SailPoint Soars Above $600M ARR Threshold In First Year Of Private Ownership


Since its acquisition by Thoma Bravo in April 2022, SailPoint, a prominent cybersecurity and identity management company, has made significant strides in its growth. The company recently announced that it has surpassed the $600 million annual recurring revenue (ARR) mark in the third quarter of 2023, marking a remarkable achievement within just one year of being taken private.

Key Takeaway

SailPoint has achieved a major milestone by reaching $600 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) within a year of being acquired by Thoma Bravo.

Continued Growth and Success

Despite the challenging market conditions and fluctuating tech valuations, SailPoint has experienced exceptional growth, with its ARR increasing by over 50% year-over-year. This remarkable performance reflects the company’s strong market position and the effectiveness of its cybersecurity and identity management solutions.

Unlocking Opportunities

Being taken private has allowed SailPoint to focus on long-term strategic initiatives and invest in its expansion without the pressure of quarterly earnings expectations. By stepping away from the public markets, the company has had the freedom to make bold moves and seize new opportunities in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.

The Journey Since the Acquisition

In an interview with founder and CEO Mark McClain, SailPoint’s president of worldwide field operations Matt Mills, and Andrew Almeida from Thoma Bravo, the team discussed the company’s progress and prospects since going private. With the softening of tech valuations, the current worth of SailPoint, which was acquired for $6.9 billion, becomes an intriguing question as the company considers a potential relisting in the future.

SailPoint’s management expressed their confidence in the market opportunity ahead and hinted at potential aggressive M&A moves. Going private has allowed the company to strategically position itself and make strategic investments that will further enhance its offering and market presence.

Achieving Success Away from Public Scrutiny

By embracing private ownership, SailPoint has seized the opportunity to build and grow away from the race to meet quarterly expectations. This newfound flexibility has allowed the company to focus on long-term value creation, strong market positioning, and maximizing its growth potential.

As SailPoint continues to thrive under private ownership, industry observers eagerly await future developments, including the company’s potential relisting and the next phase of its growth trajectory in the ever-expanding cybersecurity market.

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