News Blog: Roli Introduces The Innovative Seaboard Block M


Roli, the well-known musical hardware startup, has made a comeback in 2022 with its latest innovation – the Seaboard Block M. This exciting release follows a challenging year for the company, which had filed for administration and subsequently launched a new brand called Luminary. Led by founder Roland Lamb, Luminary effectively carries on the legacy of Roli by utilizing its intellectual property.

Key Takeaway

Roli introduces the Seaboard Block M, a portable and affordable MIDI system that incorporates the innovative MPE and 5D Touch technology. It caters to both beginners and experienced musicians, enabling them to explore a wide range of creative sounds.

Today, Roli unveils the Seaboard Block M, a groundbreaking device that aims to make the revolutionary MPE (MIDI polyphonic expression) and 5D Touch technology more accessible to musicians worldwide. Roland Lamb, CEO of Luminary Roli, believes that this instrument is not just an ordinary tool, but a gateway to infinite musical possibilities.

The Revolutionary 5D Touch Technology

At the heart of Roli’s success is the 5D Touch technology, which allows users to bend piano keys like guitar strings. This unique soft material offers musicians the ability to discover new sounds and expand their creative boundaries. The Seaboard Block M has been highly anticipated by the ROLI creator community, as it is the most requested product to date.

A Portable and Approachable Instrument

The Seaboard Block M is a compact and portable MIDI system, designed to be more approachable for musicians of all levels. Priced at $350, it offers a more affordable alternative to the Seaboard Rise, which retails at $1,4

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