OpenAI Expands Safety Measures And Grants Board Veto Power On Risky AI


OpenAI, the renowned AI development company, is ramping up its efforts to ensure the safety of its AI systems. The organization has introduced a new “safety advisory group” that will oversee the technical teams and provide recommendations to the leadership. Additionally, the board has been bestowed with veto power, signaling a significant shift in the decision-making process.

Key Takeaway

OpenAI is reinforcing its safety measures by introducing specialized teams, risk evaluation criteria, and a safety advisory group to mitigate potential risks associated with AI development.

Enhanced Safety Measures

OpenAI has recently unveiled its updated “Preparedness Framework,” aimed at addressing the evolving landscape of AI risks. The framework outlines a structured approach to identify, analyze, and mitigate potential catastrophic risks associated with the AI models under development. The company defines catastrophic risks as those that could lead to extensive economic damage or cause severe harm or loss of life, including existential risks.

Specialized Teams

OpenAI has established distinct teams to manage the safety aspects of its AI models. The “safety systems” team is responsible for overseeing operational models, ensuring adherence to safety protocols and addressing any potential abuses. On the other hand, the “preparedness” team focuses on evaluating and quantifying risks associated with frontier models in the developmental phase. Notably, the “superalignment” team is dedicated to establishing guidelines for “superintelligent” models.

Risk Evaluation Criteria

The company has introduced a comprehensive risk evaluation rubric, covering cybersecurity, persuasion, model autonomy, and CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats). Models are assessed based on these criteria, with stringent measures in place for models deemed to pose high or critical risks. OpenAI has documented these risk levels to ensure transparency and accountability in the evaluation process.

Role of Safety Advisory Group

To further strengthen the safety protocols, OpenAI has formed a “cross-functional Safety Advisory Group” that will provide oversight and recommendations from a higher vantage point. This group will review technical reports and offer comprehensive insights, potentially uncovering unforeseen risks.

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