Google Extends Chromebook Updates To 10 Years, Increasing Longevity Of Devices


Google has made a significant announcement regarding the lifespan and support of Chromebooks. The tech giant revealed that Chromebook users will now benefit from automatic software updates for up to 10 years after the release date of the hardware platform. This initiative is aimed at enhancing the longevity and usability of Chromebook devices.

Key Takeaway

Google has extended the update support for Chromebooks to 10 years after the release of the hardware platform. This move ensures that users can continue to receive automatic software updates, improving the longevity and usability of their devices. In addition, Google is implementing features to enhance battery health and rolling out updates to simplify the repair process. These initiatives aim to increase the lifespan and sustainability of Chromebooks.

Extended Update Support

Starting from 2024, users of Chromebooks released in 2021 will receive automatic updates for a period of 10 years. For those who currently own Chromebooks released before 2021, Google will offer the option to extend updates to 10 years from the platform’s release after the final automatic update has been delivered.

Google’s definition of a platform may seem complex, as it refers to a series of components that work together, similar to a car platform. To ensure compatibility with updates, Google collaborates with component manufacturers to develop and test software for each Chromebook.

Determining the exact platform a Chromebook runs on can be challenging. Google advises users to check the ChromeOS version site and identify the board of their device to find the automatic update expiration date. However, Google is expected to update its support page to facilitate checking the automatic update duration based on device specifications.

Enhancements for Battery Health and Repairability

Google is not only extending update support but also implementing features to improve battery health. Adaptive charging and battery saver mode will be introduced to a majority of compatible platforms. These additions aim to optimize battery usage and increase overall device longevity.

In terms of repairability, Google is rolling out updates that allow technicians and authorized repair centers to service Chromebooks without the need for a physical USB key. This enhancement will simplify the repair process and reduce resolution time for software-related issues by over 50%.

For recycling purposes, Google recommends using its Maps feature to locate recycling centers. Additionally, the company has a self-repair program in place for schools, providing guides and repair manuals to facilitate device maintenance.

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