Pinterest Launches New Feature Inspired By Gen Z-focused Shuffles App


Pinterest has introduced a new feature to its main app that allows users to create interactive collages of their favorite products and visual content. This feature, called “Collages,” is inspired by the success of the Gen Z-focused app Shuffles, which gained popularity on TikTok. Shuffles allowed users to create aesthetic collages using Pinterest’s image cutout technology, making the objects in the collages shoppable.

Key Takeaway

Pinterest has launched a new feature called “Collages” that allows users to create interactive collages of their favorite products. This feature is inspired by the success of the Gen Z-focused app Shuffles and aims to drive users to make purchases through Pinterest.

Building Interactive Collages with Pinterest

The new “Collages” feature on Pinterest’s main app is an expansion of the collage-making capability originally found in the Shuffles app. Users can now leverage Pinterest’s advanced visual technology to cut out images and build interactive collages. These collages can include favorite products and other visual content that users find inspiring.

Similar to Shuffles, users can select images from Pinterest’s library or take photos using their phone’s camera. They can then cut out objects from the foreground of the photos to create their collages. The completed collages not only serve as inspirational mood boards but also include shoppable items. Users can tap on these items to be redirected to Pinterest, where they can find out if the items are available for purchase on a retailer’s website.

Collages for Shopping and Brand Collaboration

Pinterest’s “Collages” feature is designed to go beyond the traditional concept of pins and enable users to see how different products come together. While Shuffles focused more on creating aesthetic collages as works of art, Pinterest’s “Collages” are geared towards driving users to make purchases. Brands can also participate by updating their product catalogs, allowing users to add their products to their collages.

The feature is currently in early testing and is expected to roll out to global users soon. It remains unclear what this means for the future of the Shuffles app, which has steadily declined in popularity. Currently, it ranks at No. 121 in the Lifestyle category on the App Store.

Pinterest Presents: New Product and Adtech Announcements

Pinterest made several other product and adtech announcements at its global advertiser event, Pinterest Presents. One significant update is the expansion of the Premiere Spotlight premium video ad slot from the search page to the home feed. This feature is now available in multiple countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Mexico.

The company also introduced two new ad products: Showcase ads, which allow users to swipe through branded images in an interactive ad experience, and Quiz ads, which enable brands to pose up to three questions for an entertaining ad experience. These ad products are currently offered in several countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands.

Pinterest also updated its business tools, including Business Manager for agencies and advertisers, which now offers more dashboards and audience sharing features. Additionally, Creative Studio allows brands to generate lifestyle imagery for Pins by including their Pin link and selecting from a set of custom background images. The company has also introduced mobile deep links and other e-commerce integrations with platforms such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce.

Notably, Pinterest did not discuss its creator features or efforts to challenge TikTok with video feeds, which have taken a backseat in recent months. Pinterest’s Creator Rewards program also came to an end in November of last year. The company focused primarily on its goal of becoming a shopping destination, highlighting a 50% year-over-year increase in engagement with shoppable content. Currently, more than half of Pinterest’s users are actively using the platform for shopping purposes.

In summary, Pinterest has launched a new “Collages” feature inspired by its Gen Z-focused app Shuffles. This feature allows users to create interactive collages of their favorite products and visual content. It aims to drive users to make purchases through Pinterest by seamlessly integrating shopping across its core surfaces.

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