Remove Duplicate Photos With CleanMyPhone: The New App From MacPaw


MacPaw, the renowned developer of Mac and iOS apps, has introduced a new iPhone app named CleanMyPhone. This innovative app is designed to assist users in reclaiming valuable storage space by identifying and eliminating duplicate photos and other unwanted images.

Key Takeaway

MacPaw’s CleanMyPhone app presents a user-friendly solution for iPhone users seeking to efficiently manage and optimize their photo libraries. With its intuitive features and customizable scanning options, the app offers a convenient way to declutter and organize images, ultimately freeing up valuable storage space on iOS devices.

Declutter Your Photo Library

The CleanMyPhone app offers a user-friendly interface with three primary tabs: declutter, organize, and network. The declutter feature efficiently scans your photo library to identify duplicates, screenshots, screen recordings, TikTok videos, app folders, and blurred images. By default, all identified redundant images are selected for removal with a single tap. However, users have the flexibility to manually deselect specific images before initiating the cleanup process.

Effortless Organization

Under the organize tab, users can opt to scan photos from the last seven days, the last 30 days, or a custom date range. Once the scan is complete, the app categorizes the photos into groups such as pets, travel, portraits, and food. Users can conveniently create new folders to organize these photos according to their preferences.

Smart Image Grouping

Upon selecting a category, users are presented with options to view “Similars” and “Uniques.” The “Similars” feature groups nearly identical photos together, allowing users to easily identify and remove duplicate shots. Even photos with different filters or styles are intelligently grouped for user convenience. The “Uniques” category presents images that are candidates for deletion, providing users with an opportunity to further optimize their photo library.

Customized Scanning

Users have the ability to mark certain images as sensitive, ensuring that the app excludes them from future scans. This personalized approach enhances user control over the scanning process, allowing for a tailored experience.

Additional Features and Pricing

Notably, CleanMyPhone also includes a network speed test feature, although its relevance within the app may appear incongruous. The app’s free version offers limited access to the “Other” category for organization and does not support marking content as sensitive. To unlock these advanced features, users can opt for an annual subscription priced at $24.99. MacPaw has indicated its intention to introduce a one-time fee option later this year.

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