15 Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Mods That Take Your Gameplay to the Next Level

Rebel Outlaw Galaxy Mods

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods are a product of a rich space-combat game and its large modding community. However, there are hundreds of these to sift through, all serving a different purpose for each player. Which ones are the best to download?

This article guides you through the 15 best picks that can take any Rebel Galaxy Outlaw player’s game to the next level.


Inside the Article

  1. What Is Rebel Galaxy Outlaw?
    1. What It’s About
    2. Platforms
    3. Rebel Galaxy System Requirements
    4. Prices
  2. What Are Mods?
  3. 15 Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Mods
    1. The Hammerhead Fighter 
    2. “Way Too Posh” Beluga
    3. 1977 Pontiac Trans Am style Bandit Dingo
    4. Old Mining Vessel 
    5. War Dog Blood Eagle/Sandhawk
    6. Johnny Hazzard’s Mouse-Spring Effect
    7. The Byakhee
    8. Dodge Sector Atlas (Second Edition)
    9. The Coelho’s Markev Dingo Series
    10. Kura 19 – Platypus Paint Schemes 
    11. Platypus – The Fifth Element – McDonald’s Delivery Truck
    12. Dingo Sabertooth Predator by Tulex
    13. Privateer Music Pack 
    14. Durston Icy Void by Tulex
    15. Stencils Pack For Ship Paint Detailing In Various Fonts
  4. Final Word


What Is Rebel Galaxy Outlaw?

What It’s About

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is an open-world game. Set in a star cluster called the Dodge Sector, players have over 40 systems to explore and take Juno to.

You play as Juno Markev and live the multiple lives of an outlaw in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. This is a combat adventure game that you have control over. Ride a spacecraft and sail across the galaxy—face other renegades in the process. Drop by a space bar, listen to music—live the reckless space life the world of science fiction can only dream of.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw follows the laws of psychics, which it takes pride in. Many science fiction games focus on the out-of-this-world antics of it all, but not this one. Juno is down on her luck, as well as her money. Debt-ridden, she has to fight and talk her way to survival.

Of course, she has a spacecraft to sail in. However, her priority isn’t really to get to places, but to get away from them.

Players of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw can take Juno wherever they want to. Experience life as an outlaw among other outlaws and choose your own destiny. Be a mercenary, a trader, a pirate, or another societal outcast. Talk to biker gangs, buy the best machine guns for backup.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw wants you to let your imagination run wild. It is the sandbox if galaxy games were to have one. This game treatment makes it a breeding hub for many Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods.



Rebel Galaxy Outlaw was first available on the Epic Games Store on August 13, 2019. The following month, it was available on consoles such as the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

PC players need not miss out on the adventures of Juno, because Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is also available on Steam.

Rebel Galaxy System Requirements

System Requirement
Picture from Chuck Fortner on Unsplash

To run Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, you will need a Windows operating system. The game supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

As for its processor, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw requires either an Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or an AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHz at the very least.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw also requires at least 2 GB of RAM and 20 GB of available storage space. Its graphics can only be processed by a Shader model 4.0 1GB VRam graphics card and DirectX Version 11. As for its crisp sounds, the game is compatible with a DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card (16-bit).



Picture from the Official Rebel Outlaw Galaxy’s Official Website

A Rebel Galaxy Outlaw game costs around 30 USD. This is across all of its platforms, even for those buying in a different currency (the company charges with the closest exchange rate).

Get Rebel Galaxy Outlaw


What Are Mods?

Picture from the Official Rebel Outlaw Galaxy’s Official Website

A number of games, especially open-world ones, have a strong modding community. Short for modification, mods are fan-made changes to a video game. These function as downloadable content, but are actually not features offered by the original game developers.

In modding (the process of making mods), players use the game’s base code and change parts of it. By doing this, they add their own flair to the game. This can come in the form of new characters, new skins, or even new equipment.

For some games, mods add an entirely new world. Such is the case for many Sims 4 mods, including its “Go to College” mod, which changes the structure of the game.

Other vibrant modding communities include Star Wars Battlefront 2 mods. Like Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods, these are space-combat-themed, with new spaceship skins and character customizations.


15 Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Mods

1. The Hammerhead Fighter

Picture from Grimshak on

As you will see on this list, one of the most modded parts of the Rebel Galaxy Outlaw game is Juno’s spaceship. Called the Dingo, this ship’s aesthetic can be changed time and time again.

