Plex To Launch TV And Movie Rentals Next Month


Media streamer Plex has confirmed its plans to launch a marketplace for TV and movie rentals next month. This announcement comes after several delays and false starts, but the company is now ready to move forward with its expansion into the rentals market.

Key Takeaway

Plex is set to launch its TV and movie rentals marketplace next month, following multiple delays and technical challenges. The company aims to provide users with on-demand access to a wide range of content, expanding its streaming service’s offerings.

Long-Awaited Expansion

Plex had originally announced its intention to introduce rentals just before the Covid-19 pandemic, but various challenges, including technical issues and the impact of the pandemic, caused delays. The company had also missed its second-quarter launch window, as announced at CES a year ago.

Confirmation of Launch

Following a recent scoop by Janko Roettgers, Plex has confirmed that its TV and movies store will indeed launch next month. While specific details such as show titles and launch partners were not disclosed, Plex indicated that it has secured the participation of “most studios” and plans to add more over time.

Market Strategy

Plex’s move into the TVOD market is aimed at complementing its ad-supported streaming service and providing users with a one-stop shop for their media content. The upcoming storefront will offer on-demand viewing of movies and TV shows, expanding Plex’s revenue streams.

Overcoming Challenges

The company faced technical hurdles, including issues with DRM and studio approval, which led to delays. However, Plex has resolved these challenges and is now on track to launch its rentals service next month.

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