Puma’s Commitment To Web3 Amidst Crypto Resurgence


Amidst a resurgence in the world of cryptocurrency, Puma has remained steadfast in its dedication to web3, defying the trend observed in some other brands. Ivan Dashkov, the head of emerging technology at Puma, recently affirmed the company’s unwavering commitment to this innovative technology, expressing no intentions of wavering.

Key Takeaway

Puma remains resolute in its commitment to web3, positioning itself to navigate the evolving digital landscape and embracing the potential of cryptocurrency amidst its resurgence.

Puma’s Long-Term Vision

Despite the relatively modest tech revenues garnered over the past two years through its involvement in web3, Puma is resolutely focused on preparing for a future that is more conducive to cryptocurrency. Dashkov emphasized that web3 represents a significant shift in internet usage patterns, acknowledging the potential for transformative changes in the brand landscape. Puma, having “missed the boat” on previous e-commerce and social media waves, is determined to establish an early presence in this evolving domain, recognizing the need to adapt to the changing digital environment.

Puma’s Foray into Web3

In a notable move in February 2022, Puma secured its first Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain, registering as Puma.eth. ENS domains have gained popularity among Ethereum users seeking easily accessible and personalized addresses, distinct from the conventional string of alphanumeric characters.

Puma’s Metaverse Endeavors

In June 2023, Puma introduced Black Station and Black Station 2, described on its website as an “experimental 3D spatial playground,” essentially constituting a metaverse. This venture aims to offer consumers a unique platform to engage with the brand, although initial feedback has indicated some challenges, particularly in terms of speed and user experience.

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