A popular choice for this is the Hammerhead Fighter mod. Here, the Dingo goes from rustic to aggressive. It has a Hammerhead shark theme, which features a two-tone camo paint job. Because this is based on the terrifying Hammerhead shark, this also adds kill marks to your Dingo.

Of course, like other Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Mods, to run The Hammerhead Fighter, you must first have the piece to run it on. Only those who own a Dingo can use this mod.

Get The Hammerhead Fighter Mod


2. “Way Too Posh” Beluga

"Way too Posh" Beluga
Picture from QueenofHearts on

The next mod on this list of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Mods is the “Way too Posh” Beluga by QueenofHearts. This mod is for Juno’s Beluga ship, which is also available in-game.

The “Way too Posh” Beluga mod boasts solid gold Damascus thrusters, a quilted bright purple hull, and emblems all around it. While this might not be the most realistic mod, QueenofHearts writes that it is completely to strut your hard-fought riches!

Get the “Way Too Posh” Beluga Mod


3. 1977 Pontiac Trans Am Style Bandit Dingo

Picture from Keneth Hallum on

As Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Mods come and go, no mod makes as much sense as the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am style Bandit Dingo. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a space-western game, so why not borrow inspiration from Hollywood’s outlaw titles, like Smokey and the Bandit?

With this mod, players can paint the Dingo with the movie’s famous 1977 Pontiac Trans Am.

Get the 1977 Pontiac Trans Am Style Bandit Dingo Mod


4. Old Mining Vessel

Old Mining Vessel
Picture from Placyde on

The Old Mining Vessel is one of the paint job Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods on this list. Designed by Placyde, this adds a rusting yellow hue to Juno’s Dingo. At the same time, it adds personality to it: showing the scratches of its adventures and years of space experience.

This also boosts your mining scanner. Destroy the asteroids in your path and download this mod to get rich quickly.

Get the Old Mining Vessel Mod


5. War Dog Blood Eagle/Sandhawk

War Dog Blood Eagle/Sandhawk
Picture from AnonymousEm on

Another decal you can add to Juno’s ship/s is the War Dog mod from AnonymousEm. Here, your ship has a “fireball” effect—it has a certain gleam to it that players used to achieve only by passing through fireballs.

With this type of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods, you can look intimidating and rich all while flying a ship. This mod is compatible with the Sandhawk and the Blood Eagle ships.

Get the War Dog Blood Eagle/Sandhawk Mod


6. Johnny Hazzard’s Mouse-Spring Effect

Johnny Hazzard's Mouse-Spring Effect
Picture from Alexandre Lopes on

Next on this list of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods is Johnny Hazzard’s Mouse-Spring Effect. The mouse-spring effect refers to a setting where the mouse always returns to the center of your screen when it’s not moving. This mod uses an AutoHotkey script that you can customize too if you’d like. With this, players can shoot more accurately and precisely.

Some may think that this will be a hindrance in combat, but it actually isn’t. The mouse-spring effect is off even when you only press other keys on your keyboard. To turn your mouse spring back on, you only have to press the right mouse button.

Get the Johnny Hazzard’s Mouse-Spring Effect Mod


7. The Byakhee

Picture from Placyde on

Also created by Placyde, the Byakhee is a mod that adds a new ship to your game. Named after an H.P. Lovecraft character, the Byakhee is a spiny ship that mimics the curves of a dragon.

This ship is hailed by its creator as an “interstellar predator.” It can survive pretty much anything—even space vacuums. Get this mod and sail the universe as an elite outlaw, or bring a touch of fantasy to your sci-fi adventure.

Get The Byakhee Mod


8. Dodge Sector Atlas (Second Edition)

Dodge Sector Atlas (Second Edition)
Picture from fernandolv3 on

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods are possible because of the game’s open-world experience. While these mainly add more complexity or style to your game, some Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods aim to make the gameplay simpler.

The Dodge Sector Atlas (Second Edition), created by fernandolv3, is one of these mods. Containing all trade information for all of the game’s maps, this mod makes life easier for Juno and you.

Specifically, it has trade maps for all commodities and all stations. This includes the main sector map, 39 system maps, 19 trade maps, and six local maps. As a bonus, this mod also includes Rebel Galaxy Outlaw’s dangerous pirate stations.

