. However, perhaps the most exciting addition to this new iteration is the introduction of a new gesture known as “double tap.”

Key Takeaway

Apple has introduced the “double tap” gesture with the latest Apple Watch Series 9, addressing the challenge of interacting with the device when your other hand is busy. This new feature allows users to easily answer calls, stop timers, and control music playback with a simple finger movement. Powered by a machine learning algorithm and the watch’s neural engine, the “double tap” gesture offers a seamless and convenient user experience. The feature will be exclusively available on the Apple Watch Series 9, set to be released next month.

Easy Interaction, Even with a Busy Hand

We’ve all experienced the frustration of wanting to interact with our Apple Watch while our other hand is occupied. Whether it’s holding a bag, a cup of coffee, or even working out, it can be challenging to access the features on our wrists. Some people have resorted to using unconventional methods, like tapping the screen with their nose.

Realizing the inconvenience, Apple has addressed this issue with the “double tap” feature. Imagine you’re wearing your Apple Watch on your left wrist and have something in your right hand. With the latest update, you can double tap on your watch to answer a call. The trick is to use the hand closest to your Apple Watch, allowing the device to sense the gesture made by your fingers.

Convenient Actions with a Simple Gesture

The “double tap” gesture extends beyond answering calls. For instance, you can seamlessly stop a timer by double tapping your watch. This action controls the primary button within the currently active app. Moreover, if you’re on the now playing screen, you can double tap to effortlessly play and pause your music.

Apple claims that this innovative gesture utilizes the new neural engine found in the Apple Watch Series 9. Leveraging the power of the accelerometer, gyroscope, and optical heart sensor, the watch’s machine learning algorithm can accurately identify and respond to the specific finger movements involved in the “double tap” gesture. It’s important to note that this feature will only be available on the upcoming Series 9 and will not be compatible with older Apple Watch models. The “double tap” is expected to roll out next month, offering users an easier and more convenient way to interact with their Apple Watch.

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