OpenAI Collaborates With Former Twitter India Head To Expand Presence In The Country


OpenAI, the renowned artificial intelligence (AI) company, is making significant strides in expanding its operations in India. The company has tapped Rishi Jaitly, former head of Twitter India, as a senior advisor to facilitate conversations with the Indian government regarding AI policy and regulations. This move underscores OpenAI’s commitment to establishing a local presence in the country. Although OpenAI does not currently have an official office in India, CEO Sam Altman’s visit to New Delhi earlier this year and his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi signaled the company’s interest in the country.

Key Takeaway

OpenAI has enlisted former Twitter India head Rishi Jaitly as a senior advisor to drive its expansion into India. With a focus on AI policy and regulations, OpenAI aims to establish a strong presence in the country, leveraging India’s growing internet market and massive population. By collaborating with the Indian government and understanding the local AI landscape, OpenAI hopes to contribute to India’s nascent AI development and fill the existing gap in innovation.

Building Connections with the Indian Government

While the extent of Jaitly’s involvement with OpenAI remains unclear, sources have revealed that he has been instrumental in helping the company navigate the complex Indian policy and regulatory landscape. With his prior experience as the head of the public-private partnership for Google in India and his role as the first employee of Twitter in the country, Jaitly brings valuable expertise to the table. His appointment as a senior advisor indicates OpenAI’s commitment to establishing strong connections and understanding the local AI landscape in India.

OpenAI’s Strategic Plan for India

India, with its massive population and a rapidly growing internet market, presents a significant growth opportunity for OpenAI. The company’s interest in India aligns with its vision of expanding its presence globally. However, amidst recent leadership changes and a revamped board, OpenAI is strategically focusing on regulations as a key factor that can impact its commercial ambitions in India. The company realizes the importance of working closely with Indian government officials to shape AI policies that prioritize safety and trust.

India’s Nascent AI Development

Analysts have noted that India’s AI development is still in its early stages compared to other global counterparts. While the country boasts over 1,500 AI-based startups with more than $4 billion in funding, there is a perceived gap in AI innovation. OpenAI is well-positioned to fill this gap and contribute to India’s AI landscape by leveraging its expertise and resources. However, the company faces the challenge of competing with the substantial investments made by other players, particularly in China.

Microsoft’s Role in India’s AI Landscape

Unlike OpenAI, Microsoft, the company’s strategic partner and largest investor, has a strong foothold in India. With a prominent local presence established in 1990, Microsoft operates one of its largest research and development centers in Bengaluru and three data centers across the country. Additionally, Microsoft actively invests in Indian startups and employs over 20,000 individuals in 10 Indian cities. Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI further strengthens the company’s position in India’s AI market.

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