PayPal And Venmo Credit Or Debit Cards Now Supported On Apple Wallet


PayPal has made an exciting announcement today, revealing that users can now link their PayPal and Venmo credit or debit cards to their Apple Wallet. This new integration allows for seamless and convenient payments using Apple Pay both in-store and online.

Key Takeaway

PayPal and Venmo users can now add their credit or debit cards to Apple Wallet, enabling them to make seamless payments using Apple Pay. This integration offers convenience and flexibility, allowing users to earn rewards while enjoying the benefits of Apple Pay both in-store and online.

Adding Cards to Apple Wallet

To get started, users can open the Apple Wallet app and select the “add debit or credit card” option. From there, they can either scan their PayPal or Venmo card or manually enter the card details. While the initial card setup needs to be done through the Apple Wallet app, PayPal has assured users that they will be able to add their cards directly through the PayPal or Venmo apps in the near future.

Using Apple Pay

Once the card has been added to the Apple Wallet, users can easily make in-store purchases by double-clicking the side button on their iPhone, authenticating through Face ID or Touch ID, and then holding their device near a reader. Making online or in-app purchases is just as simple, with users needing to navigate to the checkout page and tap the Apple Pay button.

Continued Cashback and Rewards

One key benefit of this integration is that users will continue to earn their cashback and rewards through PayPal and Venmo. This means that they can enjoy the convenience of Apple Pay while still reaping the benefits of their existing rewards programs.

Future Plans

PayPal has also revealed that in the coming months, users will be able to use a PayPal Business Debit Card with Apple Pay. This expansion of compatibility will further enhance the payment options available to business owners and entrepreneurs.

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