Revolutionizing Online Dating: Cosmic Dating App Utilizes Personality Quizzes To Create Unique User Profiles


A new dating app called Cosmic is aiming to revolutionize the online dating experience by offering users a more authentic way to build their profiles. Unlike other dating apps that rely on superficial photos and limited bios, Cosmic utilizes personality quizzes and machine learning technology to generate profiles that better reflect users’ personalities and interests.

A Fresh Approach to Online Dating

Founder Michael Sayman, a seasoned engineer and product designer, believes that existing dating apps lack depth and fail to accurately represent users. With Cosmic, Sayman wants to change the online dating landscape by providing a different set of values that prioritize users’ well-being. By focusing on personality quizzes and machine learning, Cosmic aims to create a more meaningful and personalized dating experience.

Building a Profile with Personality Quizzes

Cosmic takes a unique approach to profile creation. Instead of asking users to write bios, the app presents them with a series of personality quiz questions. These questions delve into users’ interests, values, and aspirations, allowing them to express their personality in a more comprehensive way. The app then uses machine learning technology to analyze their answers and generate a profile that accurately encapsulates their personality.

A Deeper Understanding of Users

Sayman developed this concept because he noticed that people, including himself, struggle to accurately describe themselves in bios. He believes that a personality quiz format supplemented by machine learning can provide a more complete and accurate picture of users, offering a greater level of insight than traditional self-written bios. The app extracts personality traits from users’ quiz answers, including interests, creative preferences, and personal strengths, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of individuals.

Authenticity without AI-Generated Bios

Cosmic sets itself apart from other dating apps that use AI to create bios. Sayman believes that AI-generated bios can feel artificial and dishonest. Instead, Cosmic relies on users’ answers to prompts and tags to describe their personalities, ensuring a more genuine representation. By avoiding the use of automated bios, Cosmic encourages users to provide authentic responses that paint a true picture of who they are.

Key Takeaway

Cosmic, a new free dating app, is revolutionizing the online dating experience by utilizing personality quizzes and machine learning technology to create more authentic profiles. By focusing on users’ personalities and interests, Cosmic aims to provide a more meaningful and personalized dating experience. Unlike other apps, Cosmic does not charge for basic features like undoing mistaken swipes or seeing who likes you.

The app is currently available in the United States, Peru, Colombia, and select countries in South America and Europe. Friendly Apps, the startup behind Cosmic, has raised $3 million in seed funding to further develop the app and expand its reach.

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