Okta Acquires Spera Security Firm For Over $100M


Okta, a prominent identity and access management company, has announced its acquisition of security firm Spera. The deal, estimated to be valued at over $100 million, is expected to be finalized during the fiscal first quarter commencing in early February. This strategic move is aimed at bolstering Okta’s existing identity threat detection and response (ITDR) capabilities, enabling the company to provide advanced technology to enhance identity security, posture management, and the identification, detection, and remediation of risks for its customers.

Key Takeaway

Okta’s acquisition of Spera is set to enhance its capabilities in identity threat detection and response, providing customers with advanced tools to strengthen their security posture and mitigate potential risks. The strategic move underscores Okta’s commitment to equipping organizations with robust solutions to navigate the evolving security landscape.

Enhancing Security Capabilities

The acquisition of Spera is projected to significantly enhance Okta’s ITDR capabilities, empowering its customers with robust tools to fortify their security infrastructure. By leveraging Spera Security’s solutions, organizations will be able to gain deeper insights into their identity security posture management, swiftly identify, detect, and remediate potential risks, and implement tangible suggestions to strengthen their security posture.

Strategic Value of the Acquisition

Spera, co-founded by entrepreneurs Dor Fledel and Ariel Kadyshevitch, offers a platform that facilitates the identification of silos across software-as-a-service and infrastructure apps. This aids in discovering vulnerabilities across user populations and prioritizing security issues based on regulations, attack vectors, and industry best practices. Moreover, Spera’s services extend beyond security, helping companies optimize their operations by identifying dormant accounts that can be deactivated, thereby reducing license costs.

Expanding Market Reach

With the acquisition of Spera, Okta aims to expand its market reach by attracting new customers to its platform. The company envisions Spera’s technology as a catalyst for enabling organizations to assess the security posture of their identity infrastructure, applications, and services. This move aligns with industry projections, as research from Gartner suggests that a significant majority of organizations are expected to adopt embedded ITDR strategies by 2026.

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