Protect Your Privacy With Mozilla Monitor Plus: New Service Removes Your Personal Info From Data Broker Sites Automatically


Mozilla is rolling out a new subscription service that aims to help individuals safeguard their personal and sensitive information from data broker websites. The service, known as Monitor Plus, is an extension of Mozilla Monitor, which was previously called Firefox Monitor. While the original service focused on notifying users about email data breaches, the new Monitor Plus goes a step further by offering tools to locate and remove personal information from data broker sites.

Key Takeaway

Mozilla’s new Monitor Plus subscription service offers users the ability to locate and remove their personal information from data broker websites, providing a proactive solution to safeguarding sensitive data online.

What is Monitor Plus?

Monitor Plus is a subscription-based service that allows existing Mozilla Monitor users to conduct scans to identify any leaked personal information. Subscribers can then utilize the tools provided to make this information private again. The service targets over 190 data broker sites known for selling individuals’ personal and private information. By proactively searching for users’ data on these sites, Monitor Plus can initiate requests for removal on their behalf, simplifying an otherwise convoluted and confusing process.

How Does It Work?

Users provide Mozilla with their first and last name, current city and state, date of birth, and email to initiate a scan. This information is encrypted and follows Mozilla’s privacy policy. The scan reveals where personal information is exposed, including through data breaches and brokers’ sites. Monitor Plus subscribers benefit from monthly scans and automatic removals, while free users have the option of a one-time scan and manual removal of their information.

Why It Matters

With the increasing number of data breaches affecting millions of people, the need to protect personal information has become more critical than ever. In 2023 alone, 233 million people were impacted by data breaches. Monitor Plus aims to address this growing concern by providing an all-in-one protection tool that combines breach alerts and data broker removal, making it easier for people to feel and be safe online.

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