Get the Dodge Sector Atlas (Second Edition) Mod


9. The Coelho’s Markev Dingo Series

Dodge Sector
Picture from coelho182 on

With The Coelho’s Markev Dingo Series, you can switch around three new textures for The Dingo. Namely, these are the Elite Dodge Sector Patrol skin, a Mercenary skin, and a Pirate texture skin. Unlike other Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods on this list, the Markev is a 3-in-1 download.

To use it, you have to open the ship painter tool and go to “layers.” From here, you can load any of the Markev textures onto your ship. This only works for the Dingo, Juno’s main ship.

Get The Coelho’s Markev Dingo Series Mod


10. Kura 19 – Platypus Paint Schemes

Kura 19
Picture from Kurataki on

If you are not one for complete style overhauls, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Mods such as the Kura 19 are for you. Here, you have access to a set of minimal paint schemes for the Platypus ship. This includes an orange-black colorway, a green-silver colorway, and even a pink-blue colorway. There are other variant colors available, you only have to message its creator, Kurataki.

Get the Kura 19 – Platypus Paint Schemes Mod


11. Platypus – The Fifth Element – McDonald’s Delivery Truck

Platypus - The Fifth Element - McDonald's Delivery Truck
Picture from SinDonuts on

The next Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mod on this list is The Fifth Element – McDonald’s Delivery Truck by SinDonuts. This was released around the same time as the game was.

Like the Smokey & the Bandit reference of the “1977 Pontiac Trans Am Dingo,” this remains inspired by a Hollywood Film. This time around, however, the source material is another sci-fi movie: The Fifth Element.

This mod looks like the McDonald’s delivery truck that the movie’s cops crash into in the film. Hailed by its creator as a “truck paint job,” this Fifth Element mod is only available to Platypus ship owners.

Get the Platypus – The Fifth Element – McDonald’s Delivery Truck Mod


12. Dingo Sabertooth Predator by Tulex

Picture from Tulex on

Another example of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods is the Dingo Sabertooth Predator mod by TuLeX. Created by Cassio Tulex of Tulex Art, this skin revamps your Dingo ship into a street-style ship.

With this mod, your Dingo will be decked out in bright orange and white hue, with graffiti-like art spread around it. Face the universe’s infamous outlaws with one of the haughtiest skins on this list.

Get the Dingo Sabertooth Predator by Tulex Mod


13. Privateer Music Pack

Picture from Nucleartaxi on

As mentioned above, there are over 20 hours of music installed in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. However, as an open-world game, this may not be enough. This is where the Privateer Music Pack by NuclearTaxi comes in.

Wing Commander: Privateer is a ’90s computer game that became the genesis of the Rebel Galaxy Outlaw’s genre. Published by EA Sports, Wing Commander: Privateer is best known for its gameplay and space-opera storyline.

This mod is a nod to the history of the space combat-adventure genre. If you are one of the players that enjoyed Wing Commander: Privateer when it was out, then this mod might be for you. A bit of sentiment goes a long way, anyway!

Get the Privateer Music Pack Mod


14. Durston Icy Void by Tulex

Picture from TuLeX on

In addition to the Sabertooth Predator, modder TuLeX also made a skin for the Durston ship. Called the Icy Void, this turns your Durston into a white and black menace.

The Void’s design is sleek, minimalist, and classic. However, it is also self-aware. Not afraid to look the outlaw, this skin also adds graffiti-like decals around your ship. It has a skull and two black streaks—mean streaks, if you will.

Get the Durston Icy Void by Tulex Mod


15. Stencils Pack for Ship Paint Detailing in Various Fonts

Picture from Calvin Parsons on

The last example of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods is this Stencils Pack from Calvin Parsons. It is one of the few Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods that focus on adding fonts to the game.

Heighten up your customization with this Stencils Pack for ship paint detailing. You can choose whatever font you’d like, write down what you want it to say, and stick it to Juno’s ship immediately. This mod is for those that want to go the extra mile when it comes to making Rebel Galaxy Outlaw their own.

This works best with military and police-style skins, as the fonts are bold and bulky.

Get the Stencils Pack for Ship Paint Detailing in Various Fonts Mod


Final Word

Open-world games are best enjoyed when they are customized. Doing this makes these worlds richer and more personal to each player. With Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods, it means sailing the galaxy in style, listening to the best dramatic space opera music, and maybe even getting a handy trading cheat sheet.

Take your gameplay to the next level with this list of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw mods, and even consider diving into other sandbox games to pass your time.